Vikings take Mike Hughes with No. 30

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The Vikings have beefed up one of the best defenses in football.

With pick No. 30, UCF cornerback Mike Hughes has joined the Vikings.

There had been plenty of speculation that Minnesota would trade out of round one. Ultimately, they didn’t. (Obviously.)

The pick comes at a time when the Vikings have Xavier Rhodes under contract over the long term and 2015 first-rounder Trae Wayne entering his fourth season. The Vikings must decide whether to exercise his fifth-year option by next Thursday.

43 responses to “Vikings take Mike Hughes with No. 30

  1. Waynes is playing very well. It would shock me if the Vikings used this pick to replace waynes. I also like Alexander a lot. I see this simply as a depth pick and a good replacement for Newman leaving.

  2. I would have preferred a big guy on the offensive or defensive line, but Spielman and Zimmer know a lot more than I do. Unfortunately, this means McKenzie Alexander is officially a bust. I’ll evaluate this pick after I see what they do in the second and third round. If they can get a couple of steals and fill the line needs, this will be a great pick. If they miss out on the good linemen who are left, I won’t be impressed.

  3. He’s a upgrade at kick and punt returner, making Marcus Sherels expendable (Saves $2m on cap) and he instantly become the starting nickel. Alexander is a better outside man corner. Good value pick, he was clearly the BPA and it fills a bit if a need or is at least an upgrade and improves your special teams. No sense reaching for an OL 2nd round talent in the 1st. There are still some good prospects out there like the T from Oregon. Look for Spielman to move up and pick on earlier in the 2nd.

  4. “I see this simply as a depth pick”


    The Vikings roster is so deep they use first round draft picks for “depth”? That must be why you have so many playoff…..wait a minute…..

  5. Huh, although he was rated as a top 3 CB and almost equal to the CB taken at 18, given the character issues, available O-linemen, and more O-line needs, my preference would have been OL or a trade down. Then again, I’m just a dumb fan, so what the hell do I know.

  6. This was best player available by speilman. The pick should have been depth at O-line with Willie Hernandez or Connor Williams.

  7. Would have liked them to take guard Will Hernandez from UTEP. Watching Hughes highlights seems pretty proficient at returning punts and kick-offs.Prolly a starter as a special teams guy. Don’t look very physical.

  8. Welcome CB Hughes to the World Class football organization that is the Vikings. Be sure to know your ring size by February 3rd….

  9. With all the 1st round quality lineman of the board already, the Vikings went with the best player available.

    Hughes most likely compete with Mackenzie Alexander for the nickel back job and should probably earn the position.

    Hughes was projected as the Packers pick at #14 in more than one mock draft. Glad the CB needy Packers went with Jaire Edwards instead.

    Zimmer has a reputation for coaching up most Dbacks. Hopefully Hughes accepts the tutelage.

  10. packertruth says:
    April 26, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    The Vikings roster is so deep they use first round draft picks for “depth”?

    Apparently so. He clearly won’t be a starter right away. Teams picking at the end of the first round don’t usually have to fill a lot of needs.

  11. They were just happy to get the pick in on time. But Kirk will be pouting that they didn’t get a lineman to protect him.


    They missed their pick one time many years ago..get over it!!

  12. This is the missing link, The Eagles pointed it out so clearly! With our Tackles resolved,
    Harrison could not match up downfield. I love this Pick! This is a very very deep OL Draft.
    Thanks Rick!

  13. For those thinking the pick should have been Hernandez…

    He’s more of a road grader/run blocker style guy. We just signed Cousins and we need a guard that is very proficient at pass protection if we were going to draft one in the 1st round.

  14. Wanted to trade down or take OG Hernandez but you can’t question Hughes ability, graded as the 2nd CB in talent in this draft. Zimmer and Viking locker room will take care of the rest.

  15. Don’t let draft buzz affect you. Hughes was the second best corner talent wise in the draft behind Ward. If he stays out of trouble the Vikings got a good pick that adds depth to a position where depth is rare. They now have 4 corners who are worthy of starting.

    Another thing to keep in mind, Zimmer often limits rookie corners playing time. Waynes and Alexander didn’t play much at all their first year until the end.

    Hernandez would have been a great pick but honestly offensive guards are not hard to find in other rounds.

    Now if spielman doesn’t draft at least two offensive lineman before round 5, I’ll be worried.

  16. I’m all about it. CB’s are tasked with a number of difficult challenges specific to their position alone. Zimmer likes a rotation everywhere on his defense (although we probably won’t see him lined up against 1’s and 2’s right off the get go), so I don’t see this as much as a “depth” pick.

    Good returner and can play a big part everywhere else on special teams also. Can play that under/crossing stuff well which is where they get beat all the time. At least that’s what I’ve read and heard about him.

  17. Good pick for need. Between their reputation for quitting on their coach and shrinking under the bright lights of big games, that sorry defense obviously needed help.

  18. They got torched by the Eagles, that’s why they are drafting DB. Not depth, not BPA. Their vaunted defense was proven to be a paper tiger, so they are trying to fix it. Funny to watch Viking fans try to spin it as the rich getting richer though

  19. Gil Brandt rated Hughes the 4th best CB in the draft.And 31st best player in his top 150 players. I know everyone wanted an offensive linemen but this is a need pick for the Vikings too.Zimmer isn’t pleased with Alexander play. He got beat on the 4th down play against the Saints in the playoffs. It is easier to add depth of linemen in later rounds than picking up a quality CB. Off field issues were years ago at UNC and could also be helped by the quality of the Vikings locker room.

  20. Should have traded down. We need way more than one O-lineman. You can find CB’s in the first three rounds. Remember Alexander was a reach where they grabbed him. I am not happy with the pick. If anything, they should have traded up for O-line. Hopefully they kind find a few solid O-line guys in the next two days. Might have to trade a roster player to get a pick. Barr?

  21. His off the field stuff was years ago at UNC. Zimmer isn’t [;eased with Alexander’s play. Good pick here at 30. Gil Brandt had him at 31st [layer in the draft. The 4th best CB.

  22. I seem to recall the Viking fans signing the praises of their other first round picks, Ponder, Treadslow, Patterson. The player will instantly make the Vikings a Superbowl contender.

    Now nobody really knows hows Hughes will do at the level so the only guarantee is that the Vikings will not win a Superbowl. That claim has a 57-year track record behind it.

  23. The Vikings obviously like Hughes a great deal. They wasted 0 seconds turning their pick in. I was thinking they would trade out of the first. With Lamar Jackson still there, I was sure someone would come up for him. Based on what Philly got for their pick I’m sure MN wasn’t willing to move back 20+ picks to 52.

  24. Bucky Brooks


    Mike Hughes lands in a terrific spot with @Vikings . He is one of the most polished cover corners in the draft with a lot of technique variety. Nice fit in the scheme as a possible nickel or outside CB. #NFLDraft
    10:26 PM – Apr 26, 2018

  25. It’s fun watching people on here analyze the analysis of others and then act as if they know something about how that player might perform, especially a 30th pick like Mike Hughes, or dog the picks of other teams, when they have zero clue what’s going to happen and have seen and know so little about the players. I don’t know why football teams even pay scouts and others when they could just come here and cull information from the geniuses here.

  26. The only problem with trading down, is that you need another team willing to offer you the value you want.

    Obviously that didn’t happen, so they took the player that was highest on their board.

    Alexander is better outside than covering the slot, and even if they bring Newman back for another year, there was obvious need for an upgrade.

    I wasn’t thrilled with this pick, but after some thought I am satisfied that it was the right selection to make.

    So onto round two where I hope that luck is on the Vikings’ side and they will be able to select an interior OL, or at the very least pick up a decent RT that can replace Remmers (Orlando Brown?). I’d even offer a 6th to the Giants for Ereck Flowers and see if he can kick start his career with a change of scenery.

  27. Packer’s Defense is proof positive that you cannot have enough good corners. Hughes also fills the kick returner roll. The Vikes do a good job of looking ahead and managing the cap as well. So just shut it and watch.

  28. I don’t get why everyone is freaking out about this pick. Yes a lot of us wanted an offensive lineman, but most likely took this guy because was the best player available on their board. Nobody knows if it will work out.

    There are still lots of good lineman left. Herandenz is still available. They found Pat last year in the third. You can never have enough good Corners when you play in the same division as Aaron Rodgers.

  29. Cornerbacks get injured a lot so having quality depth on a team that is centered around it’s defense is vital. The OL draft class is deeper than the Cb class so it makes sense.

  30. The depth at guard is deep in this draft. The Vikes will get one later. Don’t forget the need for a DT and a RB. Actually, if they drafted an OL in the first, I would have been very surprised. I knew/assumed they were going after a cb. When I got up this morning and saw that they drafted a cb, there was no surprise.

  31. The Saints exposed the Viking weakness in the final 2 quarters And the Eagles 2 years in a row did the same thing, the fact is Harrison Smith cannot defend fast tallish receivers, they picked on him all night and as soon as Minnesota rolled help over for him they ran on us. This pick filled the weak spot of Smith and Newman, I can see more exotic Defensive schemes with him now.

  32. mascadcar says:
    April 26, 2018 at 11:57 pm
    They were just happy to get the pick in on time. But Kirk will be pouting that they didn’t get a lineman to protect him.


    They missed their pick one time many years ago..get over it!!


    They didn’t “MISS” their pick, they traded down with Baltimore but Ozzy didn’t call it in to the NFL front office and the Vikings didn’t know that. Complete BS crap by the Ravens and the funny thing is the Vikings got Kevin Williams instead of instead of Dwayne Robertson, Johnathan Sullivan, or Jordan Gross. They got their guy all along and for a lot cheaper signing bonus. Seemed to work out well no?

  33. Ahh you guys sometimes make me worry about the football minds of my fellow Vikings fans so bad. This guy grades out as the number 2 CB in the draft if the off field issues are taken completely out of the equation, and even at that, it was mostly expected Hughes would be long gone by the time we picked at 30. Look, spielman has been killing it in the draft for us for years now, and I desperately wish you all would grasp his draft concept, because it works, and by reading your comments you don’t totally understand the basics of what his strategy is. He tries to have at least 10, if not as many picks as he possibly can. He then takes the best player available, increasing the odds that players will hit. Yes, need is taken into consideration, but spielmans logic is that it is stupid to draft need to fill a position because it is short sighted. For example, using the two positions mostly in question, CB and OL. Clearly the best player available was the corner, even tho OL is the obvious need for the team in the immediate. By his logic you take the CB or best player, because in the immediate, taking the OL might fill a spot, but where does it leave you if 3 years from now, when you look at the two players side by side, the CB is a probowler and the OL isn’t even in the league anymore. You take the best player because it increases your chances at hitting quality players more often. Team who draft need find their teams filled with a lot of mediocre players and very few impact players.

  34. Also if any of you seriously think that the saints or eagles game has anything to do with why we drafted Hughes, you really don’t understand pro football at all. That is absolutely living in only the most recent moment and incredibly reactionary. I hope to god spielman sees far more clearly than to make decisions on only 2 games in which our defensive line was seriously injured, which directly affected the amount of time our secondary was forced to cover wide receivers, making it near impossible to keep your coverage. The secondary was also fairly injured themselves. And to the few people who are actually sitting there telling themselves and other people that Harrison Smith is part of the problem need some serious help. Smith is by far the top rated safety in the entire NFL. He is far from a problem in coverage. And what are you talking about “he has trouble covering tall receivers”. Seriously?!

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