Eagles bring back Darren Sproles for another year

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The Eagles finished the weekend with a small draft class, but a big addition.

Via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia , the Eagles brought veteran running back Darren Sproles back for another year.

Sproles suffered a broken hand and a torn ACL last year, cutting his season short in September, but it was clear they wanted him back.

It’s been a priority to get Darren back,” Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman said. “I think I got the message when coach would come by my office, maybe once a day, twice a day and say, ‘when are we getting Darren? When are we getting Sproles back?’ I said, ‘I got the message, coach.’ But we all wanted Darren back. We talked after the Super Bowl with Darren that it would be a priority for him to come back. He’s a freak. The things he’s doing in his rehab, it’s amazing.”

None of the five players they picked this weekend happened to be a running back, but that probably wouldn’t have mattered.

He lends depth at the position and return ability, but is also one of the respected leaders there.

15 responses to “Eagles bring back Darren Sproles for another year

  1. little guy is 35 years old. Im not going to hate, Im happy for his career. He deserves this. He is like 5’5 and was told that he could never play in the NFL. Not only did he play, but he made a living off it! Tougher then most men 6’6 at 295 lbs.

  2. Darren Sproles is one of the most exciting players I have ever seen during my 50+ years of watching football. The Eagles would be crazy to not have him on their roster. He brings so many positive things to a team.

  3. Is he bringing his shredded knee with him? Luckiest sb win in the history of the NFL.

  4. San Diego hasn’t been the same since Darren Sproles left town.

    New Orleans hasn’t been the same since Darren Sproles left town.

  5. Coming from a butt hurt redskins fan. With no running back at all… even 31 other teams passed on that diva you took. Enjoy your view from the bottom.

  6. Prior to this season, he’s missed 8 games in his 11 year career….I don’t want to hear anything about injury prone

  7. Funny thing is everybody hatin’ the Birds for winning the Big Show..and we all have our rivals we hate and love to Bash. But anybody who trashes Sproles just isn’t a football fan! Told he would never make it in the NFL. He might be a HOF’er..Told he was too small to block. Now known to be one of the best blocking backs in the game. Every Rookie RB should look to Sproles if they want to learn to be great.

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