Dave Gettleman: If you want to know why Ereck Flowers isn’t here, call him

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General Manager Dave Gettleman doesn’t seem happy with Ereck Flowers.

The Giants offensive tackle has remained in Miami for the voluntary offseason program. He is the only player not to show up since the workouts began April 9.

“He’s in Miami, and we’re here,” Gettleman said, via Dan Duggan of The Athletic. “He decided not to come. He’s an adult. He has the ability to make decisions on his own. This is a voluntary program, and he’s decided to stay in Miami. If you want to know why he’s not here, call him.”

The Giants have Flowers, a first-round pick in 2015, on the trading block.

They wanted him to compete for the right tackle job after they signed left tackle Nate Solder in free agency. Flowers has one year and $4.5 million guaranteed left on his rookie deal.

22 responses to “Dave Gettleman: If you want to know why Ereck Flowers isn’t here, call him

  1. Flowers can now be considered a draft bust – he’s done so little with his hyped status.

  2. I almost hope no one trades for him and he has to come crawling back for a job opportunity.

  3. “I’ll give ya tree fitty and a bag of doritos for him” – Mike Tomlin

  4. You’ve got one year left on your deal. We’ve got you on the trading block. We signed your replacement already. And I tell you we are shocked (shocked!) that you would skip a voluntary OTA where, if you got injured, you’d be screwed out of signing with a new team when we cut you. Is Gettleman serious?

  5. The media never asks the players, instead they protect the players.
    Flowers sucks, he knows it, THAT’S why he chose not to attend.
    Ask The player himself, not coaches or the GM or the owner.
    The media should start harassing De Smith and the NFLPA with questions about their clients.

  6. What is wrong with this gettleman guy? every interview he comes off as angry and defensive. what’s the point of getting this worked up over a guy you’re going to cut? just wait until the fans start calling for webb and obgyn starts pouting for a new contract – gettleman will really lose it.

  7. Just cut the stiff. Unless he’s in Miami getting foot transplants in hopes of getting a pair that know how to move he has little to nothing to offer. Trade him? Dave, you would have to throw in a #1 draft pick and a lot of cash in hopes of getting a 7th. rounder. He wasn’t your mistake so dump him. It’s embarrassing to see him wearing Giant blue.

  8. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be a Giant anymore and I can’t really blame him. He has taken a lot of heat from the press and fans for not being a superstud as a high draft pick, but he’s worked hard, improved slowly and played hurt. He should get a fresh start somewhere else and I think that’s what will happen. Maybe they can get a conditional pick for him, but cutting him would be dumb. He’s a decent Tackle, just not “great”.

  9. Here is what I don’t understand – lets say a player on his rookie contract is a bust and hates his team. He has a guaranteed contract, so he’s getting their money, they can’t do anything about it.
    So why not at least try and improve so that he can get a small contract next year with a different team? Maybe he can do better with another team?

    At the very least, make an additional $600,000 for a year or two. Thats not chump change.
    I guess he just doesn’t care. If I was a team looking for a player next year I’d be concerned that he wouldn’t try hard and would be a cancer. He’s only hurting himself.

  10. They won’t be able to trade him. Like Beckham, they will put too much value in his worth making other teams walk away just like with Beckham. It’s gentlemen’s fault for putting too high a price on these guys. And yeah, he’s arrogant and defensive – and wrong – every time he opens his mouth.

  11. Flowers wasn’t worthy of a top-10 pick, but he’s not the terrible player the press has made him out to be. Flowers received 90% of the blame for how bad the Giants line was, while Richburg (busy getting thrown out of games) and Pugh (seemingly missed more games than he played in) both got passes.

    Richburg and Pugh signed mega contracts this offseason. Good for them and good for the Giants to be rid of them. Both are undersized and couldn’t play hurt.

    Solder, Hernandez, Jones, Omameh, Flowers. A big, mauling, nasty line for Barkley to run behind and Eli to thrive off the play-action.

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