Ryan Shazier announces Terrell Edmunds to Pittsburgh with 28th pick

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The Steelers have added their first player of the 2018 NFL Draft and they did it in memorable fashion on a couple of fronts.

Linebacker Ryan Shazier walked to the podium with the help of his fiance to announce his team’s pick with the 28th overall pick in the draft. Shazier suffered a spinal cord injury last season and is still moving slowly, but it was a heartwarming and inspiring moment given how far he’s come to get to this point.

The Steelers picked safety Terrell Edmunds, which made some history as well. Edmunds was selected 12 picks after his brother Tremaine went to the Bills and they are the first brothers to be selected in the first round of the same draft. Their father Ferrell Edmunds also played in the NFL.

While was the first player Pittsburgh drafted this year, his selection was not their first move of the draft. They traded wide receiver Martavis Bryant to the Raiders for a third-round pick while the first round was going on.

18 responses to “Ryan Shazier announces Terrell Edmunds to Pittsburgh with 28th pick

  1. Loved seeing him walk out there to announce the pick. Fan of the team or not, that should warm your heart. As a Patriot fan, it warmed mine. We should all cheer for him.

  2. Holy crap, not ashamed to admit that the sight of seeing Shazier walk out there teared me right up. Good stuff right there. 🙏

  3. Anyone else notice Goodell didn’t get his name exactly right? What is this tool (over)paid for? Does he ever watch his own product or the prospects coming in? Marcus Mariota was one of the two top picks guaranteed and effed that one up too. Man I’m sick of this smug puke.

  4. LoL@Steeler fans that have thought that Shazier will ever play football again.
    He can barely walk.
    No great loss because he simply doesn’t know how to tackle.
    He could never start on the Vikes Defense.
    Going to kill Green Bay again this year.
    2018 year of the horn!

  5. Man but they blew the pick. Lamar Jackson is the steal of the draft. I was really hoping they’d take him, mix him in as Slash 2.0 while grooming him for full time QB. So heartbroken to see him go to the Ravens… Anybody but the Ravens.

  6. If the sight of Ryan walking onto the stage didn’t put a lump in your throat, you better check your pulse … Patriots fan

  7. I agree it was inspiring, but I hadn’t realized how badly injured Shazier was. He has no chance to play again. Maybe other people knew this, but I didn’t. The play in which he got hurt didn’t look so bad, until he didn’t get up.

  8. I love seeing the Steelers reach in the first round for a secondary player. Worked poorly with Burns and probably will with Edmunds too. I am starting to wonder if Colbert needs help on draft day. Trading Bryant for a third rounder was stupid as well.

  9. It was great to see Shazier walking last night. I saw a pic of him a wheelchair a few months ago and just felt terrible for him. Glad to see he’s on his way to recovery… Ravens fan

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