Shaquem Griffin racks up endorsement deals


Few fifth-round picks rack up endorsement deals. Few fifth-round picks are like Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin.

Griffin, one of the newest Seahawks, has landed a smattering of endorsements. Via Yahoo Sports, Griffin’s corporate sponsors include Nike, Bose, and JC Penny. According to, Griffin also has a deal with Eleven James, among others.

The interest in Griffin isn’t surprising. As a one-handed football player, Griffin will inspire football fans everywhere for his ability to overcome extreme adversity and make it to the NFL.

His jersey undoubtedly will become a top seller, and his situation will attract plenty of casual fans who typically only watch the Super Bowl to plenty of other games.

22 responses to “Shaquem Griffin racks up endorsement deals

  1. Mad respect for this kid. The crazy thing is that he can actually ball at a high level. His speed is ridiculous. Instincts are just as good. The analytics on this guy are off the charts. Can’t wait to see him on the field putting Garoppolo on his back.

  2. I am looking forward to watching him play for many years.
    Have a long and illustrious career.
    Keep proving the doubters wrong.

  3. Hell, I hate the Seahawks. Actually, I hate no one. I’m just not a fan. Anyways, if this kid can ball, I’ll buy his Jersey. I might just buy it his merchandise anyway.

  4. I think the Seachickens got great value selecting him in the 5th round. He was probably worth a 4th round pick, in my opinion. He really looked good against Auburn and his strength and speed at the combine were obvious. Your going to bash him for being small but not give him credit for 22 reps? Come on.

  5. I’m super happy for him. Would have been a shame if his life didn’t work out while his twin who was just lucky enough to be the one born without the birth defect did. Would have just seemed so unfair for him after already having to go through life without a hand. And I’m sure his brother grew up feeling bad too. So for both of them this is really great!

  6. thegreatgabbert says:
    April 29, 2018 at 9:31 pm
    Just wants to be an icon and an entertainer
    Couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. I’ve seen him play at UCF numerous games, and on the field he is the fastest, hardest hitting player on the field every game, and no matter the opponent. Most people give up if they are missing one finger muchless a whole hand, and will continously be the hardest working player on the field, make that money Big Fella

  7. Great story! His parents deserve so much credit for creating an environment of “you can do it” & “hard work”! I will be rooting for him even though I am a Cardinals fan.

  8. If this man succeeds at playing professional football, i think maybe all of us have to reconsider what “obstacles ” are holding us back from achieving our goals in life.

  9. I was so pulling for this kid!!! High character, high motor, and classy to boot 🙂 Wish him the best of luck and a long outstanding career!!

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