Jon Gruden on Mo Hurst: He’s cleared medically, judge him on the field


Raiders coach Jon Gruden is dismissing talk that rookie defensive lineman Maurice Hurst can’t play because of a heart condition.

Hurst’s heart was much discussed as he dropped from a potential first-round prospect to the fifth round of the draft, but Gruden told reporters the heart issue is not an issue.

“I’m not going to answer any more health questions on Hurst,” Gruden said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I realize there’s a lot of ghost stories out there about unnamed sources . . . I hope you just judge him on the field. He’s been cleared medically, and I’ll just leave it at that.”

Hurst said he has “no concerns at all” about his heart, but some NFL teams reportedly removed him from their draft boards when he was diagnosed with a heart condition at the Scouting Combine.

Gruden said that in Hurst and the Raiders’ second-round pick, P.J. Hall, Oakland got the top two interior pass rushers in the draft.

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  1. I love watching and listening to Gruden.. Makes me want to suit up. Reminds me of the time Mel Kiper got put in his place by the Colts GM.. Was funny then and makes me laugh everytime I see him.

  2. He might be right about getting the top 2 interior lineman in the draft. I just hope they follow that up by getting some linebackers because they (we) need some help there.

  3. Who cleared him? hope it wasn’t the Raiders doctors that diagnosed Bo Jackson with a hip contusion when he suffered that career ending injury.

    Honestly, if Mo Hurst has HCM he should not play professional football. It’s not the game that he has to worry about too much. It’s the extreme conditioning and heavy lifting that pose the biggest threats.

    I don’t know if he’s been diagnosed with HCM, but if so hang up the cleats and go into coaching or scouting to get on that Football Ops track. Elite Head Coaches and GMs get paid more than good players anyway.

  4. Gruden is PERFECT for Derek Carr…This QB needs intensity to fuel his own…I can’t wait to see what the Raiders do with their terrific draft steals and a renewed QB.

    ~~Niners fan

  5. I feel like this is being way overblown. All these unnamed sources and unnamed GMs that are coming out and saying they can’t believe the Raiders drafted him, yet after being checked out by multiple doctors and medical professionals, not a single one has come out and said he shouldn’t play. Plenty of medical professionals are willing to speak up and say players shouldn’t play because of CTE risks and the damage playing in the NFL can do to your body, but now none of them are willing to speak out against Hurst playing with this terrible heart condition? We’re supposed to believe that not a single doctor is willing to come out and say publicly “Hurst should not play football”? I find it hard to believe that every single one of them would be more worried about HIPPA laws than the Hippocratic Oath. This is all about making news. I hope this kid comes out day one and blows up every offensive lineman they put in front of him.

  6. he and if Key stays off the weed, will be two huge steals in this draft, Hurst is another Sapp and Key was the most explosive pass rusher in this draft, Gruden will get the best out of them

  7. Come on now everyone knows that the cardiologists from the University of Michigan and Harvard that cleared Mr Hurst often call NFL scouts or coaches when they need medical advice.

  8. Lets hope it works out for both him and The Raiders. Just like in the movie about Apollo 13 All the Right Stuff Allen Sheppard astronaut got left behind because they said he had measles but didnt!!! But he had a big part in saving them from sure death!! Remember folks this still is and will be Mr Davis’s team! He loved a Mans Will and Heart and Passion plus his Athletics! John is just making sure of this!! This young man is a Winner!!Go Raiders!!!

  9. Lets hope he is playing on that field not lying on it. I do hope for the best but this has sounded like a crazy risk from the reports. He might fell like football is life to him. But life is far more important than football.

  10. If Hurst literally has a greater than average chance of dying while playing football, and there are experts who believe he will indeed die a preventable death, possibly on national TV, why are these “experts” “medical professionals” “executives” staying under the cover of “reliable sources”. Why would the NFL allow that to happen knowing that they have liabilty from the court of public opinion for letting a guy die under their watch with multiple advance warnings? Sounds like a lot of haters doing some salty salsa because they wanted Hurst to go lower and undrafted so they could grab a steal. Somebody wanted him and didn’t get him so inflate the “heart risk” issue. Most likely a GM getting roasted by an owner for waiting too long to snatch up Hurst.

  11. Gruden doesn’t care. He just wants to win at any cost. With so many teams looking for D lineman, a first round talent doesn’t slip to the fifth round if other teams didn’t have grave concerns about his health.

  12. No question that the Raiders are a shoe in for the Superbowl. Every draft pick is a star.

  13. Come on..Even the Raiders had to have had concerns. If he’s a first round talent, and they weren’t concerned at all, they wouldn’t have waited until the fifth round to select him. They’re rolling the dice on his life.

  14. This scout is holier-than-thou enough for a judgemental hot take, and weak enough to not put his name on it.

    Pay no attention to this loser.

  15. Joetoronto says:

    May 5, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Everyone enjoys Las Vegas. Santa Clara, not so 

    49er Empire has thee whole entire Bay Area. The Raiders have the whole entire Desert….and everybody enjoys Las Vegas for about two days before their bouncing off the walls with boredom.

  16. Officiated a lot of his games at xaverian high school u here. He was the best high school player i ever saw with the exception of omar easy

  17. If Mo’s heart was in such bad condition why did they allow him to play college FB? His condition was known as a freshman. Cut it out haters.

  18. Jon Gruden was first hired as the Raiders HC in 1998. In his very first draft, the Raiders selected DL Leon Bender with the 31st pick. Leon was cleared to play football despite his epileptic seizures.
    The team was ecstatic that he was still available at 31. They had no apprehension about the selection.
    5 weeks after the draft, Leon passed away. The medical report claimed his death was caused by complications from a seizure. He never played a down in Silver and Black.
    His family was devastated. The Raiders were devastated. I remember Tim Brown saying how the entire locker room was traumatized. . The team had high hopes for Leon.
    Also, I think Al Davis paid Leon’s $1.2M signing bonus to Leon’s wife and family.
    Gruden has seen this before. When the Raiders selected Mo Hurst, I got a chill down my spine.
    Vaya con Dios, Mo.

  19. I still can’t believe the Raiders got both Hurst and Ardon Key. Two easy top ten players. And P.J. Hall might be the best of the 3 rookies. Perhaps there are risks involved, but I’m thinking we’ll be looking back on this draft as one of the best ever for building a D Line.

  20. Lets just back up the train. Mo played hell on wheels at Michigan and wrecked shop never missed a game do 2 his heart condition. He believes in himself and sp does the raider nation. March on big man let your play do the talking.

  21. Hater’s going 2 hate. Da nation got a steal in Hurst, amd lets not forget freakishly talented key’s from LSU oh let me guess other teams where afraid he may eat 2 much do 2 his Mary-Jane in take. LOL good job Chucky way 2 grab 2 stars late in the game.

  22. Raider Nation will have a hell of a front rotation. Oh and for all y’all sleeping on or LB core new addition Derrick Johnson and soon Re-sign of Bowman along with the FA add on’s we are solid in the middle. 2ndary well we will see. But as we all no when you put pressure on the passer any 2ndary csn flurish.

  23. Hobiecat1 why wast good money on top talent when you can and did pick him up cheaper? Y’all just mad your GM and crew let him slip on by. MO was always on the Raiders board from the get go. They played there cards right more then once. 5th Hurst 3rd Key and 7th Atmen looks like 3 of a kind in Vegas.

  24. In truth, majority of us have heart problems! This guy played at a high level in College and he did very well! The Doctors who cleared this young man obviously think he is okay to play! Why, ruin his dream? Ultimately he is the one to make the decision about his health and his future. Hurst deserves this chance, I am sure if anything happens he will be well aware before anything really happens to him. All NFL Players destroy their bodies when they play! Many suffer lifetime problems so what is the difference for this young man? It is his decision and we should not judge the player or the team who gave them the opportunity! I wish him the best.

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