Vikings sign four draft picks

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The Vikings didn’t waste any time getting four draft picks signed.

Minnesota announced Thursday it has agreed to terms with Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson, a fifth-round pick, Appalachian State guard Colby Gossett, a sixth-round pick, Tulane defensive end Ade Aruna, a sixth-round pick, and Cal linebacker Devante Downs, a seventh-round pick.

That is half the Vikings’ draft class.

They also drafted Central Florida cornerback Mike Hughes in the first round, Pittsburgh offensive tackle Brian O'Neill in the second round, Ohio State defensive end Jalyn Holmes in the fourth round and Central Michigan tight end Tyler Conklin in the fifth round.

11 responses to “Vikings sign four draft picks

  1. I don’t like to see the SB talk. I understand the excitement of last year hang over but 13 wins last year mean not so much this year. It is nice to see the Vikings getting a quick start on signing their draft picks.

  2. They’ll let forbath compete through OTAs. That 4 year deal is pretty much the writing on the wall though. The sooner he’s cut the better, for him. He needs to be looking for a new team like now. I’m looking forward to seeing jalyn holmes and hughes. There may be other players that make impacts in this group but those 2 guys I think are the two guys who have the true upside to he impact players. Hughes is far more likely than holmes, but I’m telling you if Holmes can find a way into a defensive line rotation that the vikes wanna adopt, he can be a real monster if he becomes more than the project he currently is.

  3. Fmc651
    I don’t like it either. Of course it’s the hope of all fans, but idk that people realize how incredibly difficult it is and how much just cause we had a great season, it does not guarantee us a repeat trip to getting so close again. Makes me nervous when people talk about it.

  4. I like that they drafted for need, and filled some weak spots, on the roster. I don’t like trying to grade a draft, right after it occurred….Let’s face it, the draft is a crap shoot (can you say Ryan Leaf?).

  5. Knew8411
    They didn’t really draft for need tho this year at all. Maybe used need as a guideline, but they took the best available with their first and went from there. They knew if they took Hughes with that first rounder that he is a high upside guy who fell to them at that spot, if they had been drafting for need, they would have taken an offensive lineman. They knew if they took Hughes there was little to no chance to get an offensive lineman that’s a first year impact player. OL was the biggest need we had. That said, I love that our team drafts that way. Get as many picks as possible and take the absolute best player at every pick. It maximizes the odds that you hit on as many of your picks as possible and it’s clearly working for us, especially with the way spielman drafts in the mid to late rounds.

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