Ryan Grigson admits lack of communication as Colts G.M.

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Ryan Grigson admits mistakes during his five seasons as the Colts General Manager, including a relationship with head coach Chuck Pagano that turned so toxic that owner Jim Irsay hired counselors.

“What I really think that I wasn’t able to ever do in that time I was there was really get to be a human at times,” Grigson said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via Alex Marvez of the Sporting News. “I hunkered down and just was laser-focused. I probably should have pressed pause and took some time to breathe for a second and communicate better to let people in more. I was only like that with my inner circle.”

Indianapolis went 52-34 with Grigson at the helm, but ultimately bad personnel decisions cost him his job. Grigson used first-round picks on Bjoern Werner and Phillip Dorsett; he signed Andre Johnson and Trent Cole as free agents; and he traded a first-round pick to Cleveland for Trent Richardson.

The Colts fired Grigson in January 2017.

Now that Grigson has done the job, he believes his on-the-job training will serve him well if he ever gets a second chance to call the shots for a team.

“I had to really learn that dynamic on the fly from those around me that had been with the prior regime,” Grigson said. “It was just kind of foreign to me even from the get-go. There were so many things to learn. A lot of that was done through trial and error.”

16 responses to “Ryan Grigson admits lack of communication as Colts G.M.

  1. Greasy slimeball. Andrew luck would say talk to his hand but I think he’d point out the beating he took cause of you instead. Im glad McAfee trashed you on his show and you deserve it after deflategate too

  2. He doesn’t need to admit anything, we all know how bad he was in every aspect of the job. Giving up a 1st rd pick for Trent Richardson is enough evidence that he had no idea what he was doing. When you’re getting fleeced by THE BROWNS in trades, you should be banished from management forever.

  3. Colts tank for a million dollar quarterback and protect him with a 10 cent OL. Drafting Dorsett instead of OL was criminal. And this guy wants a second chance?

  4. This guy should NEVER get a job in the NFL unless it’s cleaning toilets. He had Andrew Luck on his rookie contract and completely ignored the O-Line. Then when everyone pointed out their O-Line was terrible he blamed it on Luck’s contract–even though he was STILL under his very inexpensive rookie deal. That tells me all I need to know about Grigson. He is awful at his job then tries to make up some lame excuse by blaming it on Luck. What a tool. They need to stop doing stories on this total loser. He’s one of the worst GMs of all-time. He’s probably even worse than Matt Millen.

  5. laser-focused??? id hate to be a fan of the team that gives this guy a chance to “Be Human”!!!

  6. You know your full of it when you say things like ‘my inner circle’. Also, what does communication have to do with the inability to identify talent and a lack of roster building skills.

    It’s sad that so many who suck up to superior and kick down to subordinates keep getting all the opportunities to climb the ladder.

  7. Deflategate, he partcipated ln a sting operation to take the greatest QB of all time off the field for four games…..what a tool!

  8. Grigson only had “laser focus” whenever there was a mirror around to admire himself in. Arrogance and an unwillingness to put in the long hours needed will be his legacy as a GM… Not the supposed flaw of being unable to communicate how great he was.

  9. you screwed with bill belichick, the greatest gm coach ever. since then, he’s been to THREE super bowls. if that’s not karma, it’s close enough for me.

  10. Well at least Grigson does apparently have some talent as a comedian. He used that laser focus of his to burn down the Colts’ foundation through bad drafts, trades and free agent signings. A terrible judge of talent who was too arrogant to realize his shortcomings and defer to those more knowledgeable than he. After the Colts turned him loose, Cleveland grabs him. More proof that the Browns were last year’s most poorly run franchise. Oh well, at least the incoming front office there was smart enough to quickly boot him. As for learning human relations “on the fly”, didn’t’ the Colts pull him out of Philly’s front office? Did he sleep through his tenure there? Probably just spent all his time admiring himself in the mirror as others have noted. I think Him Irsay gets overly criticized at times, but he does have a weakness for guys with big mouths. Better make sure they can back up the talk before you hire’em.

  11. Did he also admit to a complete lack of skill and/or ability in the job that he was utterly unqualified for?

  12. It’s called the Grigson effect: Draft and AL type QB and not put a OL in front of him.

    “The Colts fired Grigson in January 2017.” It will take the Colt’s at least 2 more seasons to be competitive. I sure hope AL can regain his former effectiveness or that timeline will double.

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