John Harbaugh: Joe Flacco is Ravens’ starter, Lamar Jackson has time to develop

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The Ravens ended the first round by drafting Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, a sign that Joe Flacco‘s days are numbered. But coach John Harbaugh says Flacco remains the starter in 2018.

Joe Flacco is our quarterback,” Harbaugh said. “Lamar is going to have a great chance to develop. I think you get to this stage in a quarterback’s career – you’ve seen it done in New England, we’ve seen it done in a lot of places – it’s time to start thinking about drafting a quarterback. When the opportunity came to get a really good one, I think you have to jump on it and take it. This really doesn’t change things in a sense that we’re going to go with Joe, and Joe’s going to roll. I can’t wait for the season to start. But when you add a talented player like this who can come in and play if he needs to, and win for us, that’s a big plus.”

Harbaugh dismissed talk that Jackson would play any other position.

“The big thing is he’s a quarterback, and that’s the first thing to remember,” Harbaugh said. “He’s a quarterback through and through, and he’s a playmaker. When you look at stats and you evaluate him, he does all the things that any quarterback does. But we do some analytics, and when the ball is in his hands, there hadn’t been a better playmaker, really, in the last few years coming out [of the draft]. He’s a great quarterback – start with that.”

He may be a better quarterback than Flacco, even if for now the Ravens say they’re not making a change.

16 responses to “John Harbaugh: Joe Flacco is Ravens’ starter, Lamar Jackson has time to develop

  1. I don’t care what anyone says! If this team starts 0-2, or is inconsistent down the stretch, you are going to see this kid take the field. You never want to see a player go down, but the Ravens did not trade up to sit on talent for five yrs. Joe will always have his legacy in Baltimore!
    What’s that saying?


    What have you done for me lately?

  2. Stayed up long enough to watch the Capitals lay their latest and to see if Ozzie had anything left. Was not happy with the trade down and went to bed. Pleasant surprise to see him take Jackson in the first round. Just wonder if they are going to be able to do anything with him considering that Harbaugh is anti-matter to planning offensive play.

  3. A year learning from RG3 and Flacco about how NOT to ruin your career? Best possible scenario. AFC kings for the foreseeable future as Brady is done and Steelers are a dumpster fire, taking a 4th round safety out of desperation..

  4. Vince Young 2.0. Not intelligent enough to play QB In the NFL. Love the fact the Ravens have 2 overated QBs now.

    Rageviral, they already had 2 overrated qbs sooooo……I would guess that makes 3.

  5. I think Oz selected this QB to solidify his imprint on Baltimore football for years to come after his retirement.

  6. Probably the only one of the first rounders we’re likely to hear from in 5 years. Rosen is a prima donna with glass shoulder, Darnold is just another USC qb not named Carson Palmer, Allen thinks he’s Big Ben, but the closest berger to his skill set is Mettenberger, and out of the league.

  7. I’m assuming that 2019 will be the last year Flacco has as a Raven. Team can save $20 million cutting him that year with only a $8 million dead cap hit. Not too bad a deal for Flacco he’ll be 35 and is a good not great QB. It’s conceivable that he’ll get a 3 year deal for a team who feels they are a QB short from a title.

  8. Doesn’t matter much who the Ravens QB is because their Offense is a complete disaster. Harbaugh just doesn’t get it and never will. It’s a Pleasure to watch this team Crash and Burn every year like they always do.

  9. Flacco started the year out with a bad back. This is simple. If it continues to go like it did at the end of last year for him, Jackson will sit for 2 or 3 years. If not and you continue being middling due to that massive salary on the books, you part ways probably by next off-season, depending on if Jackson is developed. The Ravens have a chance to take a big step this year actually because Newsom has retooled that defense. So there should be no excuses for them to start slow again on offense.

  10. A good move. It might take a year for Jackson to learn and by then it will be the end of Flacco’s contract and time to move on. No need to rush him.

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