Fraud lawsuit against Eli Manning moves closer to trial

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The Giants’ Organized Team Activities begin on May 21. A week before that, another type of organized activities involving the Giants will get rolling.

The lawsuit alleging that quarterback Eli Manning committed memorabilia fraud remains scheduled to head to trial on May 14.

The process commences with jury selection, which could take roughly a day. One of the biggest questions regarding the process of screening jurors could be whether Giants fans are permitted to serve on the panel.

Barring a settlement, the case will proceed to a verdict. And if the verdict results in a finding that Manning committed fraud, things could get very interesting.

As previously explained, the Personal Conduct Policy seems to encompass fraud, whether prosecuted as criminal fraud or not. There also could be a question as to whether the Giants properly disclosed the potential Personal Conduct Policy violation in a timely manner, which could trigger discipline for the team and any responsible individuals.

Even if Manning is exonerated, the evidence that comes out at trial could arguably compel an investigation by the NFL. If he’s found to have committed fraud, a failure by the NFL to investigate the matter could become awkward and glaring, inviting claims of special treatment provided to a quarterback who plays for a team that is believed to enjoy most-favored-nation status in the eyes of the league office.

42 responses to “Fraud lawsuit against Eli Manning moves closer to trial

  1. Giant are a team with most favored nation status ,,I like it !

  2. Eli seems like a classy and upstanding person. Hope this isn’t true – but i am jaded enough to believe that if he were guilty, wouldn’t he have paid for this to go away? I’d like to think that he’s fighting it to clear his name.

    Only time will tell. But, if he is guilty – then he should be subject to whatever appropriate penalties would apply to any other player.

  3. if Eli is proven to be guilty then the NFL will have no choice but to suspend Eli for 4 games and dock the New York football Giants a 1st and a 4th—-integrity of the league would be at stake

  4. “the Personal Conduct Policy seems to encompass fraud”

    “seems”? I would have thought that would be a cut and dried thing.

  5. He’s guilty as sin but goodell and media have shut their eyes, covered their ears, shook their heads and loudly chanted na na na na….. ever since he got caught red handed. It will be paid off and goodell can focus on trying to grasp why he can’t twist all that psi data to support his entrapment fiasco.

  6. neatpete1 says:
    May 2, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    “the Personal Conduct Policy seems to encompass fraud”

    “seems”? I would have thought that would be a cut and dried thing.
    To attorneys, nothing is cut and dried.

  7. Just think of all the stuff he can sell next year after his 3rd Super Bowl victory !

  8. Its ELI for goodness sake. He’ll be fine. If the Giants had thought for a second that this would get stupid the draft would have gone much differently.

  9. Maybe they should have taken a new quarterback in the draft when they had a chance.

  10. Whatever happened to Prescott’s fake autographed football cards ? I think Manning is as guilty as sin but what’s good for the goose is good for the mediocre

  11. It’s interesting that certain Giants fans find this comical. Their QB is accused of FRAUD, yet they find it funny! Let’s see how funny they think the situation is when he’s found guilty, and rightly punished by the NFL.
    No way he’s gets a pass on this.

  12. Enough evidence to go to trial should result in a mandatory suspension for Manning. There’s no way around it. Zeke got suspended with no charges filed against him. Fraud falls under the personal conduct of the NFL policy, Eli’s screwed.

  13. Word has it that Eli has already taken orders for and delivered dozens of Barkley “game worn” jerseys and helmets

  14. This will definitely lead to league actions. They’ll look to see if brady did something similar and suspend him and Belichick for 8 games if some high paid lawyer is willing to conclude it is more likely than not

  15. The case against Eli is stronger than the one against Zeke, and significantly stronger than the case against Brady. But then again, so was the Peyton HGH case. I’m gonna guess he gets the preferential treatment that the mannings and the Giants always get. Hell, Manning had it shipped to his house for cripes sake. And the “fertility” excuse isn’t even a thing. In the history of infertility HGH has never been a medical solution, except for 5 head’s Wife, shocker.

  16. So whats up with the pictures of OBJ that surfaced? Yep, you forgot already haven’t you? Swept under the rug. If this proceeds, Mara is going to kick Goodell out of the country club. Oh heavens, we can’t have that now can’t we?

  17. You crazies need to chill. How hard is it to understand this is NOT a criminal case? Manning is not going to be found “guilty” of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Some guy is suing for money damages, claiming he was misled about the genuineness of some jersey (I assume). I don’t know squat about the case and care even less about the Giants, but this is a civil case and we have yet to see just what the evidence is and how credible it might be. Plus, there’s nothing preventing the sides from settling at any time before a verdict is rendered or even afterwards.

    Yes, something worse may come out of this if the evidence is really strongly in favor of the plaintiff. But, if that were the case there would have been a settlement already – no lawyer would recommend going to trial with a losing case. THis is going to a civil trial precisely because nobody is sure the plaintiff can win.

  18. Old chuck and duck will not be able to get away from this one. Will be funny reading the new york press cover this.

  19. This can’t be any worse than when Jeff George was handing out “autographed” football cards and he actually hadn’t signed them, they were pre-printed!

  20. Hell, suspend him. It seems to be the only way we’ll ever get to see one of the younger QB’s on the roster take the field in a real game, since Mara is an obvious coward who lets the outraged fanbase make the decisions.

  21. The plaintiff in this case is an equipment dealer charged by the feds for selling fake jerseys. The other five dealers that got charged in the bust plead guilty yet this guy got a dismissal by arguing that Steiner Sports and Manning were really the ones to blame.

    Something doesn’t add up here. Unless the plaintiff has a smoking-gun email that hasn’t yet been released, there is no evidence that points to Steiner Sports or Manning as having done anything wrong.

    And for what its worth, a professional quarterback who is already filthy rich has far less motive to commit fraud than a professional equipment dealer.

  22. patriots123456 says:

    Eli’s own emails are going to do him in.
    He should have stuck with deliberating which pool cover to buy, like Brady’s emails.

  23. pointtwopsiistheissue says:
    May 2, 2018 at 8:24 pm
    It’s interesting that certain Giants fans find this comical. Their QB is accused of FRAUD, yet they find it funny! Let’s see how funny they think the situation is when he’s found guilty, and rightly punished by the NFL.
    No way he’s gets a pass on this.

    Its “comical” because the plaintiff in this case is a sleazy used equipment dealer who faced federal charges for selling fake jerseys.

  24. 95% of civil cases settle before or during trial. This one will also. The plaintiff’s actual financial loss was a whopping $5,000.

  25. This is *almost* as bad as the fraud that Peyton helped to perpetuate while marketing Papa John’s as “pizza.”

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