Jay Cutler appears to be retired again

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Jay Cutler appears to have realized what the rest of the NFL just kind of assumed — he’s retired again.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Cutler is expected to retire again soon, after his one year coming out of the bullpen for the Dolphins.

Cutler hasn’t drawn interest from another team as a free agent, but could appear in a reality show with his wife (hopefully while wearing pants).

There has also been some talk of FOX having interest in him as a game analyst, and Cutler has proven to be interesting enough when he feels like talking to think it’s a worthwhile experiment.

Cutler turns 35 this weekend, and if he’s finished, he’s walking away with a 74-79 record as a starter with the Broncos, Bears, and Dolphins and has thrown for 35,133 yards.

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  1. He will un-retire as soon as a major injury occurs and a team realizes Cutler is better than their backup

    And all the while, Kaep will remain unemployed.

  2. Well he had a nice game against the Patriots last year.
    But like many years, he ultimately underachieved. He could have been one of the greats, except he is too inconsistent.

  3. laxcoach37 says:
    April 27, 2018 at 2:46 pm
    liquidzoo says:
    April 27, 2018 at 2:16 pm
    Good Riddance

    –Bears fan


    -Dolphins Fan


    Just wait until you have Tannehill back as starter. You guys will be clamoring for Cutler by mid October

  4. His calls to Gase kept going straight to voicemail. Finally he got the message “This Magic Jack customer is no longer available” and knew he better call it a career…

  5. footballisnotthatimportant says:
    April 27, 2018 at 2:37 pm
    Does he qualify as a “bust?”


    The funny thing is, that guy really had a great career compared to the average guy that comes in the league. Drafted 11th overall. Started for 12 years. Around a 500 record. Missed very few games. 62% career completion percentage. Had a few rough years throwing picks, but overall, a serviceable QB.

    He was far from Brady/Manning/Brees, but that’s an amazing run for a pro-football player.

  6. liquidzoo says:
    April 27, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Good Riddance

    –Bears fan
    Damn, beat me to it.
    long suffering Bears fan

    @nhpats – no one will be clamoring for Cutler. Anywhere. Ever.

  7. He was far from Brady/Manning/Brees, but that’s an amazing run for a pro-football player.


    But he had all the talent in the world. I don’t know if he was a first in, last out guy but he seemed so pissy and aloof. Eli is aloof but NOT the other word. When you saw Eli with his hand motions, that’s because in the run and shoot he was showing the receiver where he thought or should have gone. He wasn’t mouthing off or acting all whatever that Cutler displayed.

    A quietish leader players respect vs a quietish leader, no one respects.

    Fwiw, the guy with the most blown talent is Jeff George. Then there is Bert Jones who would have been a top 5 all time QB, had he stayed healthy.

  8. One of those QBs you don’t want to get stuck with, just average, and thus your team won’t get rid of him because of the fear of what else is out there, and at the same time, he never leads you anywhere. One playoff win in 12 years as a starter, and those Bear teams before the wheels fell off after Lovie Smith got fired were pretty loaded. They were at least comparable to what Rex Grossman took to the Super Bowl during his stint there 5 or 6 years earlier.

  9. He was nothing more than a bandaid on a bullet wound, how Tannenbum OR Gase thought he could possibly win games is beyond me!
    of course he was still better than option B : Oh whats his name….Krapperneck !

  10. Jay Cutler is the most unfairly disparaged sports figure by both media and fans alike that I have ever witnessed. The worst thing that happened to him was being traded to the Chicago Bears. He arrived as a Pro Bowl QB and was immediately attacked by the Chicago press because he would not cater to them. The never ending media attacks convinced feeble-minded fans to turn against him. The worst thing that Cutler did to himself was to not escape from the Bears when he had the chance as a free agent.

    The average length of time for a QB to last in Chicago ranged from one to three years which is why the Bears are known as the team where quarterbacks go to die. Cutler managed to survive for eight years under three different GMs, three different HCes, and SIX different offensive coordinators while being a human pinata behind an inept OL. The Bears defense was more often bad causing Cutler to play catch-up in the 4th quarter which increased the chance for interceptions. Despite all of the handicaps that the Bears presented him with, Cutler now owns almost ALL of their QB records making him the greatest QB in the history of the Chicago Bears!

    I must share a couple of stories before I close. About three years ago Ron Jawarski did a verbal hatchet job on ESPN about Cutler which caused me to compare ‘Jaws’ QB records with Cutlers. I learned that Cutler’s 10 year numbers were better than Jawarski’s 15 year numbers. How about that? I have also learned that cheap shots by sports announcers and commentators towards Cutler is to be expected. I was amazed how Jon Gruden blamed Cutler for two off side penalties by WR Alshon Jeffrey during a Monday night game against the Cowboys a few years ago. I don’t think any other QB has ever been blamed for causing a WR to jump the gun until then. I am expecting Gruden to be a major flop with the Raiders. Time will tell. Anyway, I think it a shame that an elite QB like Cutler wasted his talents with the Bears. He NEVER complained or spoke out against his haters. As a Bears fan I am anticipating the same type of treatment towards Trubisky within the next couple of years. It happens to all Bears quarterbacks. It is the Chicago way!

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