Patriots, 49ers talking trade for Trent Brown

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With the 49ers adding tackle Mike McGlinchey and the Patriots needing offensive line help and a pipeline already existing between the two franchises, another transaction could be coming.

Per a league source, the 49ers and Patriots are talking about a trade that would send tackle Trent Brown to New England.

A seventh-round pick in 2015, Brown started 10 games in 2017 and 16 in 2016. He’s under contract through 2018 at a salary of $1.9 million.

Brown currently continues to recover from a shoulder injury that ended his 2017 season. G.M. John Lynch said earlier this week that Brown is expected to be ready for training camp.

Last October, the Patriots sent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco for a second-round pick.

28 responses to “Patriots, 49ers talking trade for Trent Brown

  1. The Niners are trying to get rid of him because he showed up overweight. That’s the real reason why. He’s good if he can stay healthy.

  2. The Patriots clearly see the need to beef up their line after it fell short of what they needed last year, then lost Solder. They have been focusing on it a lot this off season.

  3. .
    This is a trade that would make sense for both teams. It would also allow Isaiah Wynn to find his best position along the line, which could turn out to be guard or center.

  4. He was right around league average last year for tackles. The Scarnecchia-effect might be able to help him improve to above average and then the tackle spot is taken care of for NE.

  5. Trent Brown is a beast. When Anthony Davis came out of retirement the play of Trent Brown sent him back into retirement after Davis had change positions.

  6. Yesterday everyone was killing The Patriots……HAHA….BB has had 15 straight 10 win seasons for a reason people…No every deal isn’t successful and hes the first to tell you that but the chances of him making a positive deal versus negative are probably 80-85 percent……..whats your teams record the last 15 seasons?……Carry on

  7. He always shows up overweight.

    They are ‘trying to get rid of him’ because he is not a great system fit (can’t get out and block in space), has conditioning issues, and shut it down on a sore shoulder last year when they thought he could have played through it. They don’t want to pay him a big contract, and he is gone in a year.

    So they are getting ready. But they still need trade comp worth more than a year of extra depth + the comp pick we’d get when he left. Will NE pay that much (or Denver)? We’ll see.

  8. The Patriots fill out the draft cards themselves. For Wynn hey filled out OT not OG or C or Oline they specifically wrote OT and drafted him as such. Georgia played Wynn at LG but when they moved him to LT last year he played even better. Best LT in the SEC. Only allowed 5 total pressures all season in the SEC and that includes the SEC title game and their 2 bowl games. To me I feel people are getting to hung up on height. And putting too much stock into the scouting services advice.

  9. niners816 says:
    April 27, 2018 at 9:45 am
    The Niners are trying to get rid of him because he showed up overweight. That’s the real reason why. He’s good if he can stay healthy.
    MIKE MCGLINCHEY has more athleticism. Trent Brown is not a good fit for Shanahan’s ZBS. Trent Brown was drafted for a power run scheme not a zone blocking scheme that the 49ers run now.

  10. Don’t just give him away. Brown is still a really good/great pass protector when healthy and he is young. If the trade is good, okay but a late pick would not be enough to make me move him. Keep him around to make sure you have the best 5 on the line. The team to look for in my mind is Denver. Miller already said Brown is the best RT he ever played against and after they drafted Chubb, Shane Ray seem to be a third wheel. Lets trade third wheels.

  11. Not happening. Not after drafting Wynn and specifically calling him a tackle. They’ll let Wynn and Garcia battle it out.

    Defense and maybe a Qb are going to dominate the rest of the draft for the Pats. That may include a trade for a vet, but not an offensive tackle. They wouldn’t have used their top pick for a backup guard.

    The trade was probably discussed if they went elsewhere in the 1st round.

  12. I won’t be surprised if the trade happens. There have been signs and hints that Trent Brown is not in the 49ers’ future plans since last year, similar to signs for Daniel Kilgore, whom they basically gave to Miami for a token.

  13. Great in Pass Pro, lousy in the run game. He cannot sustain blocks on the move which this offense needs in their outside zone game.

  14. “I don’t get this one. Niners ran out of tackles last year. Unless it’s like for a 3rd round pick, keep him.”

    It’s pretty simple. They don’t want to pay him and they just drafted his replacement. It’s better to get something now than lose him for nothing later.

  15. It’s better to get something now than lose him for nothing later.

    – actually, no it isn’t. Its better to have depth this year than have a repeat of last year, especially for a late round pick.

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