Browns and Broncos are ready to move down


After the Browns take their quarterback of the future with the first pick, they may start looking for more future draft picks.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Browns are shopping the No. 4 overall pick, and the Broncos are doing the same with the fifth pick.

With so many teams looking to find a quarterback and not having the good fortune to choose in the top five (such as the Bills, Cardinals, and perhaps Dolphins), those picks have incredible value this year.

The Browns may find a deal which includes a future first-rounder, and continue the asset-stockpiling of the previous regime.

Of course, there’s a question as to whether the Browns might be better served to use the pick themselves and add an impact player such as Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley to a roster that has been overhauled. They didn’t bring either player to their facility for pre-draft visits though, which might have been a clue about their intent.

Depending on how far they would be willing to go, there’s still the chance to find talent they need. The Colts have also indicated they’re willing to listen to offers for the sixth pick, which sets the stage for an eventful first round.

19 responses to “Browns and Broncos are ready to move down

  1. More picks? For crying’ out loud take some good players and try build a team that can actually win one game.

  2. Well here’s what the Brown’s got for trading down with the eagles(essentially trading Carson Wentz to Philly)

    Corey Coleman Wr
    Shon Coleman OT
    Cody Kessler QB
    Richard Louis Wr
    Derrick Kinder FS
    Jordan Payton WR
    Spencer Drango OG
    Jabril Peppers S
    DeShon Kizer QB
    2018 #4 overall pick & #64 pick

    A elite QB, RB, DE is worth more than all those players combined….

  3. Browns would be fools not to pick what they consider the best QB and then Chubb. (Unless the Giants Chubb). Get a RB with pick 33 or 35.

    Two Edge rushers. Hmmmm. Make your DB’s backs that much better.

    I think the Giants are going all smokescreen and will take Chubb. Thus the PFT mock which forces the Browns to move up to 2, as the Giants will be happy with Barkley and pick 35.

  4. “Of course, there’s a question as to whether the Browns might be better served to use the pick themselves and add an impact player such as Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley to a roster that has been overhauled.”

    For me as a lifelong fan (yes, back when they were good) this isn’t a question. It was a good strategy in ’16 and ’17 to stockpile. Fans, and the league, need something more now. I don’t mind looking for value in 2018, but quite frankly if we don’t start taking impact players this time around, we won’t need to trade to get high draft picks next year.

  5. If the browns trade down from the 4th spot for a future first round pick only, without getting a first rounder in exchange this year, then they may be giving up too much. A future first round pick can be almost as bad as a second round pick.

  6. T-rod (Tyrod Taylor) is good to go for 2-3 years so, in all honesty, Cleveland can make do without drafting a quarterback for now, though they still need offensive weapons; hence, grabbing Saquon Barkley at No.1 assures fulfilment of that need, since Barkley is the “Best Available” overall in tonight’s 2018 NFL Draft.

    By trading its Numbah Fo’ (No. 4) spot in tonight’s draft, Cleveland can trade with another team (Buffalo; Arizona; Denver?) for a solid WR/QB combo or stout defensive package.

    Best of luck tonight, Cleveland!

  7. wallabear TT is not good to go for the next 2-3 years unless we extend his contract or Tag him…

  8. They’ll take BPA at #1. Its the 4th pick they’ll trade out of. They think all the 4 QB’s are equal so Dorsey will slide down and get extra picks and take the last of the big 4 QB’s on the board. They just have too many holes to fill and need those extra picks.

  9. Cleveland gets all these picks and they want to be cute with them. How about you pick best player available at 1 and 4 and stop being cute. Trading down is only good for teams who are winning and pick later in the draft.

  10. It makes sense for them to trade down with the 4th pick, if the Giants take Chubb with the #2, as I suspect they will. I think it will be: Browns-Mayfield or Darnold; Giants-Chubb; Jets-Mayfield or Rosen. There are going to be several teams, including the Bills, Cardinals and Dolphins who will be willing to move up in front of the Broncos to select either Darnold, Mayfield or Rosen. The Browns need some defensive help, so if they can move down a few spots and still get a shot at Fitzpatrick, Ward, Vea or James, they ought to do it.

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