Titans take a quarterback in the Tom Brady slot

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If you’ve ever watched any of the third day of the draft, you’ve possibly heard once or twice (or 1,000 times) that Tom Brady was the 199th pick. This year, a team with plenty of connections to the team that drafted Brady has taken a quarterback in the same spot.

The Titans selected Washington State quarterback Luke Falk in the sixth round on Saturday, the exact place where Brady was picked 18 years ago.

Falk, a notorious Tom Brady fan, now enters a depth chart led by Marcus Mariota, a franchise quarterback who’s likely to soon get a nine-figure contract. Sort of like the 10-year, $103 million deal Drew Bledsoe signed in March 2001, only months before Mo Lewis inflicted an injury to Bledsoe that opened the door for Brady.

The connections between the Titans and Patriots make this one a little eerie, but it still remains a long shot for #Luke to become anything closer to the player #Tommy is. Regardless, they have at least one thing in common: They entered the league in the same draft spot.


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  1. It would appear that the Titans tried to take a head to head with NE approach in the draft this year, so BB should turn up the volume against the Titans on the field this year. Speed bump.

  2. Loved watching this kid play. He made Sam darnold look terrible when they played each other, and ever since then I never understood the hype over darnold

  3. This year, a team with plenty of connections to the team that drafted Brady

    A good writer would go on to support this idea with something more than “The Titans currently have a good quarterback.”

    That’s a (one) connection, sort of, maybe, and certainly not plenty of connections.

  4. i’m so tired of this topic. I dont know why. its every year\s draft and its pretty much every patriots game that it gets brought up, especially in the playoffs. But theres just something about this year that i’m particularly tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again

  5. JustBlameTrumpOrRussia says:
    April 28, 2018 at 10:25 pm
    I bet Falk will never fumble away a superbowl on the last drive.


    He will likely never have the chance…..just like your team’s QB

  6. Scouting hasn’t changed in 17 years. If Brady was coming out of college this year, he would have gone in the 6th round again. We’re reminded after every super bowl that the QB position is 95% mental, but we somehow forget all that by the time the draft comes around, and we keep looking at athletes. Luke Falk was the best QB in this draft. Although he was the closest thing to Brady in this draft, he’ll only get to play if Mariota gets hurt. Brady only got to play because Drew Bledsoe got hurt.

  7. Actually Brady was rated as a second round talent on the public boards during his draft year. He fell in part because of his unimpressive Combine. Falk was never rated that highly and is arguably a poorer athlete.

  8. Too bad for Luke he won’t have Belichick to build the greatest system around him.

  9. charliecharger says:
    Luke Falk was the best QB in this draft.

    Charlie, you say a lot of things that make me laugh. This was one of your best.
    Luke Falk is very accurate at lofting and dropping in pinpoint passes over defenders on intermediate routes — the kind you won’t get away with that often in the NFL because of the closing speed of safeties.
    Falk’s arm is relatively weak in terms of throwing the deep ball and out routes over 10 yards. Worse, I watched him time and again throw head-scratching interceptions because he locked onto a receiver, even when there was a clearly visible DB between him and his sideline target. He occasionally goes through very lackluster stretches, which is why he was benched twice as a senior.
    He takes way to many big shots because he tends to hold the ball too long, and is the least athletic or mobile of all the QBs in this draft, with very little escapability. In today’s NFL, that flies only if you have a big arm and a quick release.
    Falk is a really good kid and smart, but his stats were mostly a product of the Air Raid offense he played in, and the fact he often threw the ball as many as 60-70 times a game.
    This was, in my opinion, an average QB class. I don’t buy much of the hype surrounding the other guys. but Falk got drafted right where he should have been, and for good reason: He’s nowhere near the best QB prospect in this class.

  10. Of course they did. They also signed a QB in the offseason. Mariota is garbage and everyone not wearing the Titan blinders can see his regression. RGIII 2.0

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