Hue Jackson reiterates that Tyrod Taylor is the starter and “that won’t change”


Baker Mayfield is not going to win the starting quarterback job before the start of the season. Browns coach Hue Jackson reiterated that Tyrod Taylor is the team’s starter with no competition.

I’m not going to back off of this,” Jackson said, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We can keep writing this narrative. Tyrod Taylor’s the starting quarterback of this football team, and that won’t change.”

The Browns, of course, made Mayfield the No. 1 overall pick. Teams don’t use No. 1 overall picks on players who are going to ride the bench for long. But Jackson also wants to make sure that Mayfield doesn’t get thrown into the fire before he is ready. The Browns have been down that road before.

Cody Kessler was 0-8 as a rookie in 2016, and DeShone Kizer went 0-15 as a rookie in 2017.

“He has a lot of characteristics that we love. That’s why he’s here,” Jackson said of Mayfield. “[But] let’s make sure we pump our brakes a little bit, because he’s got a ways to go and a lot to learn. I’m very excited about him. It was a good first day, but he’s got a ways to go. The guy you’re comparing him to [Taylor] has played a lot of games, and won games in the National Football League.”

Jackson hopes Taylor, who is 22-20 as a starter, will take Mayfield under his wing and serve as a mentor.

“Tyrod has demonstrated every day what it’s like to be a starting quarterback in the National Football League,” Jackson said. “I want some of that to rub off on [Mayfield] so he can see firsthand what it means to play quarterback in the National Football League. Baker doesn’t know. . . . The thing I like about the young man, he’s going to do the work. I truly believe that.”

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  1. His Jackson did not want Baker Mayfield. He wanted Tyrod as the starter from the jump. He was some how involved in the fiasco of a trade that got Sashi fired. 1-31 and the guy still has a job. Give him credit for playing politics. Didn’t work out for him doing that in OAK, but apparently he got better at playing “The Game of Thrones”. When you play…you win or you die. He ain’t winning or dying…just losing. He can call a decent game as an OC, but not very successful as a HC. Come off fake to me in an Eddie Haskell kinda way. Browns need a HC as if no one knew that already.

  2. I really think the Browns have done things right this off-season (finally). They’ve made some really key additions, increasing their overall talent tremendously. I think it would be a lot of fun to see them make the playoffs. Frankly if they don’t Hue Jackson will be looking for work.

  3. Taylors the starter… until he isnt. If baker has a russell wilson type preseason and taylor has a meh preseason. Baker starts.

  4. Hue is NOT going to last the season. Tyrod gets him best chabce to win some games but Dorsey is running the show now. Dorsey wants his own HC not this 1-31 clown.

  5. This will be Hue’s last hurrah. The Browns front office is beyond help, including the owner,who unfortunately, can’t be fired.

  6. The fans will be pushing for Mayfield by mid season once they see Tyrod can’t get completions to the WRs. He doesn’t turn the ball over, which is nice, but disappears every other game. Great stop-gap QB though.

  7. After ruining a number of QB’s I hope the coach holds true to his words. Mayfield at his best is a project and at his worst a bust. Sitting him for a year gives him a chance to learn and figure things out.

  8. They’re setting themselves up for a big problem. Hugh should have been fired and they should have brought in somebody with a clean state to start anew with Mayfield. But, shocker, Haslam (and his wife) love Hue “1-31” Jackson and Dorsey is forced to sit on his hands for a year.

    If they actually play Mayfield this year, it will be a disaster. And it has nothing to do with Mayfield’s ability to play QB. Jackson will politic and throw Mayfield in late in the season as a petty “Hey, I’m just getting started with the rook!” insurance policy to try to buy another year as coach.

    Then, Jackson will either get fired (which is what Dorsey wants), or somehow find a way to eek out another “Haslam-approved” year wherein Mayfield is further damaged.

    What a mess.

  9. It’s Week 5. The Browns are 0-4. There are already rumors of Hue Jackson getting fired. Suddenly, Baker Mayfield is starting! Who would have thought?

  10. I don’t know how much Tyrod is willing to teach Baker Mayfield. The Browns should sign Scott Tolzien as a 3rd string QB. He’ll get Baker Mayfield ready.

  11. Stick to your guns! Give the kid and everyone around him a year to develop before you throw him into the fire. Look what happened to your last QB you threw in to early!

  12. Hue Jackson is a very nice man. Hue Jackson is also not the right guy to coach the Jets.

  13. So even if Mayfield out plays Taylor by a wide margin Hue is going to roll with Tyrod?

    Why can’t these coaches take a page from BB and just share nothing? A better statement would have been “we will start the player we believe gives us the best chance to win each week”

  14. Amazing logic. Spend the #1 pick in the draft on a QB, and Tyrod Taylor IS the starter, period. That hard-headedness goes right along with being 1-31 over the last 2 seasons.

  15. How do you go 31-1?? by being stubborn and not changing how you approach the game…

  16. How do you know the Browns front office is “beyond help?” We haven’t even seen a product from this Browns front office, and the guy who is running it sure has a history of success on his resume. I know it is easy to criticize, but at least do so based on what you see on this field. These guys haven’t even put a product on it yet.

  17. I can’t wait until Mr. one-and-31 is one-and-39 and gets the heave ho. Announcing that Mayfield cannot do anything to earn the starting job is beyond stupid and absolutely horrible for team morale. Jackson must at least act like he’s running a meritocracy.

  18. You draft a QB 1 overall because he is your future. How many Hall if Fame QBs sat for multiple seasons? There’s no chance I’d start a guy from day 1 unless he was something beyond special. Let him settle into the realities of the NFL both mentally in the game and mentally outside of the game. If he has 15+ great seasons who cares that he sat for the first 1-2? You’re gonna say that first overall pick was wasted? I wonder how many guys who could have been great QBs were lost due to this notion of play now!

  19. Hue is doing the right thing.
    By going 2-14 in 2018 the Browns will be able to trade down from their #1 overall pick for more draft picks.

    Wait a second …. Does that sound familiar …?

    If Mayfield doesn’t win the QB competition then let Tyrod Taylor start the first 6 games, then bring in Mayfield. Otherwise start him from day 1.

  20. Sounds like Hue learned something. The prior two years he had phony QB competitions with RGme and Kizer. At least this year he is upfront about it.

  21. Translation: The Browns aren’t concerned with winning…
    It is NOT “the best guy” plays but rather “MY GUY” is the one that plays…

    Hue was a BAD hire… Can’t help but feel bad for Brown’s fan!

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