NFL referee Walt Anderson resigns post as Big-12 officiating supervisor

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Big-12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced Wednesday that Walt Anderson has resigned his position as Coordinator of Football Officials for the conference to focus on his full-time role with the NFL, via George Schroeder of USA Today.

Anderson become one of 21 full-time officiating hires by the league last year but continued to serve in his role overseeing the Big 12 as well through last season. It was a post he’d held with the conference since 2006.

Anderson joined the NFL officiating roster in 1996 and was promoted to referee in 2003. He’s officiated 17 playoff games, including Super Bowl XXXV (Ravens-Giants) as a line judge and Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers) as a referee.

He was also the referee for the New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship game in January 2015 that ignited the Deflategate fiasco.


4 responses to “NFL referee Walt Anderson resigns post as Big-12 officiating supervisor

  1. that can only be a good thing for the Big 12, their officiating has been a running joke for years

  2. His Deflategate testimony to Fraudger was all accepted but for the single most key point – which of 2 gauges he used before the game. This was because the gauges measured differently and the one he said he used would have made the drop (measured by the other gauge) less and to just within natural deflation range, and so exonerate Brady.

    To push the NFL’s baseless assertion that Walt was confused, Exponent’s report provided a photo of both gauges in which a label was removed from one and the other’s much longer, crooked needle was partly hidden so as to make them look similar.

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