NFL doles out four more international practice squaders

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As the NFL continues to try to build its international brand, they continue to dole out a few players to hang around teams for a year to build interest.

The league announced that eight teams will carry international players on their practice squads this year, with each team in the AFC North getting a player and the NFC South teams bringing theirs back from last season.

The name of the bunch is Moritz Böhringer, who has been allocated to the Bengals. He was a sixth-round pick of the Vikings in 2016, after a standout career with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns of the German Football League. He spent the 2016 season on their practice squad.

Other players include German Football League fullback Christopher Ezeala (Ravens), former British American Football League defensive back Tigie Sankoh (Browns) and former English professional rugby player/tight end Christian Scotland-Williamson (Steelers). Tight end Alex Gray (Falcons), defensive end Alex Jenkins (Saints), linebacker Eric Nzeocha (Buccaneers), and defensive end Efe Obada (Panthers) return for another year as well.

They can’t be promoted to the active roster (such that they would), so it’s an extra body for coaches and a marketing opportunity for the league.

7 responses to “NFL doles out four more international practice squaders

  1. They can’t be promoted to the active roster (such that they would), so it’s an extra body…

    Why can’t they be brought up? Throw them in there! Just like a 19 inning baseball game, the second baseman is pitching in the 19th because they ran out of pitchers. Just give the dude a chance.

  2. I saw a rugby video of Christian Scotland-Williamson running through tackles and over other players, he sure looked good at that. This is a great opportunity for him and and an important program if the NFL is serious about doing more business with Europe. Good luck to him.

    Go Steelers!

  3. The Unicorns? Really? Why would you ever name your team after something that never existed? I think “Unicorns” is a worse name than Argonauts – which Toronto chose for their Canadian football name. An Argonaut is a small octopus that floats on the water.

  4. akaodoyle says:

    May 1, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns is like 90% of the way to London Silly Nannies.


    LOL. I was going to say something about how their mighty unicorns were going to strike fear in the opposing team, but you nailed it.

  5. Steelers are going to wish they could sign that TE to the active roster. Right now, they’re stuck with Butterfingers James who absolutely loses it when they play the Patriots.

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