Which teams improved the most via the draft?

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Anyone who has spent any time here over the past 10 years or so (thanks, by the way) knows how I feel about draft grades. They’re worthless and useless and ultimately an opportunity to land on @OldTakesExposed.

The standing draft grades from PFT are, each year and every year, an “I”. And whenever anyone says, “Well, why not got back three years and issue grades from past drafts?” I say this, “There’s no market for it. People don’t care. They look forward, not backward.”

So, fully aware of my reluctance to issue draft grades, Monday’s PFT Live included a draft of the teams that most improved themselves via the draft. Check it out and then chime in via the comments as to who won, and anything else you’d like to say.

18 responses to “Which teams improved the most via the draft?

  1. Well we all know it wasn’t Seattle. Grabbing a 3rd round pick in the first round, a rb to say the least. Should have drafted an oline but chose not to address until the late rounds. The implosion of that bandwagon fan based team has been glorious to watch. Don’t stop now!

  2. Browns got better by default bringing in more talented guys. Hopefully Hue will keep them nice and warm for the next coach coming in.

    Niners added good depth. Probably a year away still but they’re a lot closer to the playoffs than the top 5 in the draft.

    Jags seem to have the most intimidating defense in the league now. They are loaded for bear as long as Bortles can take care of the ball and Fournette stays healthy.

  3. Everyone gets that it’s just an opinion and that you might be wrong. We also get that draft grades are subjective because good players can get injured or go to bad teams. Still, people are curious how their team did and look to sites like yours for insight and analyses. Otherwise why do any of this? Nobody cares if you were wrong 3 years down the road.

  4. I haven’t seen a single rookie play a single game day snap on their new teams yet. Let’s revisit this around week 8 of the season.

  5. So you are saying the teams with the most room for improvement, improved the most via the draft…shocking!

  6. Patriots will trade a few of the extra picks they acquired for veterans during trading camp and early in the season. Bonus depth.

  7. Cleveland. If they get just one win, it would be a vast improvement. LOL
    Seriously, they made some good picks in the early rounds.

  8. Objectively, the Chiefs are way out in front on this one. At least 3-4 of their rookies are gonna tear the league up for at least a decade.

  9. The NFL improved the most. They just got 3 months of promoting their future stars. Until the games are played everyone is a winner.

    Nobody promoted their future like the NFL. Nobody.

  10. chiefsfolife says:
    April 30, 2018 at 1:17 pm
    Objectively, the Chiefs are way out in front on this one. At least 3-4 of their rookies are gonna tear the league up for at least a decade.

    Objectively:in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions

    Now you will know how to use that word correctly

  11. Now you will know how to use that word correctly


    And you’d understand how sarcasm works because I laid it on pretty thick there.

  12. I think the Chiefs had the best draft with the Patriots following ( as usual )
    NE always find a way to get those Blue Chip players in later rounds,
    they draft smartly to their needs NOT necessarily for the BEST player available.
    And if you don’t fit in in Foxborough, Belichick sends them packing!
    Miami for ONCE drafted to their needs, I’ve joked that someone must’ve
    locked Tannenbaum away from the Draft Day room, because ALL the picks filled needs.

  13. Cardinals have tremendously improved their offense since the season ended in January . AZ has a top 5 defense that didnt need anyone help, but in free agency they fixed their O-Line adding tremendous players/upgrades up front paired with their starters back healthy gives them an excellent very good offensive line. They added more line talent in the draft. Arizona has a LOADED WR Core adding talent both in free agency & the draft. Arizona has an Elite top 3 rushing offense lead by arguably the best back in football elite All-Pro RB/WR David Johnson that doubles as an Elite #2 WR and addd an extremely productive gem of a back in the draft who was very productive in college & extremely productive & athletic/dynamic in 5″9 1/2 – 205pd RB/WR Chase Edmonds that doubles also a very good route runner and receiver. The QB Room is MUCH BETTER OFF now than it was last year with an excellent QB in 6″4 Sam Bradford who healthy is a top 10 caliber QB, Arizona drafted who many feel is the best QB in the draft who definitely is the most polished NFL ready QB & most natural thrower to come out in a long time in 1st rd pick 6″4/226pd QB Josh Rosen who’s extremely intelligent with a very high football QB & then have a good #2 backup in QB Mike Glennon. I think they will look to the future and start QB Josh Rosen week 1 as he is very polished with the talent & tools to be an elite caliber top 5 to 10 QB. Him and Sam Darnold will be elite QBs in 2 years. Arizona looks to be a very good top NFL team again.

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