Report: No sign of Earl Thomas as Seahawks begin Phase 2 of workouts

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It appears Earl Thomas remains a no-show as the Seahawks began Phase 2 workouts Wednesday. The team posted 23 photos of the workouts, and Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports that the safety wasn’t represented.

Thomas’ continuing absence from the voluntary work isn’t a surprise.

The Seahawks may or may not have Thomas on the trade block; they may or may not be “counting” on him; the Cowboys may or may not still have interest in trading for him; and Thomas may or may not holdout in the absence of a new contract. Are you following?

Thomas and the Seahawks appear to know as much about his future as you and I do.

This much is known: Thomas currently is scheduled to make $8.5 million in base salary before becoming a free agent in 2019.

27 responses to “Report: No sign of Earl Thomas as Seahawks begin Phase 2 of workouts

  1. Earl has all the leverage now either they give him a shiny new contract or he walks to the Cowboys next off season cause Dallas is officiallly out of cap hell then and can pay him anything he wants

  2. In like Earl Thomas and I would like to see him play for my team, the Cowboys, but I don’t see how it would work finally.

  3. He is obviously unhappy, has been for months. I wonder, is it better to have no player than an unhappy one?
    Perhaps he feels that $8.5 million is not enough to have to “bow” to the god Russell?

  4. Still amazed at the amount of people that think Dallas should give up a high draft pick for him when they can get him for free next year. Thomas will not put them in the Superbowl next year so why waste a high draft pick. It’s clear he doesn’t want to be in Seattle and Seattle doesn’t want to pay him franchise tag money. He’s been great a long time and because he has been great a long time means that he doesn’t have a long time left, where as a high draft should be around a good while.

  5. just trade the man to Dallas for a 3rd rounder next year, it’s better than the 4th rounder you will get as a compensatory pick from the league, plus he wants out of Seattle real bad.

  6. Come on Reggie… Oakland has a young secondary and need more than 1.5 difference makers on defense.

  7. He’s not going anywhere unless the Cowboys pay up. They can keep him this year and then Franchise Tag him next year at $11.3 million give or take. He’s easily worth that and he has no leverage. Dallas can add him in 2020 when he’s 31 going on 32.

  8. Does Vegas have any odds that Petey will be penalized for excessive contact in these workouts? Seems like a good bet to make.

  9. If Seattle does not deal him, then he walks away in March 2019 and the Hawks recoup a compensatory pick (probably a 3rd rounder) in 2020. A 3rd rounder in 2020 = a 4th rounder in 2019. That’s the floor on trade value right now.

    Or, trade him straight up for a high quality Cowboys offensive lineman so Russell Wilson isn’t running for his life all the time.

  10. Earl wants an extension and the Cowboys want Earl if an extension can be made. Until Earl and Seahawks work out an extension, nothing much will happen. If nothing is done, expect Earl to be franchised next year. So, maybe in three years, Earl will be able to play for the Cowboys or another team.

    My hopefully inspired guess; Earl will continue as a Seahawk and retire as a Seahawk.

  11. Keep in mind Thomas is not getting any younger. Realistically he has 2 quality years left. It maybe 1 quality year left. So if I were Seattle I would let him holdout and play one more year for them. That excellent Seattle defense of a 3 years ago was a collective effort of really good players now 90% of them are gone. Thomas could be exposed with lesser players because he has already lost at least half a step if not a step. That is huge in The NFL.

  12. Good grief, Dallas fans think he’s signing with them a year from now? Seattle will trade him somewhere else for the same level pick and Thomas will sign an extension with them. This isn’t a Dallas or nothing thing. Cowboys aren’t much better than the Browns so why exactly the Cowboys aren’t more interested in getting a top level safety is a bit baffling.

  13. Another non-story. Earl, like a lot of vets, never attend these things. Anyone who follows him knows he is a big family man and appreciates time with the fam in the offseason. He continues to work out vigorously on his own. If he was going to be traded it would have happened during the draft or free agency. Blowing smoke at this point.

    Go HAWKS

  14. Why does anyone believe Thomas wants to go and play for Dallas? The guy is used to playing in the postseason…..I’d say that excludes Dallas

  15. Maybe the Seahawks have asked Earl not to be there… but them maybe we can also stop reporting conjecture as facts. Probably not…

  16. The Seahawks seem to pick the most selfish players. I’m surprised Reid and CK haven’t signed with them yet.

  17. Nothing has given me greater pleasure than watching the hilarious dismantling of the league’s most disliked team. I don’t mind Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson seems like a good guy but the best of them are a wild bunch of egomaniacs.
    Welcome to the NFC West cellar boys….

  18. The Hawks aren’t going anywhere next year, they won’t franchise him in 2019, he’s not happy, and the Hawks need to retool with young players – the solution ain’t exactly hard to ascertain.

  19. Earl Thomas III will not wear that ugly Seattle uniform in 2019. not sure if he will wear that nice blue uniform of the Cowpies though. May be he will join the Vegas Raiders and wear the silver and black. Who knows.

  20. Not a surprise. The Seahawks are up against the cap wall and will want to sign their roster first to see what they have to deal with Thomas. He’s still the best there is in the league. At worse I would think the hawks would say produce in 2018 and we’ll trade you to where you’re wanting to go. The Seahawks reward results and I cannot imagine them giving Earl a raw deal. They’ll sign him if they can or work with him for a trade after this season.

  21. nhpats says:

    May 2, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    Why does anyone believe Thomas wants to go and play for Dallas? The guy is used to playing in the postseason…..I’d say that excludes Dallas
    Because Earl told Garrett that at halftime of the Seahawks/Cowboys game last year!

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