Mike Tomlin: Raiders pursued us for Martavis Bryant, third-round pick too good to pass up

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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says he wasn’t looking to get rid of receiver Martavis Bryant, but the Raiders were looking to acquire Bryant, and in the end the Steelers liked what the Raiders were offering too much to pass it up.

Tomlin said that he didn’t have a problem with Bryant, who has had substance-abuse issues and complained at times about his role in the offense. Instead, Tomlin says, it was just about getting better with a third-round pick from Oakland.

“More than anything, they were persistent in the pursuit of him and the value got to a level we couldn’t pass up. Martavis is going into the last year of his contract and to get a third-round pick we felt good about that,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin’s reasoning makes sense: Bryant will be able to hit free agency next year and could have left anyway, so it’s actually a little surprising the Raiders were so eager to acquire him. The Steelers have to feel like they got a great deal.

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  1. Perhaps the only thing so far in the draft that the Tomlin/Colbert ‘clusterfark’ has done that makes any sense. The Chief must be about up to 50 RPM spinning in his grave.

  2. Good move for the Steelers honestly. He wasn’t coming back after this season, and better go get more positivity in the locker room. And he looked less than spectacular last year.

  3. harryshavik says:
    April 28, 2018 at 1:39 pm
    None of it matters because they can’t beat the Patriots. And soon Big Ben will retire.


    Better add the Jags to the list of teams Timlin’s Steelers can’t beat as well

  4. Why is it surprising? They got an additional pick in a trade down so they didn’t lose a pick of their own. Bryant is on basically a 1 year deal so I would expect him to be at his best, on and off the field. The downside to Oakland is he gets suspended and they need to find a #3 receiver. It’s worth the risk.

  5. Just wait until Bryant starts crying about Carr’s inability to get him the football

    I think it is really sad that this commenters only joy comes from saying negative things on a daily basis. Well bless his cold little heart because karma will find the rock he/sh crawls out from under everyday.

    Bryant is a mixed up kid who needed a change of scenery….best of luck!

  6. Steelers just drafted a safety named Marcus Allen and Pittsburgh plays the Raiders this year. So Marcus Allen in a Steelers uniform could end up covering Martavis Bryant in a Raiders uniform! Surely a sign the end of times is near.

    Go Steelers!

  7. harryshavik says:
    “..None of it matters because they can’t beat the Patriots…”

    And with the new catch rule changes, technically they did beat the Patriots last year.

  8. “I love that guy, Man!” Holy hell, Gruden has really lost it. He is one strange turkey hole. Thus far, the Raiders draft and trades have put them in full rebuild mode.

  9. Steelers are better than any team in the league in taking mid to late round WRs and getting the most out of them. Credit Coach Mann for his developmental expertise. So it makes a ton of sense to trade Bryant for a higher pick than they could have received in a best case scenario with him leaving in FA. Bryant is a hard worker, just had substance abuse issues that he hopefully dealt with. The Steelers took Washington in rd 2 and are likely not going to miss Bryant that much.

  10. Steelers’ message: come to us when you’re totally messed up on drugs and suspended. Once you clean up your act, we will trade your for a third pick that we will waste on yet another bust. Hahahaha.

  11. I would have taken a 3rd round pick in next years draft for him. This years draft was even better. Bryant has to learn a whole new offense with a new head coach who has to figure out how to use what he has and deal with a quarterback who did not bounce back from injury last year.

  12. High Risk, High Reward. This is one of the few moves Gruden made that I actually like. Bryant could be a legit #1 WR, and he wouldn’t be the first case where a change in scenery made a big difference for a WR ( Cris Carter leaving Philly & heading to MN , Randy Moss leaving Oakland & going to New England ).

    Steelers have an overabundance of talent at WR what with Brown & Shuster so Bryant wasn’t going to see the ball much either way.

    It’s win – win for both teams in my book.

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