Report: Jets will take Josh Rosen over Sam Darnold if both are on the board

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The Jets are expected to select Josh Rosen over Sam Darnold if both remain on the board when it comes their turn to select at No. 3, Lance Zierlein of reports.

The Broncos could trade with the Giants at No. 2 to get Darnold, Zierlein adds, with the Bills more interested in Josh Allen.

Teams out of the market for a quarterback will benefit from the maneuvering by quarterback-needy teams to get one. The Bucs, Bears, 49ers and Raiders are sitting pretty at 7-10, and the Colts trade to No. 12 is looking better by the rumor.

The most surprising thing of the night might be if Darnold isn’t the first or second quarterback selected. It doesn’t seem so long ago that everyone expected him to become the first quarterback off the board.