Matt Nagy: Bears “certainly have enough” offensive pieces now


The Bears went into the offseason with a goal of upgrading their offensive options and head coach Matt Nagy gave a positive review of their work after the end of the draft on Saturday.

Chicago added help at wide receiver and tight end in free agency, drafted interior lineman James Daniels and wide receiver Anthony Miller in the second round and then added another wide receiver in the seventh round. Nagy said the new faces leave him happy with the pieces he will be working with in his first season on the job.

“We certainly have enough — without a doubt,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “You’re at a point right now where there [are] really good numbers in regards to all the positions. Whether it’s the running-back position, the tight-end position, wide receiver and then the depth at O-line, we’re in a really good spot. That was the goal going into free agency, going into the draft. I feel like we accomplished that.”

Nagy will now be tasked with putting all of the pieces in the right places and getting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to make it all run smoothly on the field. Success on both fronts will get his Bears tenure off on the right step.

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  1. Last Bears coach I heard say “all the pieces are there” was Dave Wannstedt.
    How’d it turn out that time?

  2. It would be nice to see the Bears finally develop an offense and win a few games (except when they play my Vikings, of course). The fans in Chicago are great, and they’ve suffered for a long time. I hope the Bears can get it going and start turning the corner. It’s time for Chicago to have a winner again.

  3. Kinda have to agree with him.

    Whenever you add Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton, Anthony Miller, James Daniels to a core of Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Kyle Long (…and a first-time healthy Kevin White), I think you certainly have enough.

    Now it’s up to the coaches.

  4. kabasaman says:
    April 29, 2018 at 3:27 pm
    From worst to first in the NFC North……..Book it.


    Don’t know if I would ”book it”. But the Bears have put together a team that can finish above 500 knocking the pack to worst.

  5. Off all the signings and draft picks and new coaches, the difference has to be the new training/medical staff. 19 players on IR in 2016, 15 last season. If they can field a majority of their starters for 13+ games, you may see a big turnaround.

  6. Packer fan here. I don’t know about worst to first, but I do believe you have added your next great linebacker. The bears aren’t the bears without a butkus, urlacher, or singletary. looking forward to the first game of the regular season, and the reestablishment of the real nfc north rivalry.

  7. The best signing Pace made – offseason + draft – was Nagy. Players want to play for him, so FA’s signed w us. Nagy never succeeded at the NFL level, so he has a big chip on his shoulder to succeed. Also, Pace actually drafted well this year after abysmal prior years in large part because Nagy knows how to persuade him. Such a breath of fresh air, CANT WAIT for this season!!

  8. Also, Pace actually drafted well this year after abysmal prior years in large part because Nagy knows how to persuade him. Such a breath of fresh air, CANT WAIT for this season!!

    I don’t understand why everyone is on Ryan Pace and the draft. The guy was hamstrung in 2015 (as well as 2016) by John Fox, who the Bears hired 8 days after hiring Pace. Everyone knew Fox had the influence until last year when Fox was a lame duck coach. Pace drafted Trubisky and Fox wasn’t even aware of it. The first two seasons (’15 & ’16) I give Pace a pass. Last year Pace did pretty good in the draft (Trubisky, Cohen, and safety Eddie Jackson). Now, it’s Pace totally calling the shots after Pace hired Nagy.

  9. Booking a 2018 NFCN title may be a tad optimistic, but that linebacker is going to be a huge pain in the NFCN posterior for the next 10 years.

  10. Now all CHI needs is a QB !!!! You know Pace was wishing he never would of picked Trubisky last season with all of the much more talented options that came out this year in a better deeper QB class that was the best QB class since 04, but Pace is stuck and he didnt even select the best QB last year at 3rd overall.

  11. Pace nailed the first three picks, but Joel Whatsisname was a wasted choice…They should have gotten Marquis Haynes and his 32 career sacks there.

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