Ben Roethlisberger: If Mason Rudolph’s the guy, it won’t be for a while

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After being drafted by the Steelers in the third round, rookie quarterback Mason Rudolph said that he doesn’t think it is Ben Roethlisberger‘s job to help prepare him for life in the NFL.

Roethlisberger sees things a bit differently. Roethlisberger said “it’s a good thing” to play a teaching role with younger players, although he stressed that one of the rookie’s lessons will be about patience because Roethlisberger isn’t planning on giving way anytime soon.

“Well, that’s fine. He can [take over someday],” Roethlisberger said to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “But I plan on playing for three to five more years, depending on how the line goes and staying healthy, if I can stay healthy. If he’s going to be their guy, that’s great, but in my perfect world it’s not going to be for a while.”

The only time Roethlisberger didn’t play last year was when he rested in Week 17, but he missed time due to injuries in the previous two seasons. That underscores the need for a capable backup in Pittsburgh, which is a role the Steelers will be hoping Rudolph can fill in the immediate future while questions about what’s next remain on the back burner.

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  1. That’s great Ben, but father time catches up with us all, and you are no spring chicken my man. If you were, they would have spent the pick elsewhere.

  2. The hubris by Roethlisberger is amazing. Would absolutely LOVE seeing him benched right before the offense takes the field in their season opening game. Let the cameras show him pouting for the entire game.

  3. How quickly its gone from “I might retire” to “I’m going to play another 3-5 years” once a possibly valid replacement was drafted.

    Human nature I guess, Ben is far from alone in reacting that way in that sort of situation so its not really singling him out.

  4. Too bad you couldnt combine Ben’s skills with Eli’s ability to never get hurt. The better of those two QB’s will probably be the first who is forced to retire.

  5. Ben was just talking about retirement 5 minutes ago… Please. He sounds to me like someone who is gonna have a REALLY hard time letting go of the lime-light.

  6. Isn’t this the first time Ben has spoken up about how much longer he wants to play? I could have sworn the reason why the Steelers are always being linked to QBs is because everyone was assuming Ben is close to retiring? And I don’t think he has ever come out against that.

  7. I think Ben forgot the NFL is a business. Steelers are dropping 23 Million a year on him and if he does not play like a 23 Million dollar QB he too will be shown the door just like all those before him. He may want to talk to his agent if he wants to play 3-5 more years as he has 2 years left on current contract. Details!

  8. scoops1 says:
    May 1, 2018 at 4:52 pm
    Ben loves Waffling more then the gun slinger

    As a Packer fan, I think I’m qualified to say that nobody loved waffling more than the gun slinger.

  9. Big Ben should DEFINITELY pursue a third (3rd) NFL ring.

    If TB12 is going to play until age 45, then why not Big Ben, DaBreeze (Drew Brees) and all of the other Top 10 quarterbacks in the league, assuming they stay healthy enough to do so.

  10. You better hang it up Ben, those playoffs losses are piling up. Five more years of one and done in the playoffs is not a good look.

  11. citizenstrange says:
    May 1, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    Those playoff picks and strip sack fumble touchdowns aren’t going to happen by themselves!

    Same goes for the six TDs. Or had you forgotten?

    Only a clown like you would be looking the QB’s way after that last game.

  12. RussianBreadMaker says:
    May 1, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    I like Ben’s fire. He has come a long way since his rapey days.


    Alright that actually made laugh out loud.

  13. Geez, why so touchy? Mason meant no disrespect to this creep. All he meant by that is it is up to himself to learn the playbook and watch how thjngs are done. No wonder I’ve never been a fan of the Steelers, just because of Ben the big head. I’m a fan of Mason and James Washington, my boys from OK State, but this is going to be hard. Can’t stand Ben. What an ass.

  14. I guess Ben was feeling like he was not getting enough attention today. Next time he’ll talk about how this may be his last year.

  15. It is clear why Ben said he was thinking about retiring . Todd Haley , once Haley was shown the door , his vigor about playing 3 years or longer came in to play . He did not want more years with Haley . Now Ben is happy that Fitch is the new OC . But all that being said , like Shazier you never know when your last game may be . Better to be prepared than not to be .

  16. Great news pittsburgh ! Another three or four seasons losing to new england with the qb who won a super bowl with a 22 qbr

  17. you dont draft someone in the 3rd round to be ‘the guy’

    its a pick to roll the dice and see maybe he turns into the guy

  18. Well if that draft pick got Ben to shut all that diva retirement talk up every year it was a draft pick well spent for the steelers.

  19. Word to the wise to the Steelers brass Ben doesn’t like to hear the word no

    Is that similar to Ray Lewis and a White Suit? You need to grow up dude your Ben jokes are as bad as the Ravens were the last two years.

    Glad to hear Ben will be around for awhile longer… really annoys the crazies on here.

  20. The TB12 and BR7 methods to extend playing days share several similarities, primarily the incorporation of avocados which contain healthy fats, potassium, and fiber. Tom uses them to make a non-dairy ice cream treat. Ben includes them on his Nacho Supremes.

  21. Many teams will not draft or acquire a quarterback if they think that it makes the starter threatened. The starter may feel insecure if the team drafts a quarterback in the early rounds. It was pretty tense when the 49ers signed Steve Young when they had Joe Montana as the starter. Montana still does not get along with Young even though both have been out of football for decades.

  22. Kind of a jerk move by Big Ben especially considering all Big Ben has been talking about come the end of the year the last 2 seasons is retiring, now all of the sudden he wants to play for a lot longer? Make up your mind!!! If Mason Rudolph shows that he can start and proves to be good, has it ever occurred to you that the decision WONT be up to YOU Ben? 2yrs from now they might just release you and go with the young gun son.

  23. Ben needs to walk away while he is still healthy. They will not win another ring while they have Tomlin as a head coach. Tomlin cannot get his team ready to win it all. And, even if they did decide to dump Tomlin next year, they will bring in a new, unheard of, untested, young coach (as they did with Cowher and Tomlin) that will bring in a whole new team and take a few years to get things settled, just when it will be time for Ben to retire.

    Do yourself a favor, Ben, retire now while you still have your head on your shoulders. It has been great having you as my QB, now go save yourself.

  24. I’d love to see Ben play another 3-5 years. Needs to take a tip from Brees and Brady, i.e., go down when you’re about to get sacked instead of trying to escape. Admire his toughness but needs to play smart if he wants to continue playing.

  25. Ben is old, out of shape, and still can’t read defenses! He’s showing his age by acting like an old geezer because of the new, better looking kid on the block. He actually should have hung them up after losing to Jacksonville twice! He’s got nothing left.You’ll see…

  26. Ben acts like he has that choice .. NFL teams do what’s best for them lol

  27. What a joke. The team didn’t draft Mason Rudolph to sit on the bench for 3 years.

  28. We saw last year why it’s important to have an excellent backup QB, and now the Steelers do. I was comparing Rudolph to Big Ben prior to the draft, so the Steelers are loaded at QB. There’s a reason why franchises like the Steelers are always in the playoffs, and teams like Cleveland have the number one pick every year. Rudolph is ten times better than Baker Mayfield.

  29. walker1191 says:
    May 1, 2018 at 8:56 pm
    What a joke. The team didn’t draft Mason Rudolph to sit on the bench for 3 years.


    Yes they did, if Ben chooses to stick around for 3 years.

  30. So the last 2 seasons he threatened retirement, but now that they’ve drafted a guy, he’s going to play 3-5 more years? Whatever, Ben. Same ol’ drama queen.

  31. At least Ben showed some class and confidence by actually acknowledging the situation, unlike Joe Flacco. If you’re confident in your abilities, nobody can take something away from you without your permission.

  32. Seems like all of a sudden the NFL is trying to throw out these older QBs just for the sake of change. Kinda weird that this is happening to Ben and Flacco in the same year

  33. Funny how he keeps hinting at retirement, but when they draft his replacement he’s all about playing until 2023.

  34. Didn’t Roethlisberger immediately state he would be back this year after their loss to Jacksonville? The year before he took his time deciding.

    As a Steelers fan, I’m hoping Roethlisberger can continue to play at an elite level and not treat the Steelers the way Favre treated the Packers.

  35. LOL, talk about Favre syndrome. Contemplates retirement the past few seasons with no viable franchise guy in the fold, and threatens 5 more years days after getting one.

  36. charliecharger says:
    May 1, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Rudolph is ten times better than Baker Mayfield.
    Sure, sure he is. That’s why every other team passed on him twice, including the Steelers.

  37. Until the next time he comes to Philly and cries “maybe I can’t do this anymore” or he throws five picks against Jacksonville. Better start praying to the schedule gods.

  38. Geez Ben. Can’t you just welcome him and stop being the self centered drama queen that you are for once.

  39. What happened to “maybe I just don’t have it anymore” ? Is he changing his tune because he knows a good QB is going to be nipping at his heels?

  40. If I was a steelers fan I don’t know if I would like this. Ben is past his prime. He never plays a whole season. The only reason the Steelers offense is amazing is because of Brown and Bell. Once Bells leaves, their Superbowl window has closed.

  41. Blake Bortles, Joe Flacco, and Tom Brady just went down to the bar to celebrate. Anyone got Tebow’s number?

  42. Great news pittsburgh ! Another three or four seasons losing to new england with the qb who won a super bowl with a 22 qbr
    He also won another superbowl on one of the greatest drives in NFL history and there’s no truth the Steelers will lose to the patsies in the future when the world knows they beat them last year. Invalid post here.

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