49ers sign seven undrafted rookies, cut five players

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The 49ers included a dozen roster moves in the announcement confirming they have exercised their option on defensive lineman Arik Armstead‘s contract for the 2019 season.

Seven of those moves involved undrafted rookies joining the team. The 49ers have signed Houston wide receiver Steven Dunbar, San Diego tight end Ross Dwelley, Dartmouth quarterback Jack Heneghan, South Carolina offensive lineman Alan Knott, Syracuse offensive lineman Jamar McGloster, Frostburg State defensive lineman Niles Scott and Houston safety Terrell Williams.

Heneghan has a family connection to the 49ers. His father Lal was once the team’s general counsel and executive vice president of football operations. He joins Jimmy Garoppolo, C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens as the current quarterbacks on the 49ers roster.

The 49ers opened room for the newcomers by waiving linebacker Jimmie Gilbert, linebacker Boseko Lokombo, defensive back Dexter McCoil, linebacker Donavin Newsom and cornerback Channing Stribling.

9 responses to “49ers sign seven undrafted rookies, cut five players

  1. Clara must have just found seven more pro bowlers to go with the 12 already on their roster. How did they decide who to cut since this team is already stacked all over the board. Will they even lose a game next season? Nobody has it better than Clara~

  2. I feel bad for you Seattle fans. You’ve really got absolutely zero to look forward to this Fall. I remember watching the 49ers fade a few seasons back. It hurts…

  3. If you don’t bet your life savings on this’s glorious franchise that plays in the hills an hour away from their fake team name in a horribly constructed hot box……to win back to back Lombardi’s…you’d be making a big mistake. Jimmy has a 5 game win streak and might be the best QB going forward in the league. Hurry and get your tickets because there are only 40,000 available due to the 25,000 enclosed club level.

  4. jackeduptweaker says:

    April 30, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    If you don’t bet your life savings on this’s glorious franchise that plays in the hills


    And just like that you expose yourself as someone who has never left their trailer park. Wow fellas, I guess this entire time we’ve missed the famed hills of Santa Clara while on 101 or 880.

    Anyways it still warms our hearts that you and that other resident 1-2 troll feel so insecure about your teams status that you come here to try and belittle the upswing our team is on (all while claiming how insignificant we are). Unlike yours which is falling apart at the seams, even more hilarious is that you think it’s just Niner fans who hate you. We’re not, the only thing you lack more than Shaquem Griffin’s left hand is respect. You act like the Patriots yet have a history of the Bucs.

    We get it, your the little brother on the west coast. Residents of a PODUNK town that people fly over on their way to B.C or California, so your utterly lame attempt at a dig by referring to the San Francisco 49ers as ‘Clara’ is something I’ve seen you and ONLY you do. It’s sad and so I hope you realize how you out yourself as the most petty and pathetic 1-2 every time you do it.

  5. jackedupboonie says:
    May 1, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    It’s all about history with Clara fans. Distant history.


    Oy vey.

    Yes, unlike your team which has been an embarrassment for the majority of it’s history. You like to poke fun at the fact that we won our Super Bowls decades ago – BOWLS: plural def. more than one. While you bask in the glory of your singular trophy … just one, so lonely.

    You’re like the virgin trying to rub it in the face of your older brother who’s been with multiple chicks.

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