Les Snead: We want Brandin Cooks around for a long time

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The Rams traded for a wide receiver in 2017, but Sammy Watkins‘ stay with the team was a brief one as he left for the Chiefs as a free agent in March.

General Manager Les Snead said Thursday that the team hopes to avoid a repeat with the wide receiver they acquired in a trade this year. Brandin Cooks is in the final year of his deal and Snead told Adam Schein of Mad Dog Sports Radio that talks about a new one have started.

“We’ve been in discussions with his agents and they’re well aware we want to get something done,” Snead said. “We do think he’s a perfect fit for us. We want to make sure that he’s around, and around for a long time. We also have some other contracts we need to deal with over the next month, two months.”

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald is the most pressing of those other contract issues and Snead said that the team does have a timetable in mind for ending his multi-year push for a new deal. Snead didn’t share the details of that timetable during his appearance, but finally getting it out of the way would make it easier to start planning for how to tackle the other ones currently on the table.

7 responses to “Les Snead: We want Brandin Cooks around for a long time

  1. Wait till you see how he gives up too soon on plays, shows his alligator arms and goes down on the first touch. The patriots found out the hard expensive way.

  2. Good receiver when he gets open and made some good play for the Pats when he did so.

    But does not fight well against physical corners and allows himself to lose position to DBs who won’t give up space easily.

  3. He’d be fabulous if he was 3-4 inches taller.

    Pretty sure if you were to ask the best WR in the NFL, height doesn’t preclude anyone from being great at that position…but effort just might make all the difference in the world. The main discrepancy between Antonio Brown and Cooks?? One works like a 6th rounder, the other works like a 1st rounder (entitled, complacent). Boom, there you have it.

  4. Brandin Cooks had 65 catches for 1,082 yards in the 2018 regular season, good for 11th place in the NFL. In his first 4 years in the NFL he has caught 280 passes for 3,943 yards. He is rated as the 12th, 15th, or 16th best wide receiver in the NFL from three different sites.

  5. He is one very good piece in a very good Offence. All he needs to do is draw dbl coverage and the other very good pieces will do their part. Then ,once you give up on dbling him, he will roast you deep. Go ahead and press him, there are too many weapons to shut down! HORNS UP!!!!!

  6. Most people are talking about the Eagles, Falcons,Saints and packers for next year run in the playoffs. I think the Rams are a team to watch as I like their off season moves. And they were good to begin with. Rams have a really good team.Skol

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