Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota working to improve his throwing base

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To use a golf analogy, it’s difficult to fix a problem with your swing in the middle of a round of golf. The same could be said for trying to make mechanical changes to one’s throwing mechanics during the heart of an NFL regular season.

With an offseason at his disposal to attempt to make changes, Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is trying to improve some of his mechanics in hopes of seeing more consistency during the season. According to PaulKuharsky.com, Mariota is trying to widen the base from which he throws to help correct some accuracy issues.

“I tend to get real narrow and I think a lot of times that was from me trying to get out and run out of the pocket,” Mariota said. “So if I have a good solid base, I feel that I can throw from any platform. That’s something I really focused on in the offseason.”

Mariota said that breaking such a habit is a difficult proposition.

“Absolutely,” he said. “That’s something that I’ve been doing since I was a kid. But at the same time if I can find any way to make me better I’m going to do it and do it to the best of my ability.”

Mariota threw more interceptions and fewer touchdowns that either of his first two seasons in the NFL last year. The Titans managed to make the playoffs anyway and stole a victory from the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round with a rally from a 10-point fourth quarter deficit. But Mariota has the tools to be an even more efficient player than what he’s shown in his first three years and finding ways to be a little bit more efficient through some mechanical tweaks could be a real benefit moving forward.

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  1. With Lafleur as his coordinator, he could be in mvp talk by the end of the season. He worked wonders with Goff and yhat Rams offense last season.No more of Mularkey and Robiskies 1980s offense holding him back.

  2. I changed my Dad’s golf swing right before the last year of his life. He had gotten too old to get by with his old swing. He was horrific that whole Fall. But during the next Spring/Summer/Fall, he played the best golf he had played in over 10 years.

    It can be done but the person can’t ever revert back when the inevitable bad day occurs. You have to believe.

  3. Mariota is a short stop. That’s it. Takes snap, turns hips, and throws to first base – aka bubble screen to WR. He’s honestly the most unfit starting QB in the NFL. High turn over rate, misses too many games, throws for under 250 yards per game, and can’t put the ball in the endzone. I’m blown away at how he’s still starting. Then again…it’s the Titans…

  4. M’boy Marcus!

    Yes, it was I who gave him the “Baby Brady” tag while he was still at Oregon.
    What a terrific job Chip Kelly and his staff did in crafting this A+ quarterback.

    Like TB12, Marcus, you need to orchestrate more from within the pocket, which you handled rather successfully in the first games that you played, following your broken fibula injury.

    Running also makes you susceptible to “hammy” (hamstring) injuries, so why risk it when your team needs you and T-wan (Taylor Lewan) and crew to be on the field winning.

    You are the Conductor. Orchestrate the offense and you will continue to win.

  5. Continue to win? Such an amazing display of leadership…to come in 2nd place in a division of Blake Brotles, Tom Savage, and Jacoby Brissett. Unbeievable. MVP. MVP. MVP

  6. Catching his own pass? You mean the one that he threw directly to the KC defender who rather than intercepting the pass, played volleyball and spiked the ball back toward Mariota?

    Do you realize that the only thing worse than his decision to throw the ball was the pass itself?

  7. Wow, keep it up haters. This guy is for real. I wouldn’t trade him for a 1st round pick AND any QB drafted last night. The fact of the matter is that he is the most accurate and efficient QB in the red zone. Like all young QBs, he has some growing to do. We are excited in Titan Town.

  8. Wow, lots of uneducated troll Mariota haters here I see. Google is your friend, do some self education before making such idiotic comments. To say you don’t know how he even starts is proof of such. He was 13th in total QBR last year, ahead of the new 84 million over 3 years Kirk cousins. Ahead of Jared Goff, Winston, newton and Carr. His team made it further into post season then any of those guys as well. So I guess they shouldn’t be starters in this league either right?

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