Chargers announce 21 undrafted free agent signings

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The Chargers didn’t pick a quarterback in this year’s draft, but they did sign one as an undrafted free agent.

They announced that former Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek agreed to a deal with the team. Shimonek spent one year as the starter in Lubbock and went 328-of-493 for 3,963 yards, 33 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. His college target Dylan Cantrell was taken by the Chargers in the sixth round.

Geno Smith and Cardale Jones are already on hand as backup options to Philip Rivers.

The Chargers also announced the signings of Alabama cornerback Tony Brown, Georgia State cornerback B.J. Clay, Oklahoma State tackle Zachary Crabtree, William & Mary tackle Chris Durant, Clemson cornerback Marcus Edmond, Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Facyson, Colorado State guard Zack Golditch, Arkansas defensive tackle Bijhon Jackson, Eastern Washington defensive end Albert Havili, Houston linebacker D’Juan Hines, TCU tight end Cole Hunt, Nicolls State defensive end Tevin Lawson, Kansas tight end Ben Johnson, West Georgia wide receiver J.J. Jones, Albany fullback Anthony Manzo-Lewis, Western Carolina running back Detrez Newsome, Minnesota defensive tackle Steven Richardson, Grambling State guard Trenton Scott, McNeese wide receiver Kent Shelby and Texas A&M punter Shane Tripucka.

11 responses to “Chargers announce 21 undrafted free agent signings

  1. Seems excessive. They really need to do the undrafted thing in waves, almost like another draft. Say you can sign up to 10 players as UFA’s in the first five days after the draft and then as many as you want after 10 days. These kids are pressured into signed as fast as possible with teams before they can explore all their options. Then you get teams that scoop up 21 players with few having a shot and the rest are buried on their roster until cut. Or just add more rounds to the draft again

  2. 21 and all undrafted!! Wow, what a great way to grab all the local attention back from the only team most people think is in LaLa Land. Genius…

  3. So what, Klutch, do you want to just extend out the draft? Every team gets 7 picks, and then these kids can sign with whoever they want. Of course they are pressured. They didn’t get drafted and a organization is willing to pay them to play football for a living, but only if they agree to their terms now. How much more catering do we need to do to these players?

  4. Maybe people who aren’t fans of the Chargers are unaware of their rich tradition with undrafted FAs. From Antonio Gates and Malcom Floyd to Tyrell and Trevor Williams (the 15th ranked corner last year) as well as Austin Ekeler, the team has a solid track record of finding not just contributors, but starters, Pro Bowlers, and even future HOFers.

  5. Terry, they barely get payed and very few have a shot at making the team, especially getting scooped up in a group of 21 players. I’d like to see it reduced, at least in the first wave so teams actually have to give some thought to the first group of UDFA’s rather than just hoarding them. “WE” don’t do any catering to these guys, unless you work for a NFL team. What’s your issue with giving them a fair shot with a team that truly wants them instead of just hoarding them? I mean I suggested letting them freely signing 10, TEN, players immediately after. That’s a huge and pretty reasonable number to sign. These guys have a tough road as it is, I just think getting buried on a roster this time of year when another team might have thoughtfully taken them would help THEM.

  6. Colleges, med schools, law schools all give recruits a short amount of time to accept or decline the offer…but colleges never get vilified for anything.
    So Klutch if you RIP the NFL you HAVE to RIP colleges for doing the same exact thing.

  7. @Klutch:
    They aren’t pressured. They’re FREE AGENTS. They can pick and choose who they want to sign with. Teams say “We’d like to sign you”. They can say “I think my chances are better with Team X. Thanks.” A lot of those guys have several teams interested in them that just didn’t want to invest a draft pick on them. The only pressure those guys face is choosing the right team. Most of those guys do good just making a practice squad.

  8. have to fill out the rosters so the starters aren’t over taxed with more than 6 or 8 reps a day. then they can play pre-season games while the starters sit and you pay primo ticket prices…..

  9. @klutch— a quick google search revealed “Currently, Spotrac estimates the 2018 UDFA salary to be $570,000.” I really feel bad about their roster chances now. But, I must admit— your textual analysis of my use of the word “we” reaaaaaally furthered your argument. #scoreboard

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