After drafting Rashaad Penny, Seahawks got a trade offer for him

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Usually, when teams talk trade on draft night, they’re talking about trading for a pick, so they can draft a player. But on Thursday night, the Seahawks got an offer to trade a player they had just drafted.

Seahawks GM John Schneider said that in a first, he got a call after drafting running back Rashaad Penny from a team that had wanted Penny and hoped to execute a trade for him.

“We had a team call us and try to acquire him after we selected him,” Schneider said, via Scott Barrett. “I’ve never had that before.”

Schneider didn’t name the team or say how much they were offering for Penny, but it would have been fascinating to see a trade like that happen. Although trades for players who were just drafted are rare in the NFL, they’re not unheard of: Eli Manning and Philip Rivers were traded for each other shortly after the Chargers drafted Manning and the Giants drafted Rivers.

Although there was some talk after the Seahawks drafted Penny that the pick had been a reach, there was apparently at least one other team that not only thought the Seahawks got value for him, but that hoped the Seahawks could be persuaded to take a valuable package of picks for him.

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  1. Apparently there were two teams who’ve since reached out asking to trade for Penny. There was lots of buzz that the Patriots wanted him at 31, and the Browns would have snagged him at 33.

  2. How convienent. An unnamed “team” called to “trade” for a pick that was universally seen as a reach. It’s kind of like the time I scraped a pole in my car when I was 16 and drunk (it was a different time) and convinced my dad it was scraped when it was parked. Neither are that good a lie but they served their purpose

  3. I guess Penny secretly wanted to play for the Cowboys so Jerry told John Schneider he’d like him for a 6th rounder and possible next years 7th. Schneider was torn but declined.

  4. I’m not a Seahawks fan but I’m wondering was it considered a reach because they have more glaring needs than RB, for example…protecting Wilson?

  5. Man it sucks losing in the post draft grades every year and still posting a winning record…usually going deep in the playoffs…we’re going to get Wilson killed (he’s never missed a game or practice)…or post draft grades are completely arbitrary and useless. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

  6. They would have kicked themselves if they had passed on Penny and another team took him before they had another chance. But then they would have been relieved when that team was universally panned for such a reach.

  7. Best way to protect your QB is to actually have a run game, which the Seahawks didn’t last year. When Michel goes 31 and Chubb goes 33, it is not a reach to take Penny at 27.

  8. ‘I’m not a Seahawk fan and don’t really have a clue what personnel or coaches they have but shouldn’t they have drafted 6 offensive lineman since their run game was horrible?’

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    I doubt it was the Patriots. They were almost forced to take Michel at #31 because of the value. I wouldn’t put it past Howie Roseman to scheme up a plan for obtaining a coveted RB. It probably came as a surprise to the Eagles too when New England eschewed their defensive needs to take a first round RB. It’s a extreme rarity for Belichick to make that choice.

  10. The Seahawks don’t need any more offensive linemen to develop. Penny was not considered a reach by the fan base. He fits the Marshawn mold (5’11’, 220). The Hawks could have had any RB they wanted other than Barkley. They considered Penny at 1.18 but traded back.

  11. Why even play the games? Seahawks season is over because draft analysts say they get an F for the draft because they didn’t draft OL with their first pick.

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    speaking of the Eli Rivers swap…
    Don’t read many stories about Rivers being too old and all done.
    So glad the Giants traded and got 2 Super Bowl wins against that other team.

  13. I don’t understand the logic of people that think the Seahawks would lie about this. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have made reaches throughout every draft. Bruce Irvin in the first, Germain Ifedi in the first, James Carpenter in the first, Christine Michael in the second, Russell Wilson in the third. These were all considered reaches and bad picks. They’ve never cared. They never made excuses for any of their reaches in the past. They don’t feel the need to justify their picks to anyone. Penny also had a 2nd/3rd round grade and Seattle didn’t have a 2nd round pick and they didn’t have a third until the later half of the round, so this was their only chance to make sure they’d get him.

  14. For all doubters that seem to be calling J.S. a liar and it didn’t happen, give us a break. He got the call, I’m confident. The call shows that he wasn’t going to last into round two, much less third/fourth rounds as some suggest. Also, it isn’t a “reach” if the only pick available/used by the Seahawks in first two rounds is on the 2017 NCAA leading rusher. Keep in mind that several NFL teams had him as the second best RB prospect. If they could have dropped back 4-5 spots and still gotten him, they likely would have. Absent that, getting the RB on their board that they were going to take at 18, means they did well.

  15. People might have missed that this guy was 5th overall in Heisman voting this year. To say it’s a reach to TRADE BACK, and then take the Leading Rusher (2248 rushing yards last year), the #1 RB in Missed Tackles (when Seattle historically has had a garbage O-Line), the rusher with the most yards after initial contact, and say we were reaching is kind of absurd. This was a great pick. It might have been a reach to take him at 18, but we recouped extra draft capital, moved back and still got our guy at #27. Seems like this was a smart play, imo. Any other team who’d of taken him in the late 1st round would have been lauded as brilliant or it was a great choice. But, because Seattle didn’t take an O-lineman in the first, everyone loses their mind. Shame on all the keyboard warriors and draft experts who know better than an actual NFL GM and Coaching staff, on who’s best for their team.

  16. With no second round pick, there was no chance of getting any of the (expected to be good ) RBs with their next pick. There guy only was at the top or near the top of NCAA stats last year. Not like he is an unknown commodity.

  17. Seahawks better carry 18-20 Olineman on their 53 and atleast 5 on the practice squad if they want to be any good next season. Russell Wilson will get killed and they won’t win 3 games if they don’t.

  18. I find it very interesting that the seemingly conventional wisdom is that the Seahawks failed in this draft because their first pick was not an Oline guy. What might change this year if it’s not personnel?

    1. We have Duane Brown at LT who was effectively our 2nd round pick this year
    2. We got rid of Cable as a coach who seemingly could not adjust to the talent he had in is team
    3. We had Jimmy Graham at TE who was effectively a turnstile for blocking, btw we took the best blocking TE in round 3 this year
    4. With a set of pass catching RB’s who can play downs 1-3 consistently teams will have to respect the run or at the very least the check down on a blitz to burners like Penny, Prosise, or McKissic

    So yeah…maybe it’s not just Oline personnel itself that helps to fix the Oline problem.

  19. 6ball says:
    April 30, 2018 at 5:37 pm
    I doubt it was the Patriots. They were almost forced to take Michel at #31 because of the value. I wouldn’t put it past Howie Roseman to scheme up a plan for obtaining a coveted RB. It probably came as a surprise to the Eagles too when New England eschewed their defensive needs to take a first round RB. It’s a extreme rarity for Belichick to make that choice.

    11 3


    There is no way it was the Pats. Wynn and michel are supposedly the two of the best character interviews ever vetted by Bb during the draft process.

  20. Wow listen to all the ignorant people talking about the Seattle offensive line. I guess if you hear someone else say something about a team you hate, you can run with it and pretend you know something.

    The actual fact is the Seahawks traded pics and spend big money on Dwayne Brown last year to fill the hole that was created by the loss of the injured George Fant at left tackle who was lost in the first game of the season.

    George Fant is healthy again so we have two left tackles now and we also added DJ Fluker in the offseason. The actual fact is the Seahawks have invested pretty heavily in the offensive line recently yet all you people didn’t know or remember any of that.

    The big problem was finding a running back that could last an entire game without twisting something or getting hurt because every single running back we have was doing just that. I am still waiting for CJ prosise to show me some more of what we saw in that New England game 2 years ago. Chris Carson started being a beast than boom is done for the season. Mike Davis came in and finally had a chance to show what he had and he got hurt…it was ridiculous.

    Let me educate you know nothing’s on what happens when the other team knows you have ZERO running game. They play nickel defense and just own you. Russell Wilson scored every single touchdown except for one last year. It’s amazing that they were 9 and 7 and had a winning record really if you think about it.

    One last thing is they drafted the best blocking tight end in the draft so there is that as well. I am guessing that they will be running the rock a lot more effectively this year despite the ignorant narrative going around.

    I think the addition of a new offensive line coach and a stud running back to help Russell Wilson out is going to balance things and make this team so much better. As always the proof will be in the pudding and anyone predicting anything is a comic grain of salt.

  21. Penny was not a reach. Not remotely. He had more yards after contact than Saquon had yards. He, not Saquon, was the best RB in a very talented group. The Seahawks will get last laugh here. Pundits are idiots Ever notice how good teams consistently get bad draft grades and vice versa? Consensus opinion is b.s. Penny is a darn fine RB.

  22. It was Buffalo that offered the Seahawks a 3rd from 2018 and a 2nd & 3rd from 2019. Penny is just as good as Barkley, but didn’t have the Offensive line that Barkley was blessed with. Penny will truly make the Seahawks a much more dangerous offense. Penny is a special player.

  23. kamthechancellor says:
    April 30, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    Man it sucks losing in the post draft grades every year and still posting a winning record…usually going deep in the playoffs…

    Pats fan asking for a friend, please define the 12’s version of both usually and deep. Because around here usually means pretty much every year and deep means getting to the Championship Game.

  24. They need a RB that can survive the entire season without getting hurt. Penny is solid. The O line will be fine…now that Cable is gone. Fant will be back…Ifedi has the skill, he just needs to be COACHED. Once the O-line stops tripping over their own feet…they will be just fine. Maybe a real NFL quality OC is going to help too.

  25. The Seahawks will get a better draft grade next year, because with a 6 – 10 record they’ll be picking in the top twelve.

  26. Listening to the John Clayton interview with San Diego State’s head coach, the other two teams that contacted him and his staff the most about Penny were NE and Detroit…both of whom selected RBSs. It’s really not that big of a deal. Someone else just really liked him.

  27. Last time the ‘experts’ gave Hawks this low a score on a draft was 2012 when they “reached” to get Irvin and Wagner, drafted Wilson as a camp arm, picked up Lane and Sweezy, neither of whom would play.

  28. bspurloc says:
    April 30, 2018 at 5:55 pm
    speaking of the Eli Rivers swap…
    Don’t read many stories about Rivers being too old and all done.
    So glad the Giants traded and got 2 Super Bowl wins against that other team.
    Yeah but the reason you hate that other team is because they still rang up 5 other ones while your team celebrated almost making the playoffs this time.

  29. Yes, John and Pete, two grown men who have led a team to a Super Bowl definitley feel the need to lie to the media about a team offering to trade for a player they just drafted.

    I think they couldn’t care any less about what some of you guys in this comment section think.

  30. It should have gone, as I said Thursday: 1. Barkley (Browns) 2. Chubb (Giants) 3. Darnold or maybe Rosen or even Mayfield (Jets). Rosen, or maybe Darnold or Mayfield (Browns) – leaving lucky Elway on the outside looking in. Browns would have been awesome on offense; they are plenty good enough on D.

    You laugh? Brian Billick yesterday on Total Access said the same thing insofar as Cleveland was concerned. The Giants lucked out by a mistake by goofball Dorsey – who had Rosen at the top of his board Thursday morning – per Peter King. Chubb would have ended up in the other conference!

    Dorsey better hope it works out, as it will for the Giants and Denver.

  31. They probably were asked by the Pats after drafting him. It’s a BB type move for sure. Penny looks legit.

    Still don’t think RB was what the Seahawks should’ve focused on RD 1 because they desparately need to upgrade that O line.

    I get he’s a talented kid and all but Russell Wilson is your franchise QB and a damn good one. They almost got him killed last season. Keep ignoring the oline and it won’t matter how good penny is.

  32. I know the guy played on the left coast so most folks out east probably never saw the guy play. And SDSU hasn’t gotten press since Marshall Faulk, but this dude is a pretty nice running back.

  33. Most of these yahoo’s are just baiters. They know we have Duane Brown at LT and he will have all training camp to merge with the others. We have a couple of people who were rookies or 1st year last year that had serious promise. George Fant is coming back. New line and offensive coaches. Hungry back named Penny who runs like Lynch. Wait and see, this line will be night and day better than last year, then you squawkers will just have to sit back and wonder where you went wrong. Oh forgot to mention Wilson having a career year too. LOL!!

  34. Maybe if the Ravens offered Alex Collins back to the Seahawks, they would have made the deal. The Seahawks have to kicking themselves for giving up on Collins too soon.

  35. Keep ignoring the oline and it won’t matter how good penny is.


    Dude you are so lazy would you please read a little bit. I wrote a pretty long post above about how Seattle has invested recently in the OL line but apparently a couple paragraphs is just too much for you.

    As I tell my youngster all the time “how are you going to learn anything if you’re talking?”

  36. This team is going to be battling out with the Arizona Cardinals for the basement of the division in 2018 anyway. Get used to it 12s… The Rams and the Niners own that division for the forseeable future.

  37. higheriqthanyou says:
    April 30, 2018 at 7:59 pm
    Penny will lead all rookies in rushing.

    ALL of them.

    Seriously doubt that. He doesn’t have a line to run behind. I’d imagine Guice is the most likely to lead the rookie RBs in rushing given the line he has in front of him.

  38. Everyone keeps saying the Seahawks need to upgrade their O-line but the fact is they already did last year with Brown. They have a good returning tackle (Fant) who has a hugely high ceiling, a good center, two good guards, and one mediocre (so far) right tackle. To say they desperately need to upgrade the O-line is just flat out wrong. Study up and their needs and I think you can see they drafted exactly as they should have, including a 6th round tackle that has plenty of talent to play in the NFL.

  39. Every pick Seattlecmade was horrible and a reach. They will once again be horrible but continue to have a winning record in the NFCWest by virtue of 2 automatic wins against the worst team in football. Quest for 11 in a row.

  40. Seahawks have stud RBs every year it seems.. Carson is legit! The O-Line is the problem. Stupid pick!

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