Wednesday’s #PFTPM has Minkah Fitzpatrick and much more


A day before the draft, the Live/#PFTPM/@PFTPMPosse mock draft is coming. The first pick in the mock draft is disclosed during Wednesday’s edition of the #PFTPM podcast.

The episode also includes a full explanation of the manner in which the mock draft was created (I had little to do with it, so I’ll take none of the blame but all of the credit) and a discussion of the reasons for the one-and-only-one edition of the mock draft.

You’ll also hear an interview with Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, along with answers to a bunch of questions submitted by the #PFTPMPosse.

Give it a listen. By the time it ends, there’s a good chance the Live/#PFTPM/@PFTPMPosse mock draft will be posted.