Sam Darnold: Everything happens for a reason

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Sam Darnold said Wednesday he wanted to go No. 1 overall. He didn’t, and the USC quarterback insists he is just fine with that.

“I knew whatever happens happens,” Darnold said. “It happens for a reason. That’s what I believe. That’s what I was raised to believe. So I’m really excited being with the Jets. I couldn’t be happier. I’m really excited to get there tomorrow and meet my teammates.”

The Browns selected Baker Mayfield, and the Giants took Saquon Barkley. Darnold thought he had a chance to go to Cleveland until Commissioner Roger Goodell stepped to the podium.

“They didn’t say anything. They didn’t say anything to my agent,” Darnold said of the Browns. “So I had no idea. When his name was called and my phone didn’t ring, that was kind of the first sign.”

The Jets were thrilled to get Darnold, and Darnold said he was thrilled to go to the Jets. He even sounded believable denying he would carry a chip on his shoulder

“I’m just going to work the way I’ve always worked,” Darnold said. “I’ve always had a really good work ethic and that’s because of my parents, the way I was raised. I’m just going to continue to work how I usually do, and I believe good things are going to come out of that.”