Does Tom Brady feel appreciated? “I plead the fifth”

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To borrow a line from one of the very best episodes of The Office, the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady seem to be playing their own separate game and it’s called, “Let’s see how uncomfortable we can make our fans.” And they’re both winning.

Brady suppled the latest salvo in the cold war on Monday night. Via Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, Brady appeared at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Monday, and he was asked the following question by (who else?) Jim Gray: “Do you feel appreciated by them and do they have appropriate gratitude for what you have achieved?”

Brady then turned to the crowd and slowly delivered an obviously premeditated response.

I plead the fifth,” he said, nodding hard at the end for effect.

He then called it a “tough question” before supplying neither a yes nor a no.

“I think everybody in general everyone wants to be appreciated at work,” Brady said.

Gray then asked Brady whether he’s happy.

“I have my moments,” Brady said.

This implies that he has moments where he’s not happy. Even if Brady’s effort to take the fifth was a joke (and it possibly was), he should have made it very clear that he was joking — especially since he didn’t ultimately answer the question regarding whether he feels appreciated with something like, “Yes, they appreciate me. They pay me great money to do something I’d do for free. They give me everything I need to be successful.”

And so what has become a very bizarre offseason in Boston, featuring Rob Gronkowski‘s 11-week delay in committing to play followed by a passive-aggressive reference to pliability to the nagging sense that Brady truly isn’t happy to the lingering frustration over the Super Bowl LII benching of Malcolm Butler, will continue to have a weird vibe to it.

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  1. Oh please. They traded a worthy successor to you for a second rounder. How can this guy not feel appreciated? I wonder if he appreciates having one of the greatest coaches ever for his entire career and how that likely is the reason he’s has so many super bowl rings…

  2. I bet he wasn’t happy when he fumbled away his last chance to win a superbowl.

  3. From the same interview, but not fitting the media narrative: “He’s very respectful to me,” Brady said …”We’ve had a great relationship. A very respectful relationship for a long time and I feel like he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL.”
    Brady admitted Belichick’s “not the easiest coach to play for” … but added, “he’s the best for me.”
    “He’s an incredible coach. He’s been an incredible mentor for me. He’s taught me so much football … I wouldn’t be sitting here without his coaching.”

  4. Always drama with these guys. One summer their player is killing people. Next summer they’re destroying cell phones during a ball deflation scandal. And then Gronk is on a boat or in a club. It’s always something.

  5. Millions of dollars in the bank.
    A good looking wife.
    What’s not to be happy about?

  6. The Pats just traded the very obvious heir apparent and doubled down on a 40+ year old QB so he could retire a Patriot well after many other QBs retired. Something neither Favre or Montana could stake a claim against. Not appreciated indeed.

  7. Why is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game forcing me to not like him?

  8. here we go again. pats are reported to be in turmoil and yet they have another great year. nothing has changed since the day belichick was hired to the unanimous decision of the sports media.

  9. Except (mostly) for the 72 hours after the SB, and for a little of the Combine and the draft, it really IS all about what the Patriots are doing. All back to normal.

    Does Jim Gray think he ‘s Jim Acosta? That’s not a good aspiration.

  10. Just to keep it real there was a lot of interview not just those cherry picked peices from it. Here is some other stuff…

    The New England Patriots quarterback was asked about his head coach Bill Belichick Monday during an interview with Jim Gray as part of the Milken Institute Global Conference.

    “I feel like he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL,” Brady said of Belichick, per TMZ Sports.

    Brady also said that Belichick is “respectful” to him while agreeing with Gray’s assertion that the coach is a “football genius”

    “He’s an incredible coach,” the quarterback continued. “He’s been an incredible mentor for me. He’s taught me so much football.”

  11. Brady should be part owner of the PATS , with all the discounts,resturcing of his contracts.
    be about the only way you can pay the guy back for what he’s done for them.

  12. Man the Patriots should have kept what they had. Lesson here, no matter how much of a hero a aging QB is….you always keep your new young stud. That trade may set them back a decade.

  13. Not mentioned here is that the question he was responding to was trying to force him to either to speak against his wife or speak against the team. So pleading the fifth was a very smart response.

  14. ALSO part of the very same interview:

    “He’s very respectful to me,” Brady said …”We’ve had a great relationship. A very respectful relationship for a long time and I feel like he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL.”

    Brady admitted Belichick’s “not the easiest coach to play for” … but added, “he’s the best for me.”

    “He’s an incredible coach. He’s been an incredible mentor for me. He’s taught me so much football … I wouldn’t be sitting here without his coaching.”

  15. Pleading the fifth doesn’t mean no. It’s never been his nature to answer these types of questions.

  16. There’s not one person that would do ‘X’ high profile job for free. Especially professional athletes.

    Yes, to us they’re playing a sport. A game. However, it’s their job. It’s how they’re making a living.

    I wish when an athlete says ‘I’d play for free’ someone calls them out and asks why don’t you?

    Because they get paid great money. Especially the great ones.

    Tom is getting his money. It’s just structured to have as little cap hit as possible.

  17. I think B.B. is an old school coach that is just hard in his players. I’m a Steelers fan btw. If Bill is indeed a hard nose coach like this I am sure it’s what has been required to keep the Pats so dominant. I bet it’s uncomfortable and not easy to play there. But the results speak for themselves.

  18. As a lifetime Patriots fan, let me tell you I wholeheartedly support Brady through all this. I’d love to see BB trade him to the Browns. Cleveland would go 11-5 or 12-4 in their first year and BB’s Patriots would drop to 6-10 or 7-9.

    Granted my team would have a bad couple of years before BB retired to spare what was left of his legacy but if would permanently end all speculation on who made who…

    Belichick doesn’t make the reads, the audibles at the line, have the vision to see the defense in motion, make the throws into tight coverage with DEs bearing down on him. All he does is pick players and put them in their best spot to succeed, which he definitely excels at.

    Brady needs to play elsewhere to prove it for once and for all. If he stays and BB goes, haters will still say the “system” was in place. But if he goes to Cleveland or Chicago or the Bengals it will be known once and for all…People love to say BB made Cassel into something in 2008. Yes, Cassel went 11-5 that year, which was a massive drop from the 18 win team of the previous year and managed to somehow miss the playoffs due to the fact they only beat the bad teams and lost to every single good team that year, therefore losing all tiebreakers and missing the playoffs.

  19. Fair response. He has consistently sacrificed for the good of the team always taking contracts in the 15-22 mil range over the years when he could have commanded 25-30 mil. Meanwhile your coach is always drafting defense and ignoring the offensive side of the ball. How many WR’s, TE’s RB’s or OL have the Patriots taken in the first 2 rounds of the draft in the Tom Brady era? Not many. From 2014-2017 the only Offensive player they took in the first 2 rounds was Jimmy Garoppolo. From 2007-2013 the only Offensive players they took in the first 2 rounds was Nate Solder, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Dobson. The rest of the time, ALL defensive players. Finally this year they took 2 offensive players in the first round.

  20. What a cry baby! Waa, waa, waa! He’s sad because the organization doesn’t blow smoke up his can 24/7/365? Awe. Poor Tom. My heart bleeds for him. Not! Its no wonder his wife told their kids what she did at the Super Bowl. You know. About the Eagles sucking for so long that daddy let them win? Puhlease. These people are Prima Donas of the worst kind. Can you imagine if he had to hold down a real job? OMG! Try going into the office some day and telling the boss, “you need to tell me how great I am and how much I mean to the organization”. Let me know how that conversation goes.

  21. Sounds like a personal problem with BB cause it sure isn’t Krafcket.

    Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth TeBe Twelvus.

  22. when your boss plays verbal games, declines to explain himself, intimates that the press and ‘everybody else’ are basically uninformed knuckleheads not worthy of his time… requires committment and effort of his players above and beyond… and lays a rotten egg in the SB….
    well, I’m thinking that other adults (the players are full grown, independent, thinking men) have decided that they, too, can play verbal games, refrain from full disclosure, etc…

    Oh, and many have shoved off for warmer ports of call.

    Yeah. This will be an ‘interesting’ off season.

  23. When Garapallo was sent Westward – Tom breathed a sigh of relief!
    I’m sure he appreciated that move.
    Just remember this : Bill Belichick doesn’t coddle any player, and he
    sure as hell doesn’t worry about whether his players feel ” appreciated” or not !

  24. Brady please stop….you are worshiped and you know it. You are almost as old as me (Im 48) so dont be a drama queen…its not becoming of men in their 40’s (or 30’s for that matter).

  25. Sounds like the coach wanted to play Jimmy Grapes and the owner said no way, we’ll trade him first.

  26. ^^ Having the greatest coach his entire 17 season starting career isn’t likely the reason he has the super bowl rings – it IS the reason. No QB in NFL history has ever been so well-setup for success each and every year. You never once looked at a Belichick roster and said – man this is lost, untalented, and uncoached. He was turned into a legend, but was 199th for a reason.

  27. Don’t have to take the fifth, at least not yet. This is still a free country although our first amendment rights are being attacked by a chief executive who calls people who protest police violence SOBs and who threatens to jail journalists.

  28. Over the last couple of years I’ve become more of a Tom Brady fan than a Patriots fan. I honestly think Brady could go out there with a bunch of dudes from the crowd at wide receiver and a super vanilla defense supporting him, and he’d still be okay, still figure out a way to win most games. He’s the reason the Patriots are the Patriots. They should give him whatever he wants.

  29. Football careers do not end gracefully. Either you go out toes up on a stretcher or you are discarded for some youngster and it doesn’t matter how great you used to be. Smellway & Bettis maybe two exceptions, but as a rule, its going to get ugly in NE.

  30. “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain”

    in this case you RETIRE a hero or [you get the gest]…
    When you over stay your welcome you tend to become unappreciated…
    Getting Old A Trite {GOAT} does that to players who naively believe they (or their career) is immortal… Without Belichick system, tom would be no different than any other!

    THIS is why I dislike & don’t listen to the media anymore…. it’s all selective editing & agenda driven to create stories where they don’t exist…..

  32. I can’t be the only one to realize that “The fifth” is a reference to the 5 rings he has won. Does no one else see this? It was an obvious joke. Not very funny and a little corny but a joke nonetheless.

  33. I’m not sure how you can watch the video of Brady with Gray and draw anything meaningful from it (unless you’re trying to project your own opinions onto it). Looks to me like he had a big grin on his face when he said he plead the 5th. Brady immediately began to follow up with, “Yes…,” but Gray interrupted him.

    This whole manufactured story line with the Patriots jumped the shark a couple of months ago. Just waiting for Florio to hire a body language expert to analyze it, and maybe a consultant to lecture us on what Brady’s outfit said about his feelings.

  34. Sure, just leave out this part… you know, for the clicks…

    “We’ve had a great relationship, a very respectful relationship for a long time. I feel like he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL. He has a management style [with] players, and he would say, ‘Look, I’m not the easiest coach to play for.’ I agree. He’s not the easiest coach to play for. But he’s the best for me. I think what he’s proven is that whatever talent he has, he maximizes his talent. What more could you ask of a coach than that? That’s what I want as a player. … He’s been an incredible coach, he’s been an incredible mentor to me. He’s taught me so much football. To be a 22-year-old kid and come and learn from him, I wouldn’t be sitting here without his coaching. I wouldn’t have the success without how incredibly talented he was, along with a lot of the other coaches, a lot of the other players, a lot of the other people in the organization. Because it takes everybody to do it.”

  35. It was a joke actually the crowd laughed at it. Might want to read the whole interview because Brady emphatically said he appreciates Kraft and Belichick and even that he wouldn’t be who he was today without Belichick. There have been many disagreements between Brady and Belichick over the years whether it was getting rid of Lawyer Milloy, letting Wes Welker go to the Broncos, or going for it on 4th down and 2 against the Colts in 2009 but that’s going to naturally happen to someone you spend almost 2 decades with. His time is almost over and he knows it.

  36. …it will continue to have a weird vibe to it…..until September, when the wins start to pile up, and the sweet smell of victory will douse the stench that passes for sports journalism today….

  37. You can’t let a player know how good they are, even Tom brady, he will lose the competitive fire within himself to make him better.

  38. A perfect example of saying nothing and letting all y’all prove how smart you aren’t.
    Oh, and thanks for putting out a portion of the interview that would awaken the basement dwellers.

  39. octigerblog says:
    April 30, 2018 at 10:22 pm
    He pleads the fifth? It makes one wonder exactly what act he is afraid of incriminating himself of.
    Picture if the full context of the question was “Does your employer appreciate you as much as your wife says they should or is one of them wrong?” And both your employers and your wife will see you answer. What would you do?

  40. “He’s an incredible coach. He’s been an incredible mentor for me. He’s taught me so much football … I wouldn’t be sitting here without his defensive call filming.”

  41. I feel pretty comfortable. Helps having the greatest coach and greatest QB of all time. Perhaps Brady is referring to how he is a huge star who gives everything to the sport but is lied about by the league office while foreign nationals steal stuff out of his Super Bowl locker.

  42. I imagine if you are a NE patriot you spend a lot of time rehearsing how to plead the 5th.

  43. BB brought this on himself. If he can play petty games that impact the team before the Superbowl, then expect your team, especially the high-talent leaders who are less likely to be abruptly cut, to follow suit.

    Who knows. Maybe BB is protecting Butler or the team-culture in some way. It appears to this outsider that it will end up being a stain on a legendary legacy.

  44. Tom feels under paid and used. Patriots will down play this as a stall tactic. They only need him for 2 more seasons so they will pacify him now and make sure he feels their boot in his butt when the time is right.

  45. If they didn’t appreciate him, he’d be lifting weights in the 9ers facility.

  46. PresidentTrumpIsRightRespectYourCountryAndFlag says:
    April 30, 2018 at 10:39 pm
    TB is a system QB, without BB he is nothing and he knows it.


    You would be on to something there except that B.B. is only 18-19 as Pats coach without Brady starting. They are both important. Not disputable.

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