XFL considering putting a team in Orlando

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Next year, the Alliance of American Football plans to put one of its teams in Orlando. In 2020, the XFL possibly will, too.

Via Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, the XFL is exploring the possibility of putting a team at Orlando’s Camping World Stadium. The AAF plans to play at UCF’s Spectrum Stadium.

During the first run of the XFL in 2001, Orlando played host to a team known as the Rage (pictured).

The XFL, like the AAF, plans to put franchises in eight cities. In cities targeted by both leagues, the AAF will get the benefit of a one-year head start.

The AAF also plans to put a team in Atlanta, and the league founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian also is reportedly discussing the possibility of playing games at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

The dustbin of sports history is filled with dirt from the cleats of defunct pro football leagues. The potential proliferation of gambling could make these alternative professional gambits more viable. People will want something on which to bet, and once they place their bets they’ll have an incentive to watch the game on which they’ve wagered.

7 responses to “XFL considering putting a team in Orlando

  1. XFL was such a joke. I can’t believe people are taking this desperate reboot attempt seriously. They are purely trying to capitalize on the outrage of all the phonies who use false patriotism to validate their insecurities and prejudices to themselves. “We’re gonna start the XFL again and national anthems will be mandatory! Military! Murica! Rabble rabble rabble!”

    Give me a break. WWE is a joke, XFL is a laughing stock. Nothing but gimmicks and watered down garbage.

  2. halfcentaur says:
    May 2, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    “Give me a break. WWE is a joke, XFL is a laughing stock. Nothing but gimmicks and watered down garbage.”

    Um…..isn’t this what the NFL has turned into as well? The London gimmick,The Janet Jackson gimmick,The phoney review system, The watered down physicality of the sport as a whole, The attempted removal of whole parts of the game(kick returns as an example)? Im not defending the WWE of XFL but I think you have your gimmicks and watered down sports wrong

  3. if they leave out all the sissy safety rules they might have a chance

  4. The XFL was a total joke the first time around. It’ won’t be any different this time around. Orlando simply need to pass on an XFL franchise. Keep the AAF franchise!

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