Lions trade Akeem Spence to Miami

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The Lions have agreed to trade defensive tackle Akeem Spence to the Dolphins, Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports.

Earlier Thursday, the Lions agreed to restructure Spence’s contract. It dropped his base salary from $3.15 million to $2.575 million, with some incentives added back in to allow him to recoup some of the money. It cleared $500,000 in cap space.

The Lions signed Spence to a three-year, $10.5 million deal last offseason to add some heft to the middle of their line.

In his only season in Detroit, Spence played 16 games, starting 11. He made 39 tackles and three sacks.

The Dolphins released defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in the offseason, so Spence will add depth at the position.

25 responses to “Lions trade Akeem Spence to Miami

  1. Spence wasn’t much more in the DL last year than a snickers bar;

    good to see Detroit weed out the pretenders from actual players;

  2. Spence/Philips/Godchaux/Taylor and throw in Hayes and Quinn every now and then, that’s not a bad lineup for the DT position. Especially since all of those players combined cap hit this season is still less than Suh’s was, literally.

  3. Spence had a career best year for him filling in for Ngata. He’s young and showing growth, a 6/7th round pick and this is a good gamble. 6/7th round picks are normally camp bodies that hope to make the practice squad, so I’m ok with this move.

  4. Word is they gave up a 7th, I’m sure it’s the one they got for Landry. To get a 26 year old veteran DT for the rotation at just over $2 mil per season… great move by the Phins. Spence is a good player.

  5. Suh never improved the Dolphins’ Defense against the run, or in sacks, while he was on the team.

  6. steve11blog says:
    May 3, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    I hope its a 7th rounder…

    or 8th!

  7. Wonder if the Lions have any chance to now pick up Johnathan Hankins who is more of a scheme fit and still unsigned. I know he wants a decent chunk of change

  8. 2ndstringqbshredsPatriots(Patricia) says:
    May 3, 2018 at 4:35 pm
    From one cr@p team to another.

    You’re totally obsessed with the Lions. In fact you have at least four accounts that you seem to have created for the sole purpose of trash talking the Lions. It’s really obvious and laughable

  9. He didn’t fit the Patricia Defense and is better in a 4-3 like the Fins play. Absolute steal for a rotational starting Interior DLine player for a 7th rounder and a salary of $2.85M. Good Job Fins! Godcheaux is awesome but we need some depth and I didn’t see if coming from any UDFAs. This Defense will be much improved.

  10. Now all Detroit needs to do is swap Ansah to a team that runs a traditional 43 defense and sign Johnathan Hankins and use the difference to grab another linebacker.

  11. Palm Beach Post will thing Miami won the super bowl. Read it and weep along with all the MLB scores, late, late, late etc.

  12. He was pretty worthless last season, but we’re so thin.. Hope folks are right about Hankins or tackling dummies are gonna get a starting nod

  13. Good pick up. I like the Phins depth at DT with the 2 draft picks from last yr, Spence and Phillips. I do feel this D will be better with Fitzpatrick, McMillan coming back, Quinn coming in, the young corners with more experience now and the speedy LB from the draft.

  14. 26 year old with NFL playing experience could be a good pick up … we’ll see. Need more of the same to battle in camp to see who wants it.

  15. Don’t bother Spartanland. Just another immature troll like a few other Lion Fan wanna be’s.

  16. As soon as Ngata got hurt the run defense was horrible. Spence was no help.

  17. Spence did put up Career #’s but When Ngata started the first 5 games the Lions only gave up 74.6 yards per carry. When Ngata got hurt and Spence took over as starter for the Last 11 games the Lions gave up 129.7 yards per carry. So he may have had career #’s but he definitely was a below average DL last season.

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