Seahawks fielded calls about Earl Thomas but didn’t find offer to their liking


Earl Thomas isn’t going to Dallas or apparently anywhere else. Seahawks General Manager John Schneider admits talking to several teams Friday about a trade for the safety but said nothing was close to happening.

Instead, Thomas returns for the final year of his deal, which will pay him an $8.5 million base salary this season.

It’s awesome,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said, via Brady Henderson of ESPN. “Earl’s a great football player. You may have looked [at it] like he wasn’t going to be here; we didn’t look at it like that. That’s been a lot of speculation on your guys’ end of this thing. We’ve been counting on Earl being here the whole time.”

Thomas threatened a holdout earlier this offseason in the absence of a new contract and opted to skip the start of the team’s offseason workouts. But Schneider said last week that Thomas’ agent has promised Thomas won’t holdout.

Thomas, 29, has played in six Pro Bowls and three times made the All-Pro team.

25 responses to “Seahawks fielded calls about Earl Thomas but didn’t find offer to their liking

  1. Because as good as he is, he’s not as valuable to anyone else. The whole defense has been predicated on his speed and abilities since 2011. I love the guy, and would have been happy for him to live out his dream of playing for Dallas, but they’d have to put up Zeke and a defensive starter to even open a trade conversation.

  2. Very Glad he is staying. Now; here’s hoping that the 8 draft picks today result in the team finding a few players who can develop and end up playing for many years in the NFL.

  3. I am kind of glad the Boys didn’t pull the trigger on Thomas, if he was a few years younger and didn’t have some recent injury problems then i would have done it. The Cowboys secondary is very young and will improve as time goes on.

  4. Sure wish my Cowboys’ could have gotten him, but you win a few and lose a few……

  5. It gets to the point where everyone realizes that Pete is full of it. It was just a week ago that he was criticizing players on the way out and said that Thomas was a Seahawk. Carroll really doesn’t operate much differently than Belichick. In other words, you dump your players while they still have some value left and avoid the second and third contracts. He just isn’t as honest about it.

  6. Teams are not going to offer much for a player who publicly bailed on his own team, and pleaded to join the opponent

  7. omeimontis says:
    He is overrated.
    He’s the best free safety of all-time. Easily the fastest. Certainly still the fastest in the NFL right now. Hasn’t lost a thing. Makes plays all over the field. Seahawk haters should keep in mind that with Maxwell re-signed, the Seahawks bring back the same secondary (McDougald, Thomas, Griffin, B-Max and Coleman) that held the “World Champion,” highest scoring team in the league Eagles to 10 points on a Monday night. WITH Wentz, not Foles.

  8. nhpats says:
    The Seahawks are a Russell Wilson injury away from not being able to win a single game
    The Deflatriots are one Tom Brady injury (or PED test) away from not being able to win a single game.

  9. Seattle keeps Thomas for another year (pretty much their goal all along) and allows another year for Seattle’s younger players to gain experience. Seattle may grab another safety today as well. Both Hill and Thompson were considered good gets at safety last year by most of the rating services. Seattle resigns Maxwell at corner where he replaced Sherman last year, so last year’s secondary is in tack with Griffin, Coleman, McDougal and now Earl. Doubtful chancellor will be back. Expect Hill to compete for SS this year with McDougal. Thompson will get a lot of looks at FS this preseason.

  10. Oh Dallas…you wanted him for a bag of chips. Just enjoy your draft because averages say 2/3 will be busts, other 1/3 is serviceable to good/great. Earl is an all pro level player. He would have been your best D player, but that’s ok. If he stays in Seattle, atleast we understand how great of a player he is.

  11. Earl Thomas was ranked the #9 safety for 2017 by PFF. But of course since this disagrees with how Seahawk fans feel it should be ignored entirely.

  12. With or Without Earl Thomas III, the Seadorks are going to miss the playoffs. That is what the “process” is designed to do. The process gets rid of good players, allows the team to clear cap space and to rise in the drafting order, so that it can be rebuilt with better players in the future (if and only if the GM makes good use of the available picks).

  13. Dallas played it smart and will get him next year without giving up a kings ransom. Welcome Home to Dallas VIA FA!

  14. calizcowboyz says:
    April 28, 2018 at 11:00 am
    Dallas played it smart and will get him next year without giving up a kings ransom. Welcome Home to Dallas VIA FA!
    And if Seattle extends him another three years during the season, then what for Dallas? Could happen but, who knows.

  15. Seattle will franchise him before just letting him go for no compensation. I suspect they will make him a very strong offer to extend him this season. He won’t want to take it, but the security of the long term contract might get him to sign. If he doesn’t want an extension, they will shop him around only with the understanding that the Seahawks are ready to Tag him. It is going to cost a lot for another team to get him. And it should.

  16. don’t “extend” Thomas. He’s 30! Time to move on. And you know, Thomas did not perform well in the 2 SB’s. Amenzola torched him for a TD at the end of the game. Thomas is always out of position, and fails to make up the gap. Countless scores on him. Let him walk.

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