J.T. Barrett getting a rookie minicamp tryout with the Colts

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Former Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett wasn’t drafted. He also hasn’t been signed as an undrafted free agent, yet.

Via multiple reports, Colts G.M. Chris Ballard told reporters on Saturday night that Barrett will get a tryout at the team’s rookie minicamp.

Barrett threw for 3,053 yards with 35 touchdowns passes and nine interceptions last year, adding 798 rushing yards. He was named MVP of the Fiesta Bowl to conclude the 2015 season and the Cotton Bowl to wrap the 2017 season.

As a redshirt freshman in 2014, Barrett was getting Heisman Trophy consideration before suffering a broken ankle against Michigan. Cardale Jones replaced Barrett, and Ohio State went on to win the national championship.


12 responses to “J.T. Barrett getting a rookie minicamp tryout with the Colts

  1. Surely he’s a fit somewhere. The talent and heart are evident. Loved watching this guy win against, well, everyone!

  2. I live in Columbus and I’m sure he’ll be able to make a living regardless. I still see Craig Krenzel doing commercials and random UDFAs who spent a few games on practice squads doing paid appearances and autograph signings. Not to mention all the coaching opportunities out there.

  3. Great player, average pro level QB. He’s got excellent leadership skills in the huddle, and is smart on the field. But he has the the same problem all Urban Meyer QBs seem to have-none of them can play pro ball as a QB. I hope he can catch with a team because I like his poise, but he may be the latest Ohio State passer to have to transition to wide out to get his foot in the door.

  4. As an OHIO STATE man… I watched JT Barrett’s development plateau
    after his great freshman season. It was maddening.


    Recruiting great wide receivers is difficult with ‘run first’ quarterbacks
    on a ‘run first’ team.

    Wide receivers end up running lonely routes and wandering around a lot (hopefully… BLOCKING, too) play after play.

    JT Barrett only had one DANGEROUS wide receiver… Devin Smith.
    Just look back at the roster.

    It’s DEPRESSING!!!

  5. Barrett was super inconsistent. Some weeks looked like a stud; some weeks looked like wth is this dude doing playing QB. Good luck to him, but probably careeer backup QB if he gets on a team.

  6. Are the Colts planning on switching to a Pop Warner style offense like Urban Meyer runs?

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