Hue Jackson: Todd Haley has total autonomy over the Browns’ offense

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Hue Jackson is an offensive coach, and the offense the Browns have run during his first two seasons has been his. Given the Browns’ 1-31 record over those two seasons, it’s probably good news in Cleveland that that’s changing.

Jackson said at the Browns’ rookie minicamp on Saturday that new offensive coordinator Todd Haley has “total autonomy” over the offense, according to Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network. Jackson added that he has complete trust in Haley because Haley “is one of the best in the business.”

When Haley was hired, Jackson said he was giving Haley complete control of the offense. In a sign of just how much Jackson is willing to take a hands-off approach to the offense, he was working with the defensive backs at Friday’s rookie minicamp.

Jackson is still the person who will choose the starting quarterback, and Jackson says Tyrod Taylor will start over first overall draft pick Baker Mayfield. But whether it’s Taylor or Mayfield starting in Cleveland this year, they’ll be running Todd Haley’s offense.

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  1. Mayfield starting by week 6 when everybody gets frustrated by Tyrod’s inability to pass with any anticipation. Something Bills fans already knew, “we told you so”

  2. Hue has had basically new QB and cast members each year he ran his offense. It is a type of offense that has a lot of decision making in it for the QB and when the QB is new and the players are new and the system is new and the defense is young, well it is not a good formula for success. Hue ran a system that could work well with solid players who are very familiar with it and each other. He should have given them more dink and dunk to TE’s and RB’s behind the sticks like the other gimmick teams.

  3. gah05 says:
    May 5, 2018 at 7:49 am
    Mayfield starting by week 6 when everybody gets frustrated by Tyrod’s inability to pass with any anticipation. Something Bills fans already knew, “we told you so”
    The same Tyrod who was 8-6 as starter and got Bills to a wildcard? In 3yrs there he went 22-20, 92.5 rating, 51 TDs to 16 INTs, and we all saw how bad the offense was without him. Tyrod’s an upgrade for the Browns, and at least a useful placeholder so as not to rush Mayfield too soon.

  4. Hue should be replaced and then the Browns would have a real chance to be winners again. He is a lousy head coach in every possible way. He can’t make game time decisions, develop players or make adjustments when the team is losing (which has been all the time). He needs to go before the Browns will ever be successful.

  5. Translation: I will be fired in a year. Haley is my replacement. *shrug*

  6. Why would Jackson name a starting QB before anyone has even taken a snap in training camp? (Remember how well that worked out for John Fox, Mike Glennon, and the Chicago Bears last year? Fox anointed Glennon his starter back in the spring. Then Glennon was an abject failure and rookie Mitchell Trubisky quicky replaced him. The same thing could potentially be happening now in Cleveland.) Rookie or not, if Mayfield gives the team a better chance to win then he should be starting over Taylor. Why not let the competition play out and start whoever’s the better QB for the Browns? Wouldn’t that make more sense? But then: it’s the Browns.

  7. Yep, that 1-31 record was because of Hue’s offense alright. Not a bit to do with having zilch for on-field talent and front office morons obsessed with amassing low round draft picks to trade for future low round draft picks. Without Hue’s offense mucking things up the Browns were playoff bound…

  8. How many times can reporters ask Hue Jackson the question “Do you promise not to meddle with play calling?” I think 57 more times ought to do it.

    A couple of days ago on CBS Cleveland radio Hue was asked if more running plays will be called this year. Hue then got defensive about falling “10 points behind”. Unfortunately there was no follow up on “10 points behind” being reasonable to totally abandon the run.

    With Todd Haley calling plays I expect a training camp and season where the run game is practiced and emphasized. If not that will be disappointing.Also, with Todd Haley and a new LT there should be no more “veteran days off” and all 5 OL starters should be grinding from day 1.

  9. Considering he’ll be the HC after the bye week, good to let him put his stamp on things early.

  10. Hue Jackson is 9-39 as a head coach. Some people are just better off as coordinators.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Browns actually have a decent running game this season.

  12. “Ruha Nuggetcrusher says: Translation: I will be fired in a year. Haley is my replacement. *shrug*”

    Ruha I think it’s more like: Translation: I threw my OC Haley under the bus already so I have a built-in excuse in advance if things go south. He’s my fall guy.

  13. Haley is a good coordinator. Best possible scenario is for him. I don’t care what Hugh says Mayfield will be starting at some point this season.

  14. streetyson, I watched all 17 games x 3 seasons of Tyrod. Tyrod loves his stats, wait until you watch him live! Good luck!

  15. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ What he said. There’s no way this man should be a head coach. He’s a decent OC, but is not a good head coach because he cares more about keeping his job than winning. He’d be a great character in Game of Thrones. He’s all bout that politicking. He is forcing Tyrod into the starter’s job because he didn’t want Mayfield in the draft. He will end up putting Mayfield in and screwing with the offense enough to make Mayfield fail. He’ll blame the failure of Tyrod on Haley’s play calling and system, and point to Mayfield failing as why they should have listened to him and passed on him in the first place. He then can buy another year. Hue gonna Huebris.

  16. Todd Haley’s offense is made for Baker Mayfield – not Tyrod Taylor. In Haley’s offense the running game does not include the quarterback – it’s based on offensive line movement (particularly the guards) and downhill running by power backs – not zone option plays that get the QB periodically splattered. That’s why the Steelers dumped Ariens and hired Haley – to protect the quarterback – not put him in harm’s way! The passing game is built on quick reads with short to intermediate throws making quick defense recognition essential – a skill Taylor does not possess. The passing game fits Baker Mayfield, not Tyrod Taylor. The personnel the Browns drafted and acquired fit Haley’s offense (Jarvus Landry, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb, etc.). If Hue Jackson tries to force Tyrod Taylor into an offense designed for Baker Mayfield the Browns will again stink. Jackson needs to go if he insists on trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

  17. So Haley gets complete control of the offense, but Jackson gets to decree that Taylor is the guaranteed starter over Mayfield. That’s nuts.

  18. Exapno Mapcase says:
    May 5, 2018 at 8:18 am
    Yep, that 1-31 record was because of Hue’s offense alright. Not a bit to do with having front office morons obsessed with amassing low round draft picks to trade for future low round draft picks.


    The Browns had THREE 1st Rd picks two drafts ago and those same front office guys set themselves up with two high 1st rounders this year.

    Great analysis!!

  19. As a fan of the LA Rams and the LA/Oak Raiders…I’ve been through some serious dysfunction. I support the Brownies, your day will come. NE and Pitt are not going to stay on top forever. NWO coming soon!

  20. Haley’s gotta do better at offense than Hue right?


    Please! Somebody tell me I am right……….I am right…..right?

    Oh boy…

  21. And the next Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns: Todd Haley.

    Haley actually has some weapons in Cleveland (did I really just type that?) like he did in Pittsburgh. Mayfield is not Ben, Chubb is not Bell, and Landry is not Brown…but there is potential. Throw in Gordon, Hyde, and that pretty decent O-Line, and they may have something.

    It’s actually going to be exciting in Cleveland for the first time in a long time.

  22. bworacle says:
    May 5, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    So what does Hue do? An offensive guy not doing offense and they already have a defensive coordinator.

    The same thing Tomlin, Lewis, and Garrett do. manage the whole team.

  23. This isn’t news. They said in December that an offensive coordinator was being brought in and Hue Jackson would only give up play calling duties if the person hired had play calling experience.

    Browns play calling wasn’t the problem. Pretty sure “wide receiver drops wide open game winning passes in the endzone that hit him in the hands” or “rookie QB prefers throwing jump balls instead of throwing the ball away in the redzone” weren’t in the Hue Jackson playbook.

    Not a coincidence that those two positions were the first upgrades in trades.

  24. If the ball is snapped to Mayfield, doesn’t matter what Haley called. The kid isn’t big on studying the playbook. Stick with Taylor.

  25. @gah05

    A fan of the team who almost sold the farm to move to #1 and #5 for Josh Allen berating the best QB they’ve had in years about his accuracy. Laughable. Allen can throw through those “winds” though!

  26. I’m going to say a couple of things about the Browns. Feel free to either agree , or disagree. I like Hue Jackson, but I think he is a better OC than a HC. I can’t stand Todd Haley at all. I will admit he seems to have a little success at the start of his rein at everywhere he’s been an OC. That’s sort of a given. Then his players quickly get tire of his tantrums and rants, and they stop listening to him. This has happened through out his NFL career. Haley is Haley, and it’s tuff to change an old dog at this stage of in his life. I highly doubt this will be any different in Cleveland. It’s like a ticking time bomb. It’s just a matter of time before it goes off!

  27. Sounds like some of you are worried that Cleveland might win a few games…which they would’ve without Kizer and his 29 turnovers, six which were red zone, game tying or winning drives..

  28. After the bye week the Browns, at .500, unretire Jim Brown. They go on to be AFC Champs and defeat Philly 23-20 in the SB with Brown rushing for 120 yards and Mayfield passing for 300!

  29. Tyrod is really not an NFL QB.He should consider switching position.

  30. Equally applies to Haley.

    wawa33 says:
    May 5, 2018 at 8:57 am
    Hue Jackson is 9-39 as a head coach. Some people are just better off as coordinators. Well, maybe I could take tht back about Haley…(time for a drink)

  31. Darryl Williams
    May 5, 2018, 9:45 AM EDT
    Haley is a good coordinator.
    Hue Jackson: “Best in the biz”

    He better be cuz the Browns are cursed. CURSED. Haley is gonna have to BE A MAN. And carry a sword and shield because this isn’t just football this is the Browns and there be demons in those parts — they’ll let you come into the spooky house if you dare but YOU WILL NEVER, EVER leave alive. So he better know this isn’t just some old house that creaks in the night — once you enter the curse knows, it can sense the doomed who stumble in its domain. I don’t want to be to dramatic here but I think we should hold hands and say a prayer for Haley and Browns fans everywhere.

    Lord pls guide this brave fool as he wanders into the darkness, if he need fight let his sword be swift! When doubt creeps and crawls cast your light, O Lord…READYYYYY BREAK.

  32. ryann252013

    Bills did not have to sell the farm for Allen, do your home work. We even had enough to trade up for Edmunds as our second 1st round pick! The Tyrod trade made this happen, thank you!

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