Joe Flacco has nothing to say at team draft event

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It’s entirely possible that Joe Flacco is completely cool with what’s happening around him.

But we don’t know that, because he’s not talking about the fact the Ravens used a first-round pick on quarterback Lamar Jackson.

When approached by Jamison Hensley of at the team’s draft event today, Flacco declined the opportunity to share his thoughts.

I don’t think I’m talking today,” Flacco said.

Now, it would be irresponsible to add more importance to those six words than they carry on their own. It would also be irresponsible to assume they mean nothing. They exist on their own. A newsworthy thing happened to the team Flacco’s a member of. He didn’t want to talk about it.

The  reality is, when you use a first-round pick on a quarterback, the clock starts ticking on the incumbent.

Flacco has four years left on his contract, but all the guaranteed money is gone after this season. And as Florio mentioned yesterday, there’s a reasonable chance that they could part ways with him as soon as after this season and at least after two more years.

That’s plenty of time for an apprenticeship, and the 33-year-old Flacco has to know it. He might have thoughts on the subject, but we don’t know that.

28 responses to “Joe Flacco has nothing to say at team draft event

  1. “Hey Joe, talk to us about how you’re gonna lose your job soon. Can you cry for us? That would make a great clip for our networks”

    So he didn’t have anything to say. Who cares

  2. He’s one & done after next season, as he should be. He has always been an overrated, mediocre QB that got over paid after winning the Super Bowl. His early years all he did was check downs to Ray Rice. Then the one year in the playoffs & super bowl he threw jump balls to Boldin. If it weren’t for a TD on 2nd half kickoff he would have lost the super bowl despite a huge half time lead.

  3. “The reality is, when you use a first-round pick on a quarterback, the clock starts ticking on the incumbent.”

    This is why it’s ridiculous to think that all of the QB’s taken in the 1st round won’t, at least, privately, be in consideration for the starters role as soon as possible.

  4. “Low Joe” Flacco was never that good in the first place! He won the job by default, after Troy Smith got sick. Then, the Ravens ran the ball and let their defense win games for them. During the Super Bowl run, Ray Rice converted a miraculous 4th-down, Rahim Moore got beat on a terribly thrown ball, all of the key completions in the Super Bowl were jump balls that only Anquan Boldin could go up and get, and Jacoby Jones (the ‘real’ SB MVP), caught another underthrown pass for a TD. Don’t believe me? Check the tape, it’s all there for the world to see.

  5. If teams were calling about Luck, maybe some of them will call about Flacco too. If so, the Ravens should listen. Trade him for some picks next year and move on,even if it means a lost season.

  6. The clock is ticking on Flacco whether the Ravens draft a QB or not. Same with every QB in the NFL.

  7. Poor Joe. He got his feelings hurt. I wonder if the Ravens gave him any milk and cookies.

  8. When Kubiak was running the offense in 2014 was literally the only solid year he has had since that Montana-esque run. I’ll always appreciate what he brought to the team from 2008-2012 but I’m beating the dead horse on him not remotely living up to that contract. The Ravens brass are saying all of the right things in this situation but the reality is the writing is on the wall in bold. Jackson does need to hit the weight room and the practice field for his accuracy this year but they would be fools to leave him on the bench for more than a season. Flacco needs to make the most of this season since the Ravens actually finally got him a bunch of receiving weapons and o-line help and be prepared to move on in 2019 regardless of how the team does this year.

  9. I was at the Draft Fest and Joe showed no signs of negativity to the fans there. I should mention first that he wasn’t asked to be there, he was a surprise guest bc he came with former Raven/best friend Dennis Pitta. He signed autographs and seemed pretty happy to be there for a fan event. Him not interviewing with the media doesn’t have much to do with Joe answering about possible replacement, but rather than he didn’t want to take the spotlight away from the draft. This was a time to show attention to the guys drafted, it’s their weekend. Kudos to Joe for attending

  10. Millions in the bank and a ring despite average talent at the end of the day. With the health issues former NFL players have, I’d be looking to retire as soon as possible.

    And let’s stop pretending that 1st round QBs are some sort of lock to to be quality starters. More than half end up being career backups or out of the league in a few years.

  11. The sooner The Ravens get rid of him the better. Flaaco was a BIG waste of money!!

  12. That could range anywhere from “I’m having a good time here, leave me alone” to “I’m pissed” If it lights a fire under him then good. He hasn’t felt his job be threatened before.

  13. I’m really excited about seeing Lamar under center. But I want it to be the right time. I honestly think Joe is going to have one of his better “seasons” because he is healthier than he has been in a few years. And all the new targets could spark some fire. I’d like to see Joe roll out with another SB too. But it is clear Lamar is our guy in 2019. Gonna be fun, again.

  14. So at the team’s draft event, where they probably had multiple current players, former players, and possibly newly drafted players, Joe wasn’t scheduled to talk to the media. Typically these events are formatted by the organization.

    Furthermore, if members of the media are invited to participate in the event’s format, stick to the format. Just because you want to develop a juicy story doesn’t mean you can walk around and shove a mic in a players face anytime you want.

    Joe’s answer addresses that he wasn’t scheduled to talk to the media. I would read more into why the Ravens didn’t schedule him to address the media than Joe’s non-story “read-between-the-lines that we’re drawing for you” quote.

  15. I hate comments on here because very few are fair and/or worth reading.

    I have to add, I will always be thankful for SB winning QBs. Trent Dilfer most Baltimore fans will always have a spot in their heart for, and Joe.

    And I will be the first to say Joe has disappointed. I think the measure of a true super star is making those around you better. Aside from his super bowl run, Joe never really has done that.

    All that said, the dude deserves huge credit for rolling the dice on his big contract. In the beginning of his SB winning year he was offered $17 million a year in an extension, and said no thanks, I will play under my current deal. That year in the playoffs (yes with some fortune, aka, the mile high miracle) he played lights out. It was a huge risk, and he won. Hate on Joe Flacco all you want but he put his balls on a plate, and his got his gold plated instead of cut off.

    Good luck Joe, but if it doesn’t work out, thanks for your memories.

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