Frank Reich: No reason to take big chances with Andrew Luck

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The Colts held their first minicamp of the Frank Reich era this week and one change from past years was a higher tempo at practice.

Reich explained that he wants the team to practice fast and “then the game slows down” because players are used to the required pace. There is one exception to Reich’s need for speed, however.

That exception is quarterback Andrew Luck, who is on the field but not throwing regulation footballs as he continues to work his way back from the right shoulder injury that wiped out last season. Reich said the team remains “very encouraged” by Luck’s progress and that they’re going to be patient until he’s ready for the final steps in the process.

“There’s no reason to take any big chances,” Reich said, via the Indianapolis Star. “Everything is going so well. What we’re doing and learning as an offense right now, it’s going very well. He’s engaged at every level.”

Whether it is Reich, General Manager Chris Ballard or others in the organization, the message from the Colts has been one of confidence that Luck will be ready to go for the season. That’s not a change from last year, which leaves many outside the team waiting for Luck to be doing everything on the field before they feel the same way.

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  1. Why rush it? I mean, it’s only been a couple years. I’d wait until week 6 or 8 of the regular season. Maybe even wait until 2019. What’s the rush?

  2. Not looking good for him unfortunately. Brissett is more of a backup that happened to be trained well by the Patriots organization, so they’ll need to draft a quarterback for the future. Even though he was eviscerated for the decision, it turns out Josh McDaniels sidestepped this landmine pretty smartly.

  3. Just before they announced McDaniels the Colts insisted Luck was “fine” and would be good to go. Then just before McDaniels was supposed to sign Luck underwent additional assessments (presumably at McDaniels’ behest). And after badmouthing McDaniels for jilting, they quietly downgraded Luck, reporting that he’s “turned a corner”. And now this.

    I tell you, McDaniels dithered when he found out and all Kraft had to do was promise him the keys to NE one day. I’d even say Colts had prematurely announced McDaniels in the hope of embarrassing him into not publicly backing out when he found out about Luck. And then piled on him to deflect from the news of Luck’s downgrade. The Colts are good at fake noise.

  4. Ikeclanton –

    1) Stay away from the O.K. Corral – The Earp brothers are down there and they’re PISSED
    2) Your 8:09 – good post.

  5. Maybe McDaniels was onto something here. It’s one thing to coach a team with a healthy Andrew Luck, but if he’s not ready to go for 2018 and puts up another 4-12 season with Brissett, that puts him on a short leash with Colts management.

    As we’ve seen with recent HC hires, they can get fired after just one or two seasons. Was McDaniels smart not to bet his coaching future with Brissett? Looking that way…

  6. I generally agree with the sentiments about Luck and the Colts, but I still think McDaniels is a classless lout. First off, no reasonable person really listens to Irsay about Luck and his progress. When he is on the field, then I will believe he is back. McDaniels took the job anyway. Second, Luck hasn’t been all that great when on the field of late, so having him might not be a benefit. McDaniels took the job anyway. Finally, I like courage. McDaniels has none. If I were in that field I would have taken Brissett or a draft pick to be named later and built a little glory around my legacy. So whatever the Colts know or don’t know (I assume don’t know) about Luck’s condition and future, McDaniels is a weak man who showed no talent as a HC in Denver, and apparently will only coach when the deck is stacked in his favor, versus building something meaningful. Good luck with that.

  7. As a Viking fan who went through something similar as what the Colts fans have been going through I feel bad for them ~ And Luck had that HOF kind of talent ~ And this sound like it has the makings of another Teddy Bridgewater kind of deal ~ While you can not compare the two talent wise ~ They played the same position and as a Viking fan I know what it’s like to lose your starting QB ~ However the Vikings were able to rent Bradford for what they hope would be 2 good to great seasons ~ And even though the lost Bradford after their first game of 2017 they lucked out with having signed Case in FA who had his best season ever as a pro ~ The Vikings were then able to sign Kirk this year ~ However the Colts do not have anything close to Bradford or Case waiting for them to make a move on be it traded for or signed in FA ~ So if the front office mess this up they might be holding the #1 pick in the 2019 and 2018 could be a long season for the Colts fans ~ A very long season ~

  8. Couple of things. One, I agree it is best to play it safe with AL. He is fun to watch and very good when not injured. I do not think the Colts will be competitive this year, so why not err of the side of safety. Two, I agree with the comments regarding Josh McDaniels. He has already had one less than successful stint and a HC and can not afford to blow it again. I think he went down the Colts HC road having been told AL would be fine. When he found out that was lees than correct he bailed. He was skewered in the media, but I think it was a smart move.

  9. Does anyone really think Andrew Luck will allow this to end badly? I don’t. The kid has guts and grit. In time he will let his will and arm do the talking. He’s not done by a long shot.

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