Bills GM has looked at Dez Bryant’s tape, “but I wouldn’t take it any further”

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Bills General Manager Brandon Beane doesn’t sound overly interested after taking a look at tape of free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Asked about Bryant after the draft, Beane acknowledged looking at Bryant’s tape but then seemed to indicate that the Bills would go elsewhere if they add any more wide receivers.

“We’ll look at everything,” said Beane. “We have looked at Dez on tape, but I wouldn’t take it any further and I don’t know where that would go. We’re looking to get better at all positions and receiver is one, so if we thought that was the right fit for us we would potentially pursue it.”

The Bills could certainly use help at wide receiver, but after they drafted two receivers in Clemson’s Ray-Ray McCloud and North Carolina’s Austin Proehl, they don’t sound like they want to make a move for Bryant right now. Bryant hasn’t found a fit since the Cowboys released him, and he’s still looking.

33 responses to “Bills GM has looked at Dez Bryant’s tape, “but I wouldn’t take it any further”

  1. No one wants this me, me, me guy. I’m sure any nice thing that was said about him by former team mates was done to not disparage this guy. But even they are glad he’s gone. Try the CFL I hear Johnny Football is looking for a playmate.

  2. He burned the bridge with the Cowboys. Declared after the season he would not accept a pay cut, then ripped team captains after being cut. Between his attitude,words and tape, it’s not shocking that he hasn’t found work yet.

  3. Unfortunately for Dez, Beane looked at the tape of the catch/no catch vs. the Packers.

  4. Well given the fact the Bills drafted 2 unknown wide receivers shows that they don’t know much about the position. McCloud was a total reach by most experts. Proehl, guess shares a popular name with Ricky.

  5. Unless Dez is willing to take $2-3M per year, no team will sign him. He should sign a one-year deal on the cheap and come back with a huge chip on his shoulder. He should also only sign with a team that possesses a QB who can get him the ball.

  6. I don’t think the GM of the bills should have said that. there’s no benefit in saying that and if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. I’m an eagles fan which has nothing to do with this but it’s a bush league move by the bills GM.

  7. Bonehead Jefferson says:
    April 29, 2018 at 7:04 am
    there still isn’t anyone there who can throw the football and hasn’t been since Joe Ferguson————————————
    Ummm, Jim Kelly

  8. I wonder if that bum Tannenbaum will offer what Diva Bryant wants ? –
    Mike was apparently sent to Mongolia during the draft and wasn’t allowed
    to screw that up in Miami AS USUAL, so I’m betting he’ll do something really stupid &
    sign this “Has Been” Diva to a multi-year contract !

  9. There’s nothing hard about this. Imagine you have to worry about a guy who could be a cancer to your QB and locker room if he doesn’t get enough throws and then on top of that he really doesn’t have the talent anymore. The worst thing he could have done going out the door was the whole “Garrets guys” thing. All he did was remind everyone how much of a cancer he could potentially be in another locker room.

  10. indiapalealeblog says:
    I assume some team will offer him the vets minimum plus incentives. Even as the #4 he has some value.

    I assume some team ALREADY HAS quietly offered him the veterans minimum with incentives, and he turned it down because he foolishly believes he’s worth a whole lot more.
    Value as a No. 4, agreed. But he clearly thinks he’s still a No. 1, a notion most of us find ludicrous at best.

  11. joetoronto says:
    April 29, 2018 at 6:03 am
    Imagine being so desperate to have to go to Buffalow.
    Well, I could imagine he takes a better offer in the CFL? But I suspect not.

  12. Who wouldn’t want a receiver who will yell, scream, curse, throw a tantrum, and cry about getting the ball thrown to him ….. and then drop the ball when it is thrown to him.

  13. Slow, old, a bad attitude and worse hands…

    Oh yeah and wants premium $$$$.

    Makes sense.

  14. The Bills were amazed when they watched the tape of Dez. They continued watching, looking at all available tape. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They rewound it and looked again… and they finally came to the conclusion that their eyes were not deceiving them.

    As they watched the tape, Dez repeatedly kept disappearing.

    Pre-snap. There he is, lined up out wide. The ball is snapped and they went frame by frame and then Dez was just gone.

    Where’d he go they asked? For such a big wideout, he plays incredibly small. His hands must be small… because he has great difficulty holding onto the ball when it hits his hands. That, or his hands are made of stone.

    Hey, where’d Dez go again?

  15. I’m pretty sure he’s hoping one of the NFC East teams change their mind so he can play against the Cowboys twice a season.

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