Terrell Edmunds “surprised” to join brother Tremaine in first round


Thursday night’s first round featured a first in NFL history.

The Bills took Tremaine Edmunds with the 16th pick and the Steelers took Terrell Edmunds with the 28th pick to mark the first time that a pair of brothers went in the first round of the same draft. As a versatile linebacker, Tremaine Edmunds was projected far and wide as a first-round pick. His brother, who plays safety, didn’t get the same attention.

“I was surprised, honestly” Terrell Edmunds said of being picked, via ESPN.com. “I’m ready. I’m telling you I’m ready.”

Terrell is the older brother and Tremaine, who turns 20 on Tuesday, is one of the youngest prospects entering the league this year.

“Man, it was great,” Tremaine Edmunds said. “Definitely to see my other brother get drafted tonight, it was a big time relief for my whole family. I know everybody’s excited and I’m excited. It’s a long time coming, but we can finally say that we made it.”

The Bills and Steelers don’t play each other this season unless they wind up meeting in the playoffs. They are scheduled to play in 2019.

14 responses to “Terrell Edmunds “surprised” to join brother Tremaine in first round

  1. C’MON MAN… you were in the green room… you knew you’d be a first round pick… no one wants to sit there like Rodgers and so many others with the cameras on them… lol

    Welcome to the burg kid… you are in good hands.

  2. Steelers could have used the third round pick they got from the Raiders to get this guy. Instead, they go and blow their first round pick. Like the man said, Terrell didn’t get the same attention and for good reason. He’s not first round material. I’m sure Blake Bortles is celebrating right now. Looking forward to smoking that swiss cheese secondary for a third time. Hahahaha.

  3. Seems like Colbert created an even bigger need at WR by trading MB (only reliable and productive options there now are AB and JJSS) and then went for the reach on Edmunds. Glad they got anything in return for MB given his history and the fact that he would’ve walked after next year, anyhow, but seems like it sets them back going into next season. Suppose we’ll see.

  4. I’m okay with the MB trade to the Raiders.
    To me that is addition by subtraction.

    I’m not okay with reaching for a player you could have drafted in the 2nd or even possibly the 3rd round.

    We used to be better than this.

    NOTE: He was in the green room because his brother was a 1st round pick…

  5. Not a Steelers fan, but I’m shaking my head at people bashing the Steelers for this pick and saying that he was a third rounder. People take these draft PROJECTIONS way too seriously and often forget that these mock drafts are made by analysts. Teams are not telling the media who is on their draft board. People who say “but but but, McShay and Kiper said he’d be a THIRD rounder!” are suckers.

  6. Maybe there were higher rated safeties on other boards, but the Steelers have different standards than most. Edwards is a year younger than most draftees, and that has been Pittsburgh’s trend the last few drafts. Shazier, Tuitt, Artie Burns, Jessie James, Martavis Bryant, Juju, etc etc have all been younger than most seniors or went pro early.

    Pittsburgh also has a new secondary coach who has a reputation of being more of a skills teacher than a scheme guy. So I’m betting his input was wanting someone he felt had more teachable upside rather than experience and downside. Kid’s brother is also now in the NFL, as was their father, so he’s certainly got the bloodlines. Edwards isn’t under pressure to start right away either, not with Burnett and Sean Davis projected ahead of him.

    So we’ll see. As we all know, Johnny Manziel and JaMarcus Russell were 1st rounders, while Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were both 6th rounders. The NFL draft is really all just one big expensive crap shoot.

    Go Steelers!

  7. They found his man coverage (particularly against big targets) skills superior to the other safety talent left in the draft. They have a pretty good history of drafting so I am not going to argue.

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