Source: John Dorsey has told Hue Jackson who the Browns will take at No. 1

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The information has yet to be leaked by Browns coach Hue Jackson, but the information is in his possession. Per a league source, Browns G.M. Johh Dorsey has told Jackson who the Browns will take with the first overall pick in the draft.

Dorsey has been keeping the information extremely close to the vest, primarily because he can. With the Browns unable to fascinate with their on-field performance in recent years, this is one way that they can definitely captivate the football-following world. The approach also fits nicely with the NFL’s desire to make its ultimate reality show about nothing something to behold.

If Hue knows, the next question becomes whether Hue can keep it to himself, or whether he’ll leak it to one of the various people in the media who have resisted calling for a guy who has gone 1-31 in two seasons as Cleveland’s coach to be fired, and who specifically haven’t taken the position that anyone who goes 0-16 as an NFL head coach should never be an NFL head coach, ever again.

In other words, he won’t be leaking it to me.

There’s a growing belief that the first overall pick will be Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. Indeed, it’s Mayfield atop the one and only PFT mock draft, with the Browns actually making the first two picks in the process.

Twenty-four hours from now, we’ll all now the answer. Those 24 hours can’t come quickly enough.

38 responses to “Source: John Dorsey has told Hue Jackson who the Browns will take at No. 1

  1. The Giants have no use in Mayfield so that means they’ll have the #1 guy on their board available.

  2. Guy went 0-16. Without a team. Should have won 3-4 but had a QB that like coughing it up. In the red zone. I am not concerned about the last two years. I am very concerned about this year. If he can’t win a bunch with what Dorsey is doing – get rid of him.

  3. dorsey if its not barkley or allen and the fans of cle have too wait for a god awful yet another USC BUST QB outside of palmer u and the rest of the staff might have too go soon along with HUE

  4. I really would enjoy if Cleveland took Mayfield. I would pay to see the look on Jets fans if that happened.

  5. Cleveland trades for Tyrod Taylor. Names him the starter. Cleveland drafts Mayfield #1 creating instant QB controversy and the distractions that come with that.

    Browns take Allen.

  6. Take Barkley #1, Mayfield or Rosen (whoever is there) #4. Those are the 2 best QBs by far in this draft.

  7. Barkley is the best player in the draft. None of these QB’s are a sure thing. Take the best player Barkley and the best QB available at 4.

  8. Why would they take him at one when they could have Barkley at one and get mayfield at four? Doesn’t make sense.

  9. No team falls in love with 3 of the top 4 qb’s. Impossible. You pick your guy and live with Barkley or Chubb at 4. I think they should hope the Giants take Barkley. Dual threat sackers will make their DB’s stars. They can get a good to great RB at pick 33 or 35.

    Therein lies the problem. Gettleman is not stupid. Browns are not going to the playoffs and the shelf life of a RB can be short. He knows this and while Barkley would be a great fit for the Giants, Gettleman might force the Browns to move up and if they don’t, prove a point and draft Chubb. Like a cop who says “If you do this I’ll arrest you”. You do it and he doesn’t and he’s now a fool. Gettleman has to be happy with either Chubb or Barkley but might prefer the Barkley and the Browns pick # 35, even if he prefers Chubb. Browns won’t give up 33. That’s gold.

    Everyone’s happy and it’s a perfect fit for both teams.

    I know PFT’s mock draft had the Browns moving up to two and this, I believe, is why. It could also mean the Giants are really in a 3 team trade with them getting Cleveland’s 4th and 35th and the Browns getting whatever team wants to jump the Jets as the Giants want Barkley or Chubb (so they need the 4th pick) and not a QB.

    Browns could end up with 3 first round picks, pick 33 and at least a later 2nd round pick.

  10. If they want Barkley..taking Mayfield at #1 all but assures them if nabbing Barkley at #4..if not. Chubb…win win for Hue and the Browns. Then they have cards to come back in the mid round one for a CB.

    Happy for the Dog Pound. They have suffered long enough. Trust the process!!

  11. Who leaked that Dorsey told Jackson? If Dorsey has only told one person then…

  12. Have Faith Browns Fans, Dorsey read the draft right the last time he had the #1 pick. he avoided all the qb’s and traded for Alex Smith. He made the right decision. he also selected a stud qb for the Chiefs last year in Pat Mahomes. Dorsey knows what he is doing. Have Faith.

  13. Ivan Pavlov says:
    April 26, 2018 at 12:18 am
    As long as Kevin Costner isn’t involved in Cleveland’s #1 pick, I’m ok with whatever they do.

    Kevin Costner could have drafted better than the last few Cleveland GM;s did.

  14. I still think it will be Darnold.

    Good luck to the fans in Cleveland, I do have a feeling that your luck will be changinf very shortly.

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