Seahawks considered taking Rashaad Penny without trading down

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The Seahawks surprised some people when they took San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny with the 27th pick.

Those people would have been stunned if the Seahawks had taken him 18th, but coach Pete Carroll said that almost happened before they found a trade with the Packers that allowed them to move down nine spots.

“I don’t mind telling you, this pick fired me up,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said , via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “He’ll be a three-down back for us. The guy can do everything. He has to work on his pass protection he was not asked to do a lot of, but he’ll give us the ability to play him on all downs and that versatility is really big.”

The Seahawks gained a third and a sixth in dealing down, but had no reservations about Penny himself. Their running backs combined for one touchdown last year, but Penny ran for 2,248 yards and 23 touchdowns last year, and had seven kickoff returns for touchdowns.

There were some concerns about his level of competition in the Mountain West, but General Manager John Schneider said Penny’s week at the Senior Bowl convinced them. In the game, he rushed nine times for 64 yards and had a 73-yard touchdown receptions.

“People were concerned about the level of competition but he absolutely ripped up the whole week down there,” Schneider said. “He acted like it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

But for a team whose leading running back last year had 240 yards, Penny could be a very big deal indeed.

38 responses to “Seahawks considered taking Rashaad Penny without trading down

  1. I remember everyone boo hooing about them drafting bobby wagner where they did. Look how he turned out.

    On the flip side the same thing happened when they took bruce irvin. Not a bad player but nothing spectacular either

  2. There are some things you just keep to yourself. This kid may of been a 3rd round pick if it wasn’t for Seattle. This org has just become bad.

  3. You’re in for something special. Penny outproduced Bryce Love last year when the Aztecs beat Stanford. He had a field day with ASU as well. In addition to his breakout in the Senior Bowl, he managed four touchdowns in fourteen plays during the Armed Forces Bowl. Even though Pumphrey ran for over 2000 yards in 2016, Penny still clipped over 1000. First time ever in NCAA. He was Offensive AND Special Teams POTY in 2017 in the Mountain West. Penny tied the NCAA all-time record for KO returns for TD. He was also #1 among all running backs for yardage after being hit behind the line of scrimmage. Barkley was #54. He was 2017 NCAA rushing leader, even while working behind an incredibly young and inexperienced O-line. But if Seattle needs blockers, I strongly recommend David Wells as TE, He’s also a pass-receive TE, and you can decoy Penny and pass to an inconspicuous Wells. Just sayin. All in all, I believe Seattle will be THRILLED with Penny- he’s a dynamo.

  4. The Patriots took a running back four picks later. Saying Penny would have been there in the 3rd round is asinine. He was always a top 50 player. Watch his game tape vs Stanford and at the Senior bowl. The kid is special.

  5. Since they were willing to take him at 18, then they sure fleeced Green Bay by getting a 3rd and a 6th. Especially because the CB the Packers picked at 18 would still have been available at 27.

  6. Needed Oline help? Brown 2nd round pick, Pocic 2nd round pick, Britt 2nd round pick, Fluker 1st round pick, Ifedi 1st round pick…they’ve got good players. Cable was just a horrible O line coach. Solari will be a huge upgrade.

  7. Explosive player. Spare me the OL comments. They will be much better. Couldn’t be worse. This guy will be SOTD in 2-years. Browns were going to take him 6 picks later and offered 33 and 35 to the Seahawks AFTER they took him.

  8. I have been watching Aztec Football since my freshman year there in 1982 and they have had a number of great running backs. Penny compares favorably to Marshall Faulk – no he is not quite that good – and will be a beast in the NFL. Superfast, one cut and go type of guy with a 220lb frame. Hawks got a great player there!

  9. He cannot run through a wall of defenders, can he? He cannot gain many yards if his O line cannot create any running lanes. Petey may be counting on him running kickoffs back for touchdowns so he does not even have to send Russell Wilson in to try to score for them. Would be devastating if the NFL dumped the kickoff to keep players “safe” from injuries. Tyler Lockett may also be on the way out as his rookie contract is due to expire soon.

  10. Here’s the bad news for the trolls: The Seahawks will have an effective, if not exceptional, running game next season. The best free agent blocking tight end in Dickson, road grader in Fluker, and now an explosive running back will complement the additions of Duane Brown and Pocic to fuel inject the ground game. And we know what happens when Wilson has a running game: he dominates. So bring your “A” game while you can haters, because when the season starts I expect you to all go back into hiding.

  11. A good RB can make a subpar OL look better. Cable is gone, Solari is in… I expect improvement on the OL.

  12. Rashaad Penny averaged 7.5 yards per carry at San Diego State, Josh Allen averaged 6.7 yards per attempt in the same conference…

  13. Kamthechancellor get a clue already ,never seen fans in,such denial ,nice pick lol

  14. If he was taken at 18, it would have been a bit of a reach. However I think he’s a perfect pick at #27. The fact that another team contacted the Hawks front office after they selected Penny, trying to trade for him is a sign that he wouldn’t have been available if the Hawks traded back again. The elusiveness, breakway speed, excellent vision downfield and his jump cuts should help counter a historically bad O-Line. I think with our recent Free Agency additions, plus another Draft pick at O-line or TE, will really make the difference in the run game again. Hawks will have another 1000 yd rusher again, and the 1-2 punch of Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny should be awesome to see. Go Hawks!

  15. Several points; he returns punts/kicks and potentially can give Lockett a break. He catches the ball well and runs both downhill and around the edge.

    More telling, another team contacted the Seahawks last night to see about trading for Rashaad right after the pick. Just because Mayock or some other analyst expert says a player is a third round player, doesn’t make it so. Rashaad was not getting out of the first round. Seahawks did very well with this pick.

  16. Yet another attempt to replace the Beast Mold, who ran for a bunch of yards when the Raiders finally gave him the ball late last season. Perhaps the Beast was one of those who tuned Petey out, and that is why he is no longer with the team. LOL

  17. Getting rid of Tom Cable and letting Jimmy Graham walk are the two best things to happen to the Hawks in years. We might actually see a tight end block for a running back and allow the line to smash headlong into a defensive front for once.

    It’s about time.

  18. Saying he’s a reach is listening too much to the noise. I’m not sure about you, but I trust the guys who are employed by an NFL team to grade draftable players a lot more then guys who create lists to get clicks.

  19. socalseahawker says:
    April 27, 2018 at 2:14 pm
    Saying he’s a reach is listening too much to the noise. I’m not sure about you, but I trust the guys who are employed by an NFL team to grade draftable players a lot more then guys who create lists to get clicks.


    interesting, since the success rate by both parties is about the same rate.

  20. 2012 Hawks drafted Irvin, Wagner and Wilson with first three picks. Also got Turbin, Howard, Lane, Sweezy and Scruggs.

    Experts said it was a D class.

    Said Irvin and Wag were reaches.

    Wilson was a throw away camp arm, Sweezy would never play OLine.

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