Jarius Wright: I could teach Norv Turner’s offense to a baby

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The Panthers drafted wide receiver D.J. Moore in the first round of the draft and they’ll soon get to work teaching him the offensive system put in place by offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

One of the people helping to impart that knowledge to the rookie is a player he could find himself competing against for playing time. The Panthers signed Jarius Wright to a three-year deal this offseason and Wright comes to Carolina with more than two years of time in Turner’s system under his belt.

Wright played for the Vikings when Turner was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota and his time with the coach has left him confident that he knows all there is to know about the offense.

“I feel I could teach Norv Turner’s offense to a baby,” Wright said, via the Charlotte Observer. “I know every aspect of it. I know how he wants everything run. If Norv forgets something, he can just come ask me.”

Wright’s production slipped after Turner left the Vikings in the middle of the 2016 season, so he and the Panthers likely hope that a reunion sparks better results. It will be all the better for the team if it also helps spur Moore to early success as well.

27 responses to “Jarius Wright: I could teach Norv Turner’s offense to a baby

  1. All Jarius did was the bubble screens, a quick out slant and sideline fly. He could not do anything else so…take his comments with a grain of salt.

  2. It probably could be taught to an infant because of how simplistic it seems to be.

    As a Vikings fan I was kind of sad to see Wright go, but I was pretty thrilled when Norv left.

  3. Wright was a nice under-the-radar pickup. And for D.J. Moore, any receiver who Steve Smith refers to as his “spirit animal” is an instant favorite of mine. Can’t wait to see him on the field.

    After years of watching Kelvin Benjamin show up to camp weighing almost 300 lbs and lazily stumble through routes all season long, it’s exciting to think that we might actually have a formidable WR group for the first time since Steve Smith/Muhsin Muhammad. Develop Funchess, sign Wright, draft Moore. Thomas at TE looks like a promising prospect as well. Will be fun to watch if these guys can click and put it all together!

    Hurry up September!!

  4. So the Panthers get rid of Mike Shula and bring in Norv Turner?
    Kudos to Norv for getting hired by, what – his 15th NFL franchise?
    I’m surprised every time he gets another job…

  5. Every coach that’s been around since 1990 could teach it too. The outdated and utterly predictable offense he runs has no imagination or tweak on the fly aspects to it. Zimmer wanted to install some of Shurmers ideas and old Norv got huffy and quit. Good riddance quitter.

  6. I had always been a Norv fan, thought he got a bum deal in SD as they had the worst stadium deal in the NFL. I was so excited when he became the Vikings OC, then after watching his offense here I was very pleased when the team decided to move on and go with Shurmur. It just seems like Norv’s offense hasn’t adapted with the the way the game is played now. It’s the same thing that worked over a decade ago, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work consistently in today’s NFL.

  7. Hey Carolina – You will now see how bad Matt Khalil really is. Cam with 7 step drops is going to get murdered back there.

  8. It’s hard to argue with that comment. As a Viking fan, I liked Turner’s offense during the 2014 season when Adrian Peterson was suspended. Turner didn’t have the bell-cow back to rely on, and Teddy Bridgewater turned in some impressive performances that year, especially in wins over Atlanta, Washington and the Jets. Turner wasn’t afraid to throw the ball down the field during that season. However, when Peterson returned the following season, Turner got much more conservative and predictable with his play-calling, relying too much on Peterson and not opening up the offense.

    I hope you Panther fans get to find out how good Jarius Wright really is. He only had 18 catches last season, but nearly all of them made the highlight reel. This guy is clutch when given the chance.

  9. Jarius Wright is a great pick-up by the Panthers — talented receiver, great hands, and strong locker-room guy. It’s a shame Diggs and Thielen minimized his use, but they are just better players. Everything about Norv’s offense has been said — inflexible, predictable, and ultimately out-dated. Norv is a great person and experienced coach, but the best thing to happen to the Vikes was for Norv to walk out when Zim started pressuring him to change a few things.

  10. filthymcnasty3 says:
    May 1, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Viking fans are known for being big babies.


    So sad, you can’t even troll creatively anymore.

  11. I’m a Vikes fan. I miss Jarius. He’s been a fan favorite ever since we drafted him. Like others said he doesn’t get thrown to tons but he always makes his catch and was great for clutch and yards after catch. Gonna hate to play again him. Panthers got an awesome player, you guys should be happy.

  12. A real man says says:
    May 1, 2018 at 4:07 pm
    That offense won a couple of Super Bowls while in Dallas. Thanks, scrub 4th WR on a team who has never won a thing for your comments.


    Pretty condescending comment from a guy who couldn’t hold Wright’s jock you’re even less qualified than he is to make any comments

  13. Great pick up by the Panthers.Wright’s numbers dipped because Diggs and Thielen’s numbers grew. Wright is still a solid WR, clutch player. Good in the locker room.There seems to be some over reaction to Jarius stating he knows this offense very well with these comments. SKOL

  14. Judging by Norv Turner’s offense in Minnesota, he’s right. Its hand off left, hand off right, each for 2 yards and then throw a pass into the flat incomplete, Punt. repeat if necessary.

  15. Is it any surprise at all, that Wright could teach the Vikings offense to a baby? And that Viking fans try to pass it off to us as some brilliant scheme?

  16. Wright is a great 3rd/4th receiver. Makes big plays when needed. Norv’s offense sucks. It’s way out dated. It consists of 5 step drops and throwing the ball deep, with power running. Unless you have an elite Offense Line it just can’t be done, which is why it failed in MN. A lot of teams struggle with offensive line play in the league now a days which is why this system just doesn’t work. Defensive Line players get bigger and faster so it’s harder to protect QB’s.

    Most teams seem to run a West Coast style now a days.

  17. Carl Gerbschmidt says:

    May 2, 2018 at 6:29 am

    Is it any surprise at all, that Wright could teach the Vikings offense to a baby? And that Viking fans try to pass it off to us as some brilliant scheme?


    Actually Norv Turner is not our offensive coordinator, so it’s not our offense. It’s Norv’s offense. And us Vikings (at least majority of us), did not like Norv’s scheme when he was here.

  18. What is truly scary is being in year 1 of a total rebuild.

    “This offseason resembles a Year 1 offseason,” McCarthy said…. “We’ve taken a totally different approach. We’ve gone back to Page 1 in the playbook.”

  19. Vikings fan. Will really miss WRight. Great clutch WR. Wish he was our #3 guy. Norv should just stay retired. The best thing Norv ever did for the Vikings is quit. Better have a good back up for Norv and Cam as they are both going to get each other killed.

    Norv fits as well as OC for the Panthers as AP fit as a RB with the Saints.

    I betting neither NOrv or Cam make it to the end of the Season.

  20. Don’t be surprised after a couple losses if Norv just leaves the team. However, if you give him HoF players, a great defense, and a great headcoach, he will do ok and take most of the credit.

  21. What is truly scary is needing to change an entire offense that was simple enough for babies to understand, into something grown men can compete with. That’s a huge off-season adjustment. At least the Packers are only updating a playbook.

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