Todd Bowles can’t say if Teddy Bridgewater will do everything at OTAs

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Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan described quarterback Teddy Bridgewater as “healthy” this week, but there are different levels of health and it seems that Bridgewater isn’t at the top end of that spectrum.

Jets head coach Todd Bowles was asked on Saturday about whether Bridgewater will be a full participant in organized team activities later this month. Bowles said that he expects Bridgewater “to be out there throwing and competing with everybody else,” but didn’t say if Bridgewater has been running during conditioning work and stopped well short of saying the quarterback will be fully participating.

“I can’t give you 100 percent,” Bowles said, via “I’ll see when it gets to that. Then I’ll be able to tell you.”

Bridgewater is guaranteed $500,000 from the Jets, which won’t buy him more than a chance to show that he’s healthy enough to factor into decisions with Josh McCown and Sam Darnold at quarterback. The longer it takes for Bridgewater to take full advantage of that chance, the less likely that he’ll be sticking around into the regular season.

6 responses to “Todd Bowles can’t say if Teddy Bridgewater will do everything at OTAs

  1. Well, that is what the OTAs are for. I can’t like the Jets, nor like Bridgewater’s playing style, but given the options at the time I think it was a smart low-risk signing in case the Draft didn’t go well or McCown hung up his boots or got injured before Sept etc. Indeed, I predicted on these threads that Jets would sign Teddy – I got thumbed down a lot but, well, I told you so! So there.

  2. I guess I’m confused. How was he able to actually play in a game last season if he might not be able to do much at OTAs this year?

  3. Even if they ‘eat’ his 500K, they still need to send Hackenberg to the practice squad. Will someone pick him up? Not a a 2nd round price for two years.

    TB will be back in the NFL if not this year than the next. If it’s as a permo back-up, he still has plenty of time to find a magic year to get him some lotto, like Fitzpatrick among many others. Especially when you’re a team guy and a good guy. Kind of critical as a back-up.

  4. There is a reason why the Vikings let him walk. I don’t blame the Jets for taking a chance on Teddy but I think that injury ended his career.

  5. It has now been almost two years since the injury. You have to think that whatever limitations he has now will be with him for the rest of his career. I wish him the best, but I’m not holding my breath on a miracle comeback here…

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