Report: Dolphins could build new practice facility in Miami

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The Dolphins will upgrade their practice facility within the next four years, and team officials are considering a move to Miami, Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports.

The Dolphins have trained at the facility at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, since 1993.

The Davie complex also serves as home to Dolphins training camp. The Dolphins facility has undergone renovations and improvements, including the addition of an indoor practice field in 2006.

The team leases the land, and terms and length of the lease are unknown, per Beasley.

News about a new Dolphins’ practice facility was included in a 2026 World Cup bid book submitted by the North American partnership. FIFA is expected to choose between North America and Morocco’s bids on June 13.

4 responses to “Report: Dolphins could build new practice facility in Miami

  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. Many fans (Dolphins and others) love to blame and poke fun at Stephen Ross, but this guy reaches in his own wallet every time and upgrades the Stadium, Practice Facility and does plenty for the community. He is not and never was the problem. The Davie facility is not a good experience for the fans. It has limited covered seating and it is brutal in July for anyone with a family to sit there. The Indoor Bubble is not for fans. The Dolphins had a boring Draft, but one that appears to be the most effective in years. I am glad we have but one National Spotlight Game, hope we stay out of controversy and we will beat on your “superior” teams like we alwys do, but without consistency. Quietly, I think they Fins will surpsise the NFL. Gase finally has the weapons he wanted. If this fails then he and Tannehilla re gone and we start all over again.

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