Bears won’t pick up Kevin White option

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The Bears still have hopes for Kevin White.

They’re just not going to spend that much money on those hopes.

According to Mike Garofolo of the NFL Network, the Bears won’t be picking up the wide receiver’s $13.9 million option for 2019.

That seems like a prudent move, since White has mostly been injured, and injury is the only thing the option is guaranteed for.

The former No. 7 overall pick has played five of a possible 48 games in his three pro seasons, and the Bears stacked in options at the position over him this year. They’ll still give him a chance to contribute, but he’s now in the mix with free agent pickups Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel and second-round pick Anthony Miller.

If White somehow stays healthy and has a breakout season, he could cash in as a free agent next spring, but there’s little reason to expect that.

20 responses to “Bears won’t pick up Kevin White option

  1. shocking to me that he can play 5 games and be considered for a 5th year option…..

    he hasnt even played a full season, much less 3

  2. .
    This dude must have been born under a bad sign. We was the 7th overall pick and seemed to have it all in front of him. However, since that point, it’s been one injury after another.

  3. I mean cmon, if he stays healthy this year he has to be at least good enough to be the #4 WR on the team, right? Right?? I’m not asking for much at this point out of a top 7 overall pick.

  4. It’s a contract year for him. So expect him to be healthy and be big contributor for the Bears this season.

    It’s funny how a lot of players who have underperformed seem to play great and stay healthy in a contract year

  5. I can understand training too hard for the combine and getting shin splints so bad you need surgery (Year 1). I can kinda see how he was tackled and broke his leg (Year 2). Not a Zach Miller type of injury on the replays, but weird stuff happens.

    To get a broken shoulder blade from a seemingly normal NFL tackle from behind (Year 3)?

    It’s too bad. I don’t think anyone questions his heart. Hey, it could be just bad luck, right? But, no one’s going to extend this guy past year 4.

  6. Makes sense — make him actually earn his next contract. Who knows, maybe the injury stars will align for the guy this season.

  7. faithful49er707 says:
    May 2, 2018 at 3:07 pm
    It’s a contract year for him. So expect him to be healthy and be big contributor for the Bears this season.

    Maybe, but you cannot assume he will have the opportunity given his track record even if he’s 100% healthy. Where is he on this depth chart that features Robinson and Gabriel? And where does that leave an influx of opportunity? I think he’s in a bad spot regardless of availability at this point. Could be wrong, but that’s my intuition.

  8. I hope he saved his money…..because after this year he is probably done and in the NFL bust pile.

  9. I read somewhere that he has been participating in practice by taking “mental reps”. What a laugh!!!!

  10. jimmysee says:
    May 2, 2018 at 3:10 pm
    Kevin got paid pretty well for a part-time job.

    Right!!?? lolol 5 out of a possible 48 games. That’s just a hair
    over 10%!! That’s more like part time part time part time. Through
    the 2017 season, he’s already made $11.1 million dollars. It’s a good
    thing these clowns don’t have to punch in on a time clock like the rest of
    us average Joe Schmoe’s do!!

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