Coby Fleener designated a Post-June 1 release by Saints

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The New Orleans Saints released veteran tight end Coby Fleener on Monday after two years with the team. The Saints designated Fleener as a post-June 1 release, according to the league’s transaction wire.

While that doesn’t change anything for Fleener – he’s still immediately eligible to sign with another team as a free agent – it does alter the salary cap ramifications for the Saints. The move saves New Orleans $3 million against the salary cap in 2018, but pushes $3.2 million of cap charge to 2019.

The Saints are one of 10 teams with less than $7 million in available cap space, per NFLPA records.

Fleener had 72 catches for 926 yards and five touchdowns in 27 games for the Saints over the last two years.

7 responses to “Coby Fleener designated a Post-June 1 release by Saints

  1. Even with a great rookie class in 2017, the Saints are headed right back into salary cap hell that plagued them for a bunch of years.

    I never saw the talent in Fleener, even at Stanford. Something wrong with picture. Kind of ‘eh’ in Indy and now the Saints have dead money.

    They need to pick up their pro scouting, as their college scouting seems to be doing quite well.

  2. Salary cap hell? Lol, we are projected to be 20 million under the cap next year… be conservative after signing the rookies, let’s say that’s 15 mil. Not to mention, the first player to restructure will be Armstead which will put us back up to 20 mil. Also, in 2020, we are projected to be 106 mil under the cap per We will have several high priced FA’s in 2020 to re-sign, but nearly all dead money drops off next all season for a clean slate minus a few stragglers like Fleener. The cap situation is just fine so don’t sweat it, lol.

  3. giantsfan29910 says:
    May 8, 2018 at 1:37 am
    Cowboys,line 1
    Will McClay has already said no to this possibility. Said the same about Barnidge (I wish the Cowboys would at least take a look at him.)

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