Jim Irsay: Faith in Andrew Luck’s return led Colts to turn down trade offers

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The Colts really, truly, honestly, “100 percent” believe Andrew Luck will play — and play well — this season. Jim Irsay intimated other teams called about trading for Luck, but the owner said the confidence the Colts have in the quarterback’s future kept them from even listening.

“Trust me, there were people that would have given an unprecedented amount of draft picks with a No. 1 behind them for him, and we wouldn’t even think of even drifting in that direction,” Irsay said, via video tweeted by Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan. “He’s our guy. We feel 100 percent confident he is going to come back and lead this football team with some of the new teammates he’s accumulated to great things.”

Colts fans have heard the team’s optimism repeatedly over the past 16 months without seeing the former No. 1 overall pick return to the field.

Luck continues to recover from shoulder surgery performed in January 2017, which kept him out all of last season.

Irsay declared last month that Luck had “turned the corner” in his rehab. He reiterated Saturday that the Colts expect Luck to start the season under center.

“I think it’s a stepping stone process,” Irsay said. “He’s got to go through practices; he’s got to get roughed up a little by his teammates; he’s got to get roughed up in preseason; and then he’s got to play regular season when it’s all on the line. You guys know this is a process, and football players like Drew Brees have come through for a decade and have had excellence after the surgery that Andrew went through.

“We feel we have a guy for the next 10 years who’s going to be a great, great football player.”

Irsay said the Colts proved their commitment to and faith in Luck by not addressing the quarterback position, instead focusing on building a better offensive line to protect him. The Colts drafted Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson with the sixth overall choice and took Auburn guard Braden Smith with the 37th overall selection.

“If we had any doubts, we would have at least talked about the quarterback position from a backup standpoint and all those sorts of things,” Irsay said. “But we really don’t have any doubts.

“Again, until he goes out and does it, it’s going to be a matter of great interest and debate. That’s just the way it is. But I’m very confident having followed his rehab extremely close and seeing where he’s at, that he’s going to be good to go, ready to go, this season.”

32 responses to “Jim Irsay: Faith in Andrew Luck’s return led Colts to turn down trade offers

  1. Id be very surprised if Luck is in the NFL 10 years from now. As a fan of the game Id be happy just to seem him get back and put in another solid 5 years.

  2. If he turned down multiple 1st round picks then i would be furious if i was a Colt fan. To have the pick they did in the 1st along with those 2nds and what they would have gotten for luck including the future cap space could have turned that team around quickly

  3. Trade offers are secret rescue missions: Other teams are just trying to get him out of there so they can let him heal, fix him up and bring him back to the player he was.

  4. Just faith now? trading for Brissett showed the lie last year, and staying big on Brissett shows how little faith you really have in luck now too.

  5. So I’m guessing Irsays “screw it, let’s just go play football” quote will make it all go away..
    Luck is done.

  6. Its hard to buy the ‘turned the corner’ line when the guy still hasnt been able to start throwing. No matter how anyone tries to spin it, Irsay’s claims and the reports on Lucks progress are at odds with each other.

    But…the Colts have done well this offseason and especially in the draft these past couple days. And also they have a better qb in Brisette than folks are giving credit for. As they build up a goid team around him I think they will be a force. I honestly dont think Luck is coming back. But I also think the team is going to be just fine without him. The GM change is where a corner got turned.

  7. So there were people willing to give up an unprecedented number of draft picks for a qb who hasn’t seen the field in almost a year and a half and still can’t throw a regulation size football. Riiighttt!

  8. Is it me or does it sound like Irsay is wishfully thinking ?
    Unfortunately I & many of folks believe Luck’s time has “run”out.
    I’d like to see him play again, but think that shoulder is glass.

  9. So let me get this straight.

    They think Luck needs to get “roughed up” by his teammates to be better?

    I understand he’s talking about Luck’s mental state but it’s an interesting way of looking at it if you’re somebody who just wants him to be healthy again.

    He’s basically saying that it’s all in Luck’s head at this point. That can’t be good.

  10. Remember when all the draft experts gave the Colts an A for drafting Andrew…and the Seahawks a D for drafting Russell Wilson?

    Remember that as you read all the grades going out right now.

  11. Amazing how many Doctors are in this forum with access to inside information about Andrew Luck.

    You would think the team would require an NDA or something from its top medical personnel to prevent all of them from commenting here….

  12. Of course they turned down trade offers… because either Luck is healthy in which case he’s your franchise, or he isn’t healthy and he’ll never pass the medical the other team will conduct before finalising any trade.

  13. Commissioner Cools says:
    April 28, 2018 at 7:15 pm
    Yeah right. If they had so much confidence, then why did they turn down those trade offers for Jacoby Brissett?
    Because teams need a decent back-up QB?
    You need that explained to you?

  14. This is the team that believed in Luck so much last year that it took them literally till the week before the season to bring in a backup to play in his place. Then they announced he was a week away from returning every week till he was forced on IR via NFL rules.

    In other words, in the grieving process Irsay is still in the denial phase. They did the same thing to Luck that Washington did to RG3. Just took them a little longer.

  15. Well if other teams were looking to trade multiple 1 round picks for Luck that would tell me that other teams are confident enough he is returning. Why would a team trade a first round pick or picks for dead weight? Why would a GM risk his job if he wasn’t sure?

    You guys never read between the lines….

  16. I do not believe for a second some team called an offered an “Unprecedented” amount of #1st round draft picks for a QB we havent seen take a SNAP IN TWO YEARS who STILL NOT even throwing the football yet!!! I just dont think any team would risk its future for the next several years for Luck under the circumstances

    Hopefully when Luck gets back this season the Colts can actually protect the man and have atleast an average good solid in front of him. The Colts not protecting Luck putting him behind trash terrible O-Lines allowing him to get absolutely destroyed for 60 minutes and repeatedly blasted is what lead to the place in the first place. When you have a QB like Andrew Luck protecting him is A MUST, the Colts need to actually put a good line in front of Luck with a lot of talent around him, one singular weapon in TY Hilton just isnt going to cut it.

  17. If that’s true and Luck will be healthy enough to play this season, someone has it out for him in the media. Because right now we’ve been led to believe that he cant make it through a real throwing session, he can barely throw tennis balls around and that he’s still in pain. There’s no recent footage of him throwing confidently and nothing he says sounds convincing. Most people who avidly read football news think he made a mistake not getting his shoulder surgically repaired, it’s already cost him at least one full season. He’s a great player and easily top 10 when healthy, but nothing that’s available to read right now sounds good about his health situation.

  18. After reading about and listening to the owner of the Colts is it any wonder Josh McDaniels Changed his mind about joining the Colts family. Good move Josh.

  19. hawkkiller says:
    April 29, 2018 at 10:24 am
    I do not believe for a second some team called an offered an “Unprecedented” amount of #1st round draft picks for a QB we havent seen take a SNAP IN TWO YEARS
    2 years?
    Do you even watch football?

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