Report: No team willing to give mid-round pick for Ereck Flowers

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The Giants shopped Ereck Flowers during the draft but found no takers, Jordan Raanan of ESPN reports. The asking price of a mid-round draft pick was “too steep” for at least one team, Raanan adds.

Flowers, who is guaranteed $2.4 million this season, leaves the Giants with a decision to make on his future.

He has not endeared himself to the new coaching staff by skipping the team’s voluntary offseason workout program, remaining home in South Florida to train. The Giants wanted him to compete for the right tackle job after they signed Nate Solder to a record deal to play left tackle.

According to Raanan, Flowers also has a “frosty” relationship with the team’s other offensive linemen, and some teammates believe Flowers “shut it down early last season.”

Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman was terse when asked about Flowers’ absence from the team’s offseason work, which began April 9.

He’s in Miami, and we’re here,” Gettleman said during the draft. “He decided not to come. He’s an adult. He has the ability to make decisions on his own. This is a voluntary program, and he’s decided to stay in Miami. If you want to know why he’s not here, call him.”

20 responses to “Report: No team willing to give mid-round pick for Ereck Flowers

  1. Turning yourself into an attitude problem is hardly the best way to salvage your fading career.

  2. He deserves to not be on any teams roster. He’s training in Miami? Oh ok, is that where he learned how to hold ppl, and just let be walk on by him? Biggest bust since Ron Dayne for the Giants. Eli Apple will be on that list soon too

  3. Gee what a shock. Nobody wanted to give up a mid round pick for a malcontent who can’t play dead. They’d be lucky to get a bottle of tobacco spit for him. Cut this Bum

  4. The Eli Apple pick was a throw the remote moment.

    The Ereck Flowers pick was, Really? But, maybe…

    Hard to watch. Should have let Geno take the beating. Everyone wanted Davis Webb in there. So he could get killed? Best thing that ever happened to him was sitting and not getting David Carred.

  5. Is it the name? The Bills drafted a guy named Eric Flowers No:1 a decade or so ago who was so bad I don’t even remember what position he plagued. That’s right. Plagued. He was so bad when people mention the worst draft picks the Bills have had, no one even remembers him. I thought when the Gmen took him that I hoped the fared better with this one. No such luck.

  6. Love how these offseason work-out programs are still considered “voluntary.” Kind of like volunteering to work in an office on Saturday when your boss screws up.

  7. catquick Erik Mathews Flowers (born March 1, 1978) is a former professional American and Canadian football defensive end and linebacker. He was drafted in the first round (26th overall) of the 2000 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills.

  8. “The Bills drafted a guy named Eric Flowers”

    That was Erik Flowers out of ASU. The K was the only memorable thing about him.

  9. Why do people think that the Giants just want to give 1st round picks away? Ask for a 4th or a 5th….if you dont get that pick (and I wouldnt give a 4th or 5th either) then let the guy sit for a year if he doesnt want to play. Gettleman didnt make this mess….he is trying his best to fix it.

    Also, the Giants O-line played better at the end of the year when Jones, Wheeler and Greco were in there…thats exactly when Webb SHOULD have been playing. Try watching the games.

  10. no team is going to trade anything for this guy, not even a 7th rounder. He can’t play, as in he is almost historically bad, and other teams watch film, it’s out there. Plus bad attitude? Everybody knows he’s gonna be cut, hell flowers knows it, and some team with a couple O line injuries in camp will sign him off the scrap heap and immediately regret it. Mid round pick smh.

  11. Don’t forget…it was the Redskins who caused this problem by stealing Brandon Scherff in the 2015 draft. Everyone knew the Giants wanted Scherff, and when the Skins surprised everyone by picking him, the Giants had no backup plan, panicked, and reached for Flowers. One of the best draft picks ever for the Skins — got a perennial pro bowler and totally screwed the Giants.

  12. .
    for some reason I was looking at Ezekiel Ansah 2017 highlights and it just so happens the first ones were against the Giants and guess who he kept walking by to get to Eli?

    yeah the wilted flowers

  13. It’s a shame that the Giants did not trade Flowers due to pride (i.e., having to forfeit a former 1st rounder for a late round pick).

    They should have traded him for a 6th Rd. pick and selected 6″5″ WR Equanimeous St. Brown (who had 2nd Rd. value on some boards) and didn’t go to the Packers until the 7th Rd.

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