Report: Witten weighing multiple offers, Garrett working to keep him

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Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has options.

Witten, who is contemplating retirement, has more than one TV option and is deciding between those options and returning to the Cowboys for another season.

Chris Mortensen, who first reported last week that Witten was set to retire from the Cowboys and join ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth, now reports that Witten has another television offer from another network.

Meanwhile, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is working to persuade Witten to stay with the Cowboys. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also indicated that he’d like to keep Witten around. It’s possible that Jones could offer to boost Witten’s salary to compete with his television offers.

Witten, who will turn 36 next week, started all 16 games last year but saw his production decline: His 63 catches, 560 yards and 8.9 yards per catch average were all his lowest since becoming the Cowboys’ starting tight end in 2004. But despite that decline in production, the Cowboys are hoping to get Witten back.

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  1. Let him go because the cowboys will have to move on from Witten after 2018 anyway.
    It’s best to see if you have a replacement on the roster now and if not then Jones knows that he has to draft a TE high in the 2019 draft.

  2. If the man wants to retire…..let him retire. Goodness knows that he has done a ton for the franchise, to ask him to stay & do more is unfair to him. I’m sure he’d like to enjoy his retirement.

  3. Better to leave while healthy. You invested well–stocks, bomds, etc. And you have a job. No reason to keep playing as you are not going to win next year.

  4. Jason, get out while you still have your brains and these offers on the table.
    You have left a great legacy on the football field that cements your place in Cowboys history.
    You will be a national success as a commentator.
    Good luck to you sir!

    Signed, A Raider Fan…

  5. No receivers, no TE, a QB whose proven to be mediocre. A garbage coach and the Super Bowl Champion Eagles in your division.

    I’d take a public access tv gig over that option.

  6. Of course, the cowboys want Witten back – especially after they bombed in the draft and got jumped by the eagles for a TE with a first name of “Dallas.” Lol.

  7. When you question your own commitment to the game, it’s time to walk away. Nothing wrong with saying enough is enough.

  8. TV ain’t going anywhere Jason … keep on keeping on as long as you want to ….

    Jerry will sweeten the pie if that is the issue … though I doubt you could spend the millions you already have.

  9. You guys realize that the guy they drafted (Schultz) is a replacement for James Hanna, a TE they had that retired. Hanna was their primary backup blocking TE. Guess who they thought was the best blocking TE in the draft? Schultz.

    You don’t plan on replacing your starting TE with a guy you got with a 4th round compensation pick.

    Come on, now. If you really are able to believe that the Cowboys “had to have” the player because his name was Dallas, then I’m sure you believe a lot of conspiracy theories, etc. Also, I have a timeshare to sell you, it’s going to 10x in value in the next 3 years.

  10. eagles19804 says:
    April 29, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    -Eagles fan

    32 4 Rate This

    BAR NONE! Come get yourself some! B E A S T !

  11. The Cowboys where drafting Williams or the safety Reidmemo to Eagles fans you troll a team when that team actually drafts a player the other team wants…coming from fans of a city that Sidney Crosby owns not surprised

  12. Witten may opt for playing another year, at the end of which the offer of a multi year TV contract will be long gone…. I say take the long term security of the TV deal while it’s available.

  13. xavier179 says:
    April 29, 2018 at 8:48 pm
    Say thrifty, gave the Boys an A after two rounds, better than your Eagles did!!!
    a) not an Eagles’ fan
    b) Eagles’ Super Bowl Win > Cowboys’ “A” grade in the draft

  14. @ higheriqthanyou,

    “Yes go back for another losing Cowboys season”.

    Hmmmmm… 9-7 last year, 13-3 the year before.

    Last time l checked, both are winning seasons, swifty. Higher IQ than who?

    Regardless of the inept post, Witten is a consummate pro who will be a 1st ballot hof player. I wish him all the best in what he decides to do, and l hope he chooses to hang up the cleats and spare his body the punishment of another year in the league. He will rock it in the booth like he did on the turf. The guy is a great player, and an even better human being.

  15. @ thrifty,

    a) not an Eagles’ fan
    b) Eagles’ Super Bowl Win > Cowboys’ “A” grade in the draft

    Just like the Eagle fans need to be reminded, this is a new season, and all teams are 0-0. Having said that, SB wins are part of a team’s legacy, including the Eagles after a 50+ year drought. The Cowboys 5 SB wins (in the same Super bowl era as the Eagles) is certainly > 1 SB win the Eagles FINALLY achieved. The “A” grade in the draft is simply the icing.

  16. higheriqthanyou says:
    April 29, 2018 at 7:46 pm
    Yes go back for another losing Cowboys season

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    Right – the 15 seasons witten has been with Dallas have been 9 winning seasons, 3 8-8’s, and 3 losing…

    Nice try though

  17. The cowboys should encourage him to take the job. He has a year or two left at TE….MNF could be a lifetime gig. Dallas is wrong if they are trying to pressure him back.

  18. Witt is a 1st ballot HOFamer and has nothing left to prove. He and Romo gave it their all, and what did it get them? Unless the new assistant coaches, can coach up the players, in spite of Patty-cake and Linehan, nothing will change! And, unless Dak can correct his accuracy issues, nothing will change! Take the new gig and enjoy your retirement, but you will be missed 🙁 In addition, regarding his stats for 2017, name me a w/r who’s stats did not fall, due to Dak’s inaccuracies…smh

  19. The Cowboys won’t have a winning record this year. But at least their draft grade was an A. Lol

  20. All of his history of greatness aside, if they increase his salary to where his cap % is not worth the contribution of even a good TE, then the Cowboys are better off letting go and working on their future. It could be argued that they are better off seeing what they have with their other guys anyhow, and what if they struck gold? One of the things that strikes me is that Garret’s initial statement after the word first came was that the Cowboys were already orepared to move on so this was not a blow to the team. But not suddenly they are scrambling to hang on to him. Its also posdible that Garret meant what he said (and is even correct) and that this is Jones driving the scramble.

  21. nknielsen says:
    April 30, 2018 at 3:00 am
    higheriqthanyou says:
    April 29, 2018 at 7:46 pm
    Yes go back for another losing Cowboys season

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    Right – the 15 seasons witten has been with Dallas have been 9 winning seasons, 3 8-8’s, and 3 losing…

    Nice try though


    What are the Cowboys playoff achievements during that same time-frame?

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